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I've lost half of my body weight (9st) ama

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BurpeesAreTheWorkOfTheDevil · 14/07/2018 19:34

As title really lol

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ScreamingValenta · 14/07/2018 19:36

The obvious one - how did you do this? Any particular diet and exercise regime; and how long did it take? Also, congratulations!

DontDribbleOnTheCarpet · 14/07/2018 19:37

How did you do it? What made you start? Did you have problems with excess skin after you lost the weight? Do people treat you differently? How long since you lost the weight? How do you stop yourself from gaining it all back?
Sorry, loads to ask but I don't expect you to answer everything!

awishes · 14/07/2018 19:38

I want to say well done! Also are you young? If not have you got excess skin now? That’s my worry! But healthier to be without the weight!

ThisBabyIsAnOctopus · 14/07/2018 19:39

Amazing- what an achievement! Do you still feel like ‘fat you’? What’s one thing you’ve learned or wishes you previously knew?

BurpeesAreTheWorkOfTheDevil · 14/07/2018 19:39

Calorie counting and exercise.

Not a lot of excess skin because I did a lot of exercise building muscle aswell.

Maintaining is just as hard as losing but without the end goal that keeps you going when you lose weight, no countdown or excitement because you've already done it

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Qwertysomething · 14/07/2018 19:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Theshittyendofthestick · 14/07/2018 19:42

How did you stay motivated and committed? I start a new diet every week and normally fail by about wednesday Blush

ScreamingValenta · 14/07/2018 19:42

What were your calorie counts at different stages of your weight loss?

Qwertysomething · 14/07/2018 19:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Redundancy1 · 14/07/2018 19:44

How long did it take? I need to lose 3 stone and it feels like a long slog.

PeckhamPauline · 14/07/2018 19:45

How old are you and how long did it take you?

PostNotInHaste · 14/07/2018 19:48

How long have you been maintaining and what are your maintainance tips?

SophieE1987 · 14/07/2018 19:48

That’s incredible - I need to lose 9st to be at the lower end of my healthy bmi so it’s always amazing hearing stories with a similar start point.

Also would love to know how long it took you? And what were your biggest barriers?

BurpeesAreTheWorkOfTheDevil · 14/07/2018 19:48


I am treated differently, a lot more male attention and people seem nicer which isn't nice but I'm friendly with everyone and am aware of it so don't do it, I also go out of my way to speak to anyone new at the gym, especially women that are there for wait loss.

I have maintained for 18 months and it's as hard as losing because your motivation to reach that magic number has gone.

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WindyWednesday · 14/07/2018 19:49

Wow, that’s such an achievement. Well done. Do you look very different now. Like facially. I saw Natalie Cassidy on tv last night and didn’t recognise her as her face was so different.

BurpeesAreTheWorkOfTheDevil · 14/07/2018 19:49


I stop myself by looking at old pictures really and remembering how much I hated myself

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BurpeesAreTheWorkOfTheDevil · 14/07/2018 19:50


I, a 35 year old mum of 4 🙊

Little bit of a mum tum but not noticeable in my clothes. I wear a size 6/8 now.

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BurpeesAreTheWorkOfTheDevil · 14/07/2018 19:52


Calorie counting and exercise.
myfitnesspal is a brilliant tool aswell as a fitness tracker, doesn't have to be a fancy one.

I started with an exercise bike now I lift weights

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BurpeesAreTheWorkOfTheDevil · 14/07/2018 19:53


I forget I'm thin lol I don't see my real size in the mirror, I see around a 12/14 when I'm 6/8 if that makes sense

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smileandbehappy1 · 14/07/2018 19:55

How long did it take? Well done x

BurpeesAreTheWorkOfTheDevil · 14/07/2018 19:55


I started walking instead of driving everywhere,then walking for no reason, then exercise bike. I lost 4 st before I got the confidence to go to a gym then I did classes and a programme the gym made me, moving onto weights which is what I do most now

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NickMyLipple · 14/07/2018 19:55

@windywednesday sorry to disappoint but it wasn't Natalie Cassidy- it was Morgana Robinson impersonating her, hence why her face looked so different!!

snickledon · 14/07/2018 19:55

How long did it take you to get to your target weight (and well done for such an impressive weightloss!)

SequinsOnEverything · 14/07/2018 19:56

What was your daily calorie allowance? I lost 4st with mfp a few years ago and put most back on, just trying to get back to it, but not sure what is a realistic calorie goal.

BurpeesAreTheWorkOfTheDevil · 14/07/2018 19:57


Something clicks one day.

I've tried diets half arsed before but this time my head was in it and I stuck to it, you need that 'thinspiration corny sorry to help your brain get into it aswell

Mine was trying on a pair of size 24 jeans and struggling to get them on

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