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Babyzen Yoyo+ review

If you’re looking for a buggy that boasts luxury, portability and comfort, then the Babyzen Yoyo+ could be for you. The most compact of all the buggies we tested and the best to push, this lightweight buggy may have a hefty price tag, but it's an investment that does deliver.


  • Lightweight and compact – so small it can be stored as plane cabin luggage
  • Effortless one-handed steering
  • High quality fabrics
  • Comes with a carry strap and bag
  • Available in eight colours – provides a high level of personalisation to parents
  • Can be used from birth with a newborn pack
  • Compatible with baby car seats and buggy boards


  • Handles are not extendable
  • One-handed fold takes a little time to master
  • Basket is fairly small
  • Needs to be assembled
  • Expensive

What are the key features of the Babyzen Yoyo+?

  • Lightweight (6.2kg)
  • Full suspension
  • Patented ‘soft drive’ system for easy steering
  • One-handed fold, unfold and steering
  • Extremely compact
  • Quick-release five-point safety harness
  • UPF 50+ extendable hood
  • Rain cover included that comes with its own bag
  • Comes with attached strap and a carry bag
  • Roomy, comfortable seat
  • Compatible with a car seat
  • Luxury fabrics
  • With the separate newborn pack, it’s a complete travel system and can be used from birth

What’s in the box?

The Babyzen Yoyo+ buggy that needs assembling, plus an extendable hood, rain cover and shopping basket.

What are the specs?

Suitable from: Birth (only with a newborn pack; otherwise from six months) – 18kg
Weight: 6.2kg
Folded dimensions: 52 × 44 × 18cm

RRP: £369 at time of review
Estimated resale value: £250+ at time of review

Babyzen Yoyo+ review

How does the Babyzen Yoyo+ handle?

The Babyzen Yoyo+ really is exceptional in this area. Out of all of the lightweight buggies we tested, this was the smoothest ride out of them all and by a considerable margin too.

It’s light weight chassis, full suspension and patented ‘soft drive’ system means it steers and moves like a dream and can be even pushed one-handed. Quite simply it is both effortless and remarkable. It offers multiple recline options and the harness is a secure, quick release five-pointer.

The buggy is lightweight so can easily be carried, especially because it comes with an attached carry strap. When folded, it’s so compact that it can even go onto a plane as hand luggage. Definitely something to consider if you’re a frequent flyer or traveller.

What is the weight limit on the Babyzen Yoyo+?

The weight limit on the Babyzen Yoyo+ is 18kg which is a little less than some buggies that we tested.

Yet, it can be used from birth (if purchased with the separate newborn pack) and there is also the option to purchase a Babyzen buggy board for older children that attaches to the stroller which extends its longevity if you have more, or are planning to have more, than one child.

It’s worth noting too that while the buggy may not last as long as others in terms of weight, it does have a high resale value which could allow you to recoup some of the cost if you were looking to sell it on after use.

Are there any extra features?

The Babyzen Yoyo+ comes with a number of extra features, all of which are well thought out and useful. There’s a UPF 50+ hood, rain cover that comes with it’s own handy carry bag, a shopping basket, peekaboo window, large pocket on the back of the canopy, an attached carry handle and separate carry/storage bag.

Our tester and family loved the large pocket, which came in really handy for quick storage, and the peekaboo window.

Can I buy any extras?

One of the things that makes the Babyzen Yoyo+ stand out from the crowd is the range of extras you can purchase to personalise your buggy, but they do come at a fairly high cost.

Available accessories include a newborn pack, storage/shopping bag, footmuff, parasol, cup holder, buggy board, car adaptors and even a car seat.

Is there much storage?

The storage on the Babyzen Yoyo+ isn’t as good as some buggies that we tested, but it is reasonable and more than adequate. The basket is a little on the small side, but the large pocket on the canopy helps to provide extra storage and the rain cover comes with it’s own separate little bag so doesn’t need to be stored in the basket.

Our tester found that the basket and pocket provided adequate storage for small shopping trips and days out. The Babyzen Yoyo+ also can easily hold a standard size changing bag safely off its handles without the buggy tipping over – a basic requirement for all parents.

You can also purchase from the accessories range a large matching storage bag if needed.

How easy is the fold?

The fold mechanism on the Babyzen Yoyo+ works a treat, collapsing and opening in one smooth and quick movement. However, it does take a little getting used to and there is definitely a knack to getting it right. This isn’t a problem as such, as once you have figured it out it’s fantastic. But it’s perhaps worth noting that if you do purchase this buggy, it’s a really good idea to have a few attempts at folding it first at home before you venture out anywhere.

It took our tester a few tries to nail the one-handed fold on the Yoyo, but once she had figured it out, it was the most convenient one out of all the buggies she had tested.

How much space does it take up?

When folded, the Babyzen Yoyo+ is tiny. It really is quite remarkable how small it is when collapsed.

It’s minute folded size means that it can be carried effortlessly and even taken on board planes as cabin luggage. If space is an issue for you, the Yoyo+ is well worth considering.

How does it look?

As buggies go, the Babyzen Yoyo+ is a modern classic, looking both contemporary and stylish. It feels and looks as expensive as you’d expect from such a high value item.

Can I get the Babyzen Yoyo+ in different colours?

The Yoyo+ is available in a great selection of eight colours and even comes with two frame colour options. The high level of personalisation available to parents really impressed our tester.

Is it good value for money?

At over £350, this buggy is about as expensive as you can get and if you want to use it from newborn, then you’ll also have to shell out on a newborn attachment (the Babyzen Yoyo+ 0+ upgrade) which costs an additional £115.

However, we believe that this brilliant buggy is well worth the investment if you’re a frequent traveller, are concerned with space, live in an urban area or fancy a more contemporary and slightly cheaper alternative to the more traditional and often bulkier travel systems.

It is pricey, but it also does a very impressive job and it has a very high resale value.

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