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I have a sugar daddy

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Theresakay · 19/07/2018 01:29

Can't sleep. Open book. Ask away.

OP posts:
QuackPorridgeBacon · 19/07/2018 01:37

What exactly happens? Does he just buy you things pay for holidays etc to see pictures of you or is it a physical thing? I have no idea how having a sugar daddy works so may be well off the mark.

Theresakay · 19/07/2018 01:52


I'm currently at uni- met online on popular site for said relationship. We met for drinks, he said he was looking for my time and companionship in relation for an allowance.. we met up a dozen times over the next 2 months, fancy dinners, cocktail bars, spa breaks with separate rooms, shows, shopping- weekly bank transfer. Then after relationship/ friendship developed he told me he would like to be intimate- that was 14 months ago and we since then we have been on 6 overseas holidays, 18/19 weekends away, he is a very social business man so I attend many events with him, on top on my allowance he sends me clothes for whenever we go out if there will be press, pays my rent, college fees ect

OP posts:
SummersB · 19/07/2018 01:55

I don't mean this to sound judgy but isn't that basically prostitution?

Theresakay · 19/07/2018 01:59

Well we are both conscenting adults but it probably more or less is

OP posts:
NameChangeCuddleBums · 19/07/2018 02:11

Are you in a relationship with him or is it purely a business transaction?

Theresakay · 19/07/2018 02:14

I'm absolutely mad about him and love every minute of being out and about with him. I won't be cocky but I'm not dreadful looking so I think he just sees me as a bit of arm candy but I amnt too bothered being looked after so well

OP posts:
SummersB · 19/07/2018 02:25

So if you are absolutely mad about him does that mean you would still be spending as much time /having a realtionship /sleeping with him if he lost all his money tomorrow?

RoboJesus · 19/07/2018 02:29

What does your daddy do for a living? Or were they born wealthy?

2good · 19/07/2018 02:33

What's the age gap? Would you be attracted to him without the money? Why can't you sleep? Wink

pennycarbonara · 19/07/2018 02:50

Do you know other girls who do this too? My impression from the media is that it's quite popular now among students. (One article lists several universities from which over 100 students were new sign-ups just to one site in a year.)

If something happens like you get a bad breakout as the result of trying a new product, is that more of a big deal than it would be if you were seeing another student around your own age? Do they often expect appearance to be of a very high standard?

Apparently girls outnumber men by quite a large ratio on the sugar daddy sites - did it take a while to meet one you could imagine being involved with?

Do a lot of the men exaggerate their wealth?

0hCrepe · 19/07/2018 04:25

Do you see other men?

Iwasjustabouttosaythat · 19/07/2018 04:34

If he broke it off with you tomorrow would you go find another sugar daddy?

AdventuresRUs · 19/07/2018 04:36

Im fascinated!

How old are you/him?

Will he replace you when you get a bit older?

At social gatherings etc are you treated as his partner? Do his colleagues etc know the set up?

What if you wanted a proper boyfriend? Is it a contract you just end?

Is the sex er satisfying for you? Id find that really hard I think, or if I loved it I woudl fall for them!

AdventuresRUs · 19/07/2018 04:37

What do your fellow students say?

If asked if you're around x weekend do you say "Im working" ? Or Away with your boyfriend??!

NynaeveSedai · 19/07/2018 05:40

How do you find time to study? Do you have to drop everything and do what he wants even if you had other plans?
Does he like you as a person or just as arm candy and sex?

Iputthescrewinthetuna · 19/07/2018 06:06

Has he met your family!
What do they think of your situation?

cheeseoverchocolate · 19/07/2018 06:09

How do you reconcile having feelings for him and the fact that in his eyes it is just a transaction?

HopelesslydevotedtoGu · 19/07/2018 07:16

If he asked you to have a normal relationship with him instead would you ever see him again?

How does the fact he is paying affect the decision making between you? e.g. if you wanted to cancel a date, or you didn't want sex, or you wanted to talk to somebody else at a party.

Do you ever have arguments? If not, is this because you let things go and follow his preferences?

