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I have a sugar daddy

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Theresakay · 19/07/2018 01:29

Can't sleep. Open book. Ask away.

OP posts:
Theresakay · 19/07/2018 07:59

*My own two feet.... Awkward

OP posts:
Theresakay · 19/07/2018 07:59

Yes it was obvious but I was just waiting for it to come about but it was a while before it did

OP posts:
0hCrepe · 19/07/2018 08:02

So sorry about your loss that sounds very tragic.
A woman I went to school with married her man after she went on sugar daddy.
Good luck for the future I’m sure you could make a lot of money on your own and meet like minded people, you’ve made a good contact already!

Loopytiles · 19/07/2018 08:06

It’s not a relationship it’s prostitution, with just one client, and is very likely to be emotionally damaging to you.

Far better to have less money and “headspace” and study, do work you can put on your CV, and enjoy your leisure time, and if you want a relationship to date ordinary blokes.

If he was a decent person he would just date women. But he’s not, he’s a shit who pays women for sex because then he calls the shots. Hope you always practice safer sex with him.

Very sorry you lost your parents and brother.

LizJones · 19/07/2018 08:06

Good for you OP, I don't see anything wrong with your arrangement.

LostMyBaubles · 19/07/2018 08:08


ferntwist · 19/07/2018 09:39

Would you feel jealous if he had other sugar babies or other women? Does he have kids or an ex-wife? Has he said why he chose to go on the sugar daddies site?

Loopytiles · 19/07/2018 10:10

Men do this because with money they can buy sexual services from much younger women who are more physically attractive than they are: much less effort than trying to get similar women to date them.

Onecutefox · 19/07/2018 10:26

Well, this sounds better than one-night-stands whether some want to call it a prostitution or not.
OP is lucky to have this relationship in some ways. It works both ways and it is more than just sex.

I wanted to ask if he has children, an ex wife. Obviously, if he goes with you to the meetings then he isn't married to do it so openly.

sausagebap · 19/07/2018 10:27

what’s wrong with him to make him unable to attract a woman without having to pay her?

Onecutefox · 19/07/2018 10:33

Older men with younger girls are always a bit suspicious so be careful, OP. He is 52 and has a long history behind him.

P.S. I do know one man who got married when he was like 56 to a 30-something woman. Three kids now , three nannies, luxury holidays to name but a few. Nothing was wrong with him just didn't meet the right person.

ReggieKrayDoYouKnowMyName · 19/07/2018 10:37

Ooh very interesting AMA OP.

If he expects a certain level of physical perfection does he pay for your “upkeep”- hair/nails etc?

Loopytiles · 19/07/2018 10:39

It is prostitution and not a real relationship - she has to have sex with him for the money and “treats”. Therefore the set up is very unlikely to be good for OP’s mental health and wellbeing.

PenguinBollard · 19/07/2018 10:40

Did you meet many people before him?

If so, did most of them expect sex up front?

How big is your allowance?

Onecutefox · 19/07/2018 10:47

Therefore the set up is very unlikely to be good for OP’s mental health and wellbeing.

She is attracted to him and she feels that he likes her as well so it's not that bad.

Also this is not uncommon among the married couples.

Loopytiles · 19/07/2018 10:57

Marriage isn’t prostitution.

Loopytiles · 19/07/2018 10:59

Being physically attracted to him - to some extent, and primarily because of his money and “treats” - doesn’t mean the situation isn’t emotionally damaging.

Of course he acts like he likes her - he is getting sex with a much younger, attractive women.

He may well genuinely like her, but had she declined to have regular sex with him it’s doubtful whether he would want to be “friends”.

ScrumpyCrack · 19/07/2018 11:09

Interesting AMA. Thanks for being so candid, OP.

What is the most extravagant thing he’s done for you?

Did you pay to join the site?

What was the reason why your chap joined the site? He sounds like a catch so I’m presuming he wasn’t short of offers in RL.

Loopytiles · 19/07/2018 11:11

Offers to date him in RL, with no money paid out, from attractive, well educated and interesting women in their 20s, really?

ScrumpyCrack · 19/07/2018 11:12


Ginger1982 · 19/07/2018 20:47

If you said no to sex, would he be ok with that?

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