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Can anyone recommend a decent dehumidifier?

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whenyouknow1youknow1 · 12/10/2021 21:20

Live in an old building converted into a house and struggling with damp. It's a small bungalow. Any suggestions?


We can see this thread is quite old now so some of the suggestions may be out of date, but if you’ve landed here looking for recommendations, we’ve recently updated our best dehumidifier page with plenty of great options tried and tested by Mumsnet users. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:
TamponSupport · 12/10/2021 21:28


Somanysocks · 12/10/2021 21:30

I second a Meaco

RIPWalter · 12/10/2021 21:30

We have meaco for our old damp stone cottage.

nosyupnorth · 12/10/2021 21:30

I have a 'Pro Breeze' and it worked wonders for getting the damp under control when I moved into a 1900s terrace that had been neglected for years and running it for a few hours a day keeps the humidity from day to day living under control. But it is energy intensive to run, so whichever you pick I would recommend looking out for the most efficient models given the current price of electric.

In general, I would recommend a desiccant style dehumidified as they will still work under cool conditions (unless you're only planning on using it when you're in the house with the heating on). Don't bother about if the model offers continuous drainage - it's more of a faff that it's worth to get the dehumidifier set up in a position that will work compared to just emptying the tank -- several times a day when I was first drying the house out but now only once ever few days with a 3l tank.

whenyouknow1youknow1 · 12/10/2021 21:56

Thanks, off to Amazon to have a look now.

OP posts:
whenyouknow1youknow1 · 12/10/2021 21:58

What size do you all have? The bedrooms and hot press etc are in the part of the house which still has the original stone walls. I hoped to be able to place it in the hall way between those rooms with the doors etc open. Do you think that would work or would it need to be in particular rooms?

OP posts:
TamponSupport · 13/10/2021 08:35

You need to look at the size of the room(s) you'll be using it in. If you want three rooms in one, you need the total area of the room. It should list what size it's suitable for, better to go for one which can cope with a slightly larger area than you have if you can.

TamponSupport · 13/10/2021 08:35 area of the rooms

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