Do either of you have other partners at the moment, and would this finish your arrangement?

What do you think about his physical appearance?

StealthPolarBear · 19/07/2018 07:18

Don't you feel that you want to stand on your own two feet and provide for yourself? How can you be so dependent?

StealthPolarBear · 19/07/2018 07:19

If you ever have a daughter will you be happy for her to do this?
Seriously you are at university. You must have brains.

Butterymuffin · 19/07/2018 07:19

after relationship/ friendship developed he told me he would like to be intimate

Was it not obvious this would be on the cards from the start?

ScreamingValenta · 19/07/2018 07:24

Hi OP. Do you think your 'sugar daddy' relationship could ever progress to a long-term relationship without the transactional element? Would you want it to?

Theresakay · 19/07/2018 07:49

Tbh I don't think we would have ever crossed paths had we not met this way so if he wasn't in the position he is in I can't imagine we would have ever met but yes if I was to have woken up this morning and he lost it all I'd definitely be still looking to keep our plans of a ride and a bottle of wine Friday evening once he wasn't too upset over his loss....

My daddy is a venture capatalist and I'm study accountancy and finance so

I'd definitely still be attracted to him without the money.. I'm 23 he's 54

It's extremely popular but I know of no other girls that do this although my older sister who knows of my situation does as there were two in her course at college in Ireland who used to 'work' in a pair and have threesomes but they went from one night stand to one night stand, they treated the site as an escort database

On that note it's just been my sister and I for just over 14 years. Parents and older brother died when I was 10. She's 29 and knows everything. I tell her my whereabouts as in the beginning I just needed to be careful and let someone know where I was.

I do feel as I am held to a high standard that's a good question, I get awful eczema flare ups but I'm managing to keep it under wraps but I usually get patches down the inside of my shin if I'm stressed and around the time of my exams before Christmas I was like an Antichrist studying and woke up with an almost raw leg and I start freaking out because we had a lot on over the Christmas. But that was say a Tuesday and we were going out on the Friday so thankfully it had cleared up and I was able to pop some Sally Hansen on clear skin.

A lot of men exaggerate their wealth. They state their networth and salary on their profile on said site and they some would be putting down salary 300k and writing in their profile how they are this and that and only enjoy the finer things in life but would be sending messages looking for a ride in a travel Lodge or asking if I knew anywhere cheap.... classy

Oh Crepe
No I don't see other men between him and uni I don't have the time

No I wouldn't but I definitely wouldn't be interested in dating men my own age. Because at this age they aren't men they're boys aren't they

I certainly hope he doesn't replace me. I'll always be a good bit younger than him though so most likely not

The first couple we met at a function he said 'Hello X and Y this is I assumed he was going to say my name but instead said 'the best thing that's ever happened to me'... he's very sweet. He does call me his girlfriend even though we never had that conversation or discuss labelling us....

Although I like to think of him as my boyfriend and everyone just assumed I'm dating an older gentleman. He's very handsome and doesn't look as old as he is so I'm not sure people would assume there's more to it

The sex is unbelievably satisfying he definitely knows how to please. He's very well endowed and can go all night

I'd see him during the week but we don't do much then. I would study in his and we would just lay around and eat beautiful food and drink wine. I would study in his bed and he would catch up on work in his study beside the bedroom

He says he thinks I'm the very intelligent and bright and we do have very intellectual conversations. I can see in his face I constantly suprise him and I know he enjoys my company. I think it's more than sex and arm candy to him but sure he could be fooling me who know

At the end of the day I'm having fun and at the end of the day I'll be sad when it ends but I knew it was risky business to begin with

OP posts:
LaMainDeFatima · 19/07/2018 07:56

Why do you think he doesn’t have a normal girlfriend ?

If you love him, why don’t you just have a standard relationship with him?

Theresakay · 19/07/2018 07:58

Yes I am smart and I do stand on my own to feet. I went into this initally joining the site with the intentions of just doing it for financial gain. Planned on being somebodies girlfriend. Putting up with shite sex for £££ with the intentions of saving and stopping when I finish Uni.

OP posts:
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