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Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib review

Stylish, spacious, comfortable and so easy to use, the Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside crib came out on top and has been awarded Mumsnet's Best Newborn Bed.

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Dec 15, 2022

Tutti Bambini Cozee bedside crib Mumsnet Best

Verdict in 10 seconds

  • A good quality, contemporary bed that will suit any home
  • Comfortable and spacious, but less bulky than other bedside cribs, like the Chicco Next2Me Magic
  • Quick and simple to set up and fold down for travel
  • Easy to adjust height settings to safely fit any bed

Reasons to buy

  • Clear, simple instructions make setting up quick and easy
  • Handles at both ends adjust height to fit any bed and adjust incline to aid congestion or reflux
  • Can be used from birth with plenty of room for baby to grow without being too intrusive in your home
  • Adjustable straps attach the crib safely to the side of your bed
  • Drop side means you can care for your baby without getting out of bed – very helpful if you’re breastfeeding or recovering from a caesarean
  • Can also be used as a standalone crib
  • Mesh window allows you to see your baby while they sleep
  • Lightweight and very easy to fold down into a travel bag, so you can use it when you’re away from home too
  • Inner fabric and mattress cover are simple to remove
  • Looks stylish
  • Affordable

Reasons to avoid

  • Side rail requires two hands to open and close which could be difficult at night
  • It doesn’t have wheels and it is too big to move up and down the stairs for naps, so you may need another bed for downstairs
  • Doesn’t rock

What are the key features?

  • Comes with a firm, foam mattress and breathable mesh window to ensure a safe night’s sleep
  • Has a handy storage shelf
  • 30-second open and fold mechanism
  • Drop side rail for co-sleeping – secured with zips and clips either side to ensure baby can’t roll out
  • Six adjustable height settings to safely fit any bed (maximum mattress height 58cm)
  • Inner fabric and mattress cover can be machine-washed, and outer fabric can be wiped clean with a mild detergent
  • Comes in a range of colours, including dusty pink, charcoal, ocean, midnight blue and silver

What are the specs?

  • Suitable from birth to around six months (maximum weight 9kg) – or when baby can sit up
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Assembled dimensions: 92 × 56 × 69-84 cm
  • Folded dimensions: 92 × 56 × 12 cm
  • Mattress (included): 80.5 × 51 cm
  • Made from aluminium and mélange fabric
  • Comes in four colour combinations: white and ocean, oak and charcoal, walnut and putty, and white and dusty pink
  • RRP: £185 at time of review
  • Estimated resale value: £80-£100 at time of review
  • Extras: fitted sheets (£25)
  • Travel bag included
"When we went away for a night we took it with us and our baby slept as if we were at home. After my C-section we didn’t attach it to the bed for the first couple of weeks but could easily see in through the mesh. The ability to tilt it also helped when he had a cold."

How easy is the Tutti Bambini CoZee to set up?

In short, very. One of the bed’s key features is the 30-second open and fold mechanism and our tester, Anna, absolutely loved how simple it was to set up and put away when needed.

There are six straightforward steps with easy-to-follow pictures when you first put the bed together. A one-person job, it takes just five to 10 minutes to get the crib out of the box and assemble, and it doesn’t require any tools.

A video and customer service number can also be found easily on the Tutti Bambini website if you do have any problems.

In order to safely use it as a bedside crib, you need to clip the two straps to the bed, but attaching and removing them is very simple.

Quick assembly and folding was especially helpful when the family of five went away during testing. It took no time at all to fold down the bed into the travel bag and the crib fit easily into their packed car – full of toys and clothes for four-year-old twin girls and a three-month-old baby boy.

They didn’t even need to consult the instructions to get the Tutti Bambini CoZee set up again when they arrived and they felt it was much more convenient to use for travel than a traditional travel cot when their baby was still so young.

How adjustable is it?

With six height settings and two adjustable straps, the Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib should fit most beds in co-sleeping mode.

Thanks to the handles on both ends of the cot, the height can be moved up or down to securely fit your bed – also ideal if you need to raise one end of the crib when your baby has a cold or is suffering from reflux.

Like other bedside cribs, you can use it as a standalone bed too, but the side must be securely zipped up and clipped into place when it is not being used as a co-sleeper.

