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BabyDan Deluxe Playpen review: the multi-use playpen that provides baby a safe place to play and rest

This sturdy, easily washable playpen ticks several boxes on paper, but is it worth the upfront cost? Mumsnet editor and mum-of-two, Rebecca, shares her thoughts.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Dec 4, 2023

BabyDan Deluxe Playpen review

Price: £139 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Materials: Polyethylene and powder coated steel | Dimensions: H72 x W360 x D3cm | Suitable from: Birth up to 3 years old | Care instructions: Playmat is machine washable, wipe down the gate itself | Additional features: Multi-purpose, can be used as a room divider, hearth gate, playpen, and can also be extended

What we like

  • Sturdy, but lightweight

  • Easy to wipe clean and wash the mat

  • Not an eyesore like other playpens

  • Extra-wide door swings in both directions

  • Suitable from birth

  • Easy to move around the room/house

What we don’t like

  • The door can be a little stiff to open at times

  • The play mat isn’t waterproof

  • Wall fixtures sold separately

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Our verdict

Often referred to as “the baby jail” in my home, the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen has been an invaluable addition to our family’s daily life for the last two and a half years.

With its sturdy construction, adaptable features, and practical design, this playpen has proven itself to be a steadfast fortress against even the most boisterous of children. We purchased our BabyDan Deluxe Playpen when DS1 was just six months old. It’s stood the test of time, and has been put to the test daily by my two DC since. From baby playmat, to toddler playpen, to a “time out” spot - the playpen has consistently delivered on its promise of safety and durability. Plus, when it’s not in use by either DC, it’s a great place to stash toys to prevent them being scattered across the room.

As a parent of two toddlers who were born just 15 months apart, I know all too well the struggle of balancing your time and attention between two kids. In all honesty, our playpen has been a Godsend on most days, and has allowed me to safely put my youngest down as a baby, out of reach of his older brother. These days, its purpose in our home is to separate them both when things get heated. Because, you know, “boys will be boys”.

Beyond its safety accolades, I love the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen for several other reasons. Its design is sleek and modern (unlike some playpens which, IMHO, can be ghastly), and personally suits our home decor. The fabric playmat itself is detachable and easily washable, and the playpen itself can be easily cleaned with a wipe. I also love the fact you can attach things to the bars, like toys and a baby mobile, to create your own makeshift playden to suit your baby’s age. Although sturdy, it’s lightweight, so it can be moved around the room or house with ease. Remove the playmat, and it becomes a great playpen to use outside when the weather permits, too.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the playpen can be assembled as a room divider (wall attachments sold separately) or hearth guard. So, while the upfront cost might feel a little high at first, the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen will last for years as your needs evolve.

Now, about the price. Retailing at £139, it does fall in the higher price range of playpens, but in my opinion, it’s worth the price. The durability, quality, sturdiness, and safety performance of the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen are superb. So, in my opinion, it’s an investment that will serve you and your family for many years.

Final thoughts: So, if you’re searching for a playpen that ticks all the boxes - from its safety, its ease of use, and its design - look no further than the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen.

BabyDan Deluxe Playpen review by Rebecca Roberts

Left: DS1 at six months old, right: DS2 at nine months old

BabyDan Deluxe Playpen: how we tested

  • Two and a half years of using the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen on a daily basis

  • Has been used since DS1 was just six months old

  • Tested daily with a toddler and preschooler

Having owned the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen for over two years, it’s safe to say that we’ve rigorously tested it. Both my DC have grown, and despite being a toddler and preschooler, we still find use out of our playpen on a regular basis.

When we first purchased the playpen, our priority was having a safe space to place DS1 down, away from our dog. It quickly became part of our daily routine, and we’d let him have a rest and/or play at certain times of the day to allow us to do certain things (i.e. drink a warm cup of coffee in peace).

As working parents who juggle work, childcare, and other responsibilities on a daily basis, we are huge fans of a product that is designed to make our lives easier. The BabyDan Deluxe Playpen has certainly done that over the last couple of years.

