What do you need to pack in a changing bag?

changing bag baby essentials

Leaving the house with a baby is challenging enough without bringing the kitchen sink with you. Don't get weighed down with stuff you don't need – pack savvy with Mumsnetters' tips

The essentials you need to pack

Changing bag checklist

  • Nappies
  • Nappy bags

  • Baby wipes

  • Spare clothes

  • A bottle

  • Medical supplies

  • Snacks

  • Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser

“For clothes, use the absolute thinnest you have. These are emergency clothes remember – you can change them again when you get home.”

“Pack plasters: you might only need them once in a blue moon but they take up roughly zero space.”

Remember: “Nappies, wipes, food, drinks, clothes… all can be bought when out, in the case of an emergency.”

Don't bother with

  • Bananas – “they're too easily squashed.”
  • Tissues – use wipes.
  • Drinks – “only pack them if you're going out for more than two hours to somewhere where no drinks are available.”
  • Toys – “unless it's something small you can clip to the buggy.”

Changing bag packing tips

buggy with baby essentials

Think outside the bag

“Just take a buggy and sling it all underneath.”

“I keep spare stuff in the car, if that's an option for you. Very useful on several occasions, and I didn't have to carry as much with me.”

Keep things minimal

“Make sure that the wipe pack is one-third full, not a new one.”

“Just take essentials for that particular trip, and restock the bag if needed when you get home, so it's ready for the next trip.”

Be resourceful

“Most decent cafes will let you refill a cup of water, or you can purchase one bottle and have a bit each.”

Just think, what's the worst that can happen?

“Go through each item and think 'when was the last time you used it' and would you have coped if you hadn't had it?”