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Gtech Pro review

If you have pets (especially those of the excessively furry variety), you’re going to love the Gtech Pro. Not only is it extremely manoeuvrable, versatile and light, it removes pet hair from all surfaces, too. Whether it's hard floors, carpets, rugs, pet bedding or upholstery, the Gtech cordless vacuum takes care of it all in a few sweeps. What's more, its bagged design means there's no mess when emptying.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated May 27, 2021

gtech pro vacuum cleaner Mumsnet Best

Verdict in 10 seconds

  • Ideal for pet owners – makes light work of getting rid of muddy paw prints and pet hair
  • Picks up everything in its path on a variety of floor types
  • Holds more dirt than bagless vacuums


  • Really quick and simple to put together
  • Enough charge for a three-bedroom house
  • Short one-hour charge for a burst of cleaning
  • One head for all floor types – no need to switch
  • Easy-to-change bag – no mess, no fuss
  • Lightweight


  • Very difficult to remove the brush heads and the wand – you need to really tug at it, which is difficult for one person
  • No wall bracket, so not that convenient to store
  • Doesn’t stand up when not in use, so needs to either be taken apart or stored lying down

What are the key features of the Gtech Pro?

  • Easy and hygienic to empty – no filters to wash
  • Bags hold up to 1.5 litres – according to the manufacturer that’s three times the amount of other cordless vacuums of a similar size
  • Lightweight and versatile – can be used as a floor cleaner or a handheld
  • Fully charged in four hours, 40-minute runtime on eco mode and 20 minutes on maximum power, so enough for the average three-bedroom house
  • AirLOC system picks up dust and debris, and larger objects too

What’s in the box?

  • Main unit (one bag fitted), battery, extension floor tube, power floor head, power brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, charger, spare bag

What are the Gtech Pro’s specs?

  • Weight: 2.4 kg (1.5 in handheld mode)
  • 1.5 capacity
  • Four-hour charge
  • Two-year guarantee

How good is it on carpets?

The head goes right up to the edges of the floor and picks up everything in its path – and we mean everything. You can feel it working deep into the carpet fibres to lift up the dirt and suck it away.

Day-to-day, it makes vacuuming carpets a breeze. In targeted testing, it picked up spilled cereal, coffee granules and dried grass with ease. It even made light work of dried muddy paw prints.

How good is it on hard floors?

The cordless vacuum powers quickly over hard floors, picking up dirt and debris smoothly and efficiently. It works just as well on wooden flooring as it does on ceramic tiles and lino.

How effective is it on pet hair?

The power brush deals with pet hair brilliantly – a few sweeps over upholstery and pet bedding and it’s gone. On carpets, pet hair is pulled from deep within the fibres and you can use the crevice tool to get right into the edges and corners.

On hard floors, the handy lights help you spot hair hiding under furniture and in corners (more than you can fathom, naturally). It really does pick up a staggering amount of hair.

gtech pro upright vacuum cleaner

How easy is it to vacuum the stairs with?

The Gtech Pro transforms into a handheld by attaching one of the tools to the main unit, making vacuuming the stairs less of a workout. There’s no cord to get in the way, nothing to balance on a stair half-way up and no stretching the hose as far as it can go (only for it to ping back and send you – and the vacuum – flying back down).

As with all other surfaces, it picks up really well. Our tester’s dog likes to sleep on the stairs and leaves a lot of hair and dirt behind, so this vacuum really had its work cut out for it.

How loud is the Gtech Pro?

The Gtech was one of the quieter vacuums we tested. If you’re keeping track, that’s 78 decibels.

How easy is it to keep clean?

Allergy sufferers rejoice: the bags are really easy to remove so there’s no dust, no mess and no sneezing into the wheelie bin. You don’t actually need to empty it too often, either, because it holds more dirt than bagless vacuums. A handy light above the window on the top of the lid lets you see exactly what’s in there, so you’ll know when it’s full or if there’s a blockage.

You don’t need to clean the filters on the Gtech Pro, so it’s always ready to use (as long as you keep it charged!) And while you will need to remove the brush bar for a good clean from time to time, this is easy to do.

Are there any other features?

As you pull the vacuum backwards towards you an AirLOC system activates and picks up fine particles – bonus. The Gtech Pro battery is really simple and easy to remove, and it charges separately from the main unit. If the brush bar is jammed, the battery display turns red which will save some head-scratching and wondering why things aren’t working.

Is the Gtech Pro good value for money?

The price tag includes two bags. Once you’ve got through those, you can buy 10 extras for £9.99. For a mid-range (price-wise, anyway) vac, the Gtech Pro really is extremely good. It’s excellent for pet owners and as effective as a corded vacuum. We think it’s great value for money.

Final verdict

If you have pets, then you’ll already know you need a vacuum that can cope with the dirt, debris and endless, endless hair. The Gtech Pro is easy to use, incredibly efficient and picks up an enormous amount of fur from all surfaces.

If that wasn’t enough, it also deals with muddy paw prints and other muck that pets walk into the house (seriously, where does it all come from?) We think it’s a great buy for pet owners who want the versatility of a cordless and the convenience and cleanliness of a bagged vacuum cleaner.

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