We have an open play living, dining and kitchen space, so for us, the playpen itself doesn’t take up a lot of room and fits in quite nicely. However, if you have a smaller lounge, you might find it quite large and awkward to place due to its pentagonal shape.

BabyDan Deluxe Playpen: what’s in the box?

  • 1 x extra large gate

  • 4 x playpen sides

  • Pentagonal playmat with ties and elastic hooks attached

The BabyDan Deluxe Playpen comes with everything you need to assemble your playpen. However, it’s worth noting that the wall fixtures do not come with it and should be bought separately (available from Amazon here).

BabyDan Deluxe Playpen review by Mumsnet

The extra large gate swings in both directions to allow little hands and feet to enter/exit with ease

BabyDan Deluxe Playpen: how easy is it to assemble?

Very, and the best part is that once it is assembled, there’s no chance of it coming apart while in use. It came with clear instructions, and thanks to its straightforward design, we had a hassle-free setup. Secured by well-designed locking mechanisms and connectors, the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen is secure and stable once put together.

The playmat has fabric ties and elasticated loops attached. Each corner has a loop, which you insert each corner bar through so the mat stays in place. To make it extra secure, each side has two fabric ties that can be tied around the bottom bar of each side.

Admittedly, I did find it a little tricky at first to remove the corner bars - they are held in place by a pressure fixture, and so it takes a little oomph to remove and reattach them.

BabyDan Deluxe Playpen: how does it look?

Unlike other playpens I’ve seen - like the Venture All Stars Duo Baby Playpen - the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen is sleek and modern. When choosing a playpen, safety features are of the utmost importance, but of course, it’s understandable to want a playpen that also fits into your home decor.

For me, personally, the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen is the only playpen we found that matched our needs as well as our style. Ours is in black, but the playpen is also available in white. As I’ve mentioned, the size of it is quite large (H72 x W360 x D3cm) but in an open plan living space, it doesn’t take up too much space. The playmat itself comes in grey, which for us, matches perfectly with our carpet and sofa.

BabyDan Deluxe Playpen: what’s it like to use day to day?

For our family, the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen is quite literally, part of the furniture. While not in use by either child, it serves as a great space to store toys and admittedly, a great place to hang a few damp clothes if you’ve run out of space elsewhere.

While our children were babies, the playpen became an integral part of our daily routine - even helping to shape it, in fact. Before both children were mobile, we’d allocate time in the day to let both of them have some playtime and a rest inside the playpen. As the playmat is cushioned, it’s a good place to lay the baby down for a play or some tummy time. As our DC grew into toddlers, it served as a safe place for them to play in one spot as we completed other tasks like cleaning and cooking.

BabyDan Deluxe Playpen Mumsnet review

The BabyDan Deluxe Playpen has been an integral part of our daily routine as both DC have grown

Understandably, as they grew even more, their patience with being trapped in “the baby jail” grew thin, and so by the time both of them were walking, the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen served only as a place to find and store toys. The playpen’s extra large gate swings in both directions, making it easier for little hands and feet to navigate as they come in and out of it.

These days, there is the odd occasion where I’ll need to separate the boys from playing rough, so our youngest will get thrown in there (figuratively, not literally) to allow them to cool off, away from each other. For our eldest, it’s also become our go-to “time-out” spot.

BabyDan Deluxe Playpen: how easy is it to clean?

Since day one, I’ve found the BabyDan Deluxe Playpen very easy to clean, personally. The bars can be wiped down with a damp cloth and cleaning solution with ease - or even a baby wipe when you want to keep on top of it. The playmat, on the other hand, is machine washable and doesn’t take too long to dry (thankfully).

About the author

Rebecca Roberts is a writer, editor, and content marketing expert hailing from Leeds. Here at Mumsnet, she brings parents content designed to make life easier. Having birthed two DC just 15 months apart, she knows all too well how helpful a safe, sturdy and easy-to-clean playpen can be in day-to-day life. So, she's fully invested in finding the best playpens for new and growing families.

Beyond her role as an editor here at Mumsnet, Rebecca can be found balancing life as a working mum of two toddlers and when she’s not at her desk, you’ll likely find her at a local playgroup, in a nearby coffee shop, or walking the dog.

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