As bending over to pick up a baby can take its toll on your back, especially after nine months of pregnancy, the variety of height settings allows you to find one that is comfortable for you.

How does it look?

With a variety of colour combinations on offer – from oak and charcoal to white and dusty pink – the Tutti Bambini CoZee will fit any décor. Our tester used the charcoal and felt it looked lovely in her home.

Some cribs can look more functional than fashionable, but this one manages to do both. The bed and mattress both feel soft enough for delicate skin and the mélange fabric is stylish and high in quality.

Overall, the CoZee offers enough room for the baby to grow and roll without taking up too much space in your home.

Tutti Bambini crib side

What is it like to use day-to-day?

While this bed may not rock or offer extras such as lullabies, it covers all the demands of life with a newborn baby.

The drop-down side was certainly put to the test thanks to a baby who woke regularly at night. Our exhausted mum loved that she didn’t have to get up for the night feeds and was able to comfort her baby boy from her own bed.

While the side feels secure when zipped up, it does require two hands to open and close and this could often be quite fiddly, especially in the middle of the night after the little one had just gone to sleep.

When in standalone mode, the six height settings allow parents to comfortably lift the baby in and out (even with the side down) and the shelf underneath is a handy space for storing a blanket or nappies for easy access during the night.

Anna found that the bed was light enough to be moved around the house for naps, but, while it weighs less than other bedside cribs such as the Chicco Next2Me (13kg), it was too bulky to frequently move up and down the stairs when at home.

How safe is it?

It certainly feels like the Tutti Bambini CoZee was made with a safe night’s sleep in mind.

As guidelines recommend your baby sleeps in the same room as you until they are six months old, this bed allows you to keep them close for breastfeeding or night feeds, with plenty of room to grow and wriggle.

The crib meets British Safety Standards and the mattress is firm and flat with no gaps around the sides, as recommended.

Though our baby didn’t do a lot of sleeping in the crib, his mum felt the bed’s foam mattress was comfortable and safe and her three-month-old was happy in it.

When in co-sleeper mode, Tutti Bambini warn that there must be no more than a half an inch (13mm) gap between the bedside sleeper and your own bed, and the top rail of the drop side should be no higher than the adult mattress.

In terms of sturdiness, Anna gave the crib top marks. Once the bed was set up, she tested how safe it felt by shaking the frame. The legs and base securely clicked into place and the zips were safe for little fingers.

The breathable materials also helped to maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night.

How easy is it to clean?

With the endless snot, dribble and sick that comes with a baby, it's fair to say that nothing really stays clean. So a bed that can be washed without much fuss is always going to be a winner.

Tutti Bambini made cleaning this crib as easy as possible. The inner fabric can quickly be removed and machine-washed at 30°C and the outer fabric easily wiped clean with a mild detergent, so there’s no special cleaners or hand-washing required. The mattress cover can also be washed at 60°C.

After more than a week of use, the crib still looked brand-new and had no marks or stains. It comes in a range of colours, so a darker shade is less likely to show up any stains or transfer colours.

"The shelf underneath was helpful to store muslins, sheets, babygro bags and toys. And it looked good too!"

Is the Tutti Bambini CoZee good value for money?

At £185, it may feel like a big investment, especially as you can only use the CoZee for up to six months, but it is cheaper than the likes of the Chicco Next2Me Magic and will last longer than, say, a Moses basket (ie the Shnuggle Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper) or cradle.

While some newborn beds require parents to purchase extras, such as a mattress or stand, the only thing you may need to buy for the Tutti Bambini CoZee are the fitted waterproof sheets (£25 for two) so there are no hidden costs.

Used in three ways – as a bedside crib, standalone bed and a travel cot – we feel you’d get plenty of use out of it during the first six months and even more if you hope to have more children in the future.

With some CoZees selling for at least half of the RRP price on eBay, you could get a good return on your investment if you decide to sell it on after use.

Final verdict?

There wasn’t much between our top five beds, but the Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib took the top spot thanks to its easy-to-use design.

From the 30-second open and fold mechanism and the handy travel bag to its machine washable covers and breastfeeding-friendly drop-down side, it has everything a new parent will need. On top of all that, it looks very stylish and has a reasonable price tag.

We feel it’s good value for money and has everything you need to give your baby a safe night’s sleep.

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