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Mumsnet Talk Platform Upgrade - Known Issues

Discover the latest updates from our team regarding our recent Mumsnet Talk platform upgrade.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Mar 20, 2023

Mumsnet talk updates

Website issues

These are the issues we're aware of, and are currently under investigation or in progress: 

Advanced Search no longer exists 

We have upgraded our general Search function in the new platform so that it’s faster, returns more relevant results etc. It also has some of the features of the old Advanced Search. What you can’t do currently is search specific posts - we're working on bringing this back - it should be available in the next few weeks. 

I'm being logged out even when I've checked the "keep me logged in" box

This is proving a tricky one to solve as it's only happening to certain device/browser combinations - if anyone is able to let us know more information about when it's happening to them, after how long etc that would be really helpful.

The image is too small in the image viewer

We agree and will sort this asap. 

Bump and reset on Threads I’m On/Watching

We removed bump and reset which was clunky and organised the lists by most recently updated. You can also pin the threads to the top of the page.  We will work on a solution to show when there are updates to threads. 

The design of Threads I’m on/Watching is hard to read

We will take a look at the design with a view to improving readability

Refresh button is missing on threads

We will add this back in asap

Notifications are taking me to the wrong place 

Notification links with an @mention should take you to the @mention. We still need to fix that it should take users to the start of thread rather than the place where they left off or were mentioned. This involves quite a bit of backend work but we're hoping it will be done in the next couple of weeks. 

Ghost PM notifications We've identified the issue here and have a fix so that it shouldn't happen going forward - if you are currently having this problem, however, please get in touch as we need to know your username to solve the problem for you.

Other reported website issues 

The site doesn’t auto-capitalise the first letter of the sentence like it used to 

Unfortunately this isn't something we can bring back easily - the text editor we're using doesn't allow it - we've raised it with the provider but it's open-source software and it doesn't look like they're minded to fix it - so we're stuck without this for now although we'll keep looking for solutions - sorry there's not better news on that. 

I’m being asked to consent to cookies on every page 

We’ve changed our Consent Management Platform to one which allows you to “reject all” cookies rather than having to go through them one by one. For a small number of users this has resulted in them being asked to consent on every page they visit. If this is happening to you please follow the instructions below the consent pop up should stop appearing once you've reselected your preferences.

iPhone & iPad

  • Navigate to your settings
  • Click on ‘Safari’
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose ‘Advanced’
  • Click on ‘Website Data’
  • Type ‘Mumsnet' into the search box
  • Swipe left on ‘Mumsnet’ and choose ‘Delete’


  • Open your Safari preferences
  • Click ‘Privacy’
  • Click ‘Manage Website Data’
  • Type ‘Mumsnet' into the search box
  • Click on ‘’ and choose ‘Remove’
  • Click ‘Done'

Thanks to @LadyGardenersQuestionTime for taking the time to help us troubleshoot, and apologies to those affected.

My thread colours are not the same as before

A small number of users’ preferred thread colours weren’t saved into the new site. Sorry about that. You can change your colours to your previous choices here 

I can’t click “last page” on a thread 

We’ve changed the way the pages are laid out - to go to the last page you just need to click the highest number in the list 

The post count is sometimes 0

The post count is actually a replies count - so we’ve changed this so it now counts replies only and not the OP

Where are the Mumsnet emojis? 

Click on the emojis icon in the bottom right hand corner of the text box. You’ll find the Mumsnet emojis under the “M” tab. 

I want to view all posts in a thread

You can customise your Talk settings to see all posts in a thread by going to

Fixed website issues

The sliders on Search are hard to use

The sliders which allow you to set a date range were tricky to use. We have implemented a date range picker to replace these. 

Bookmarks not working in every instance

We think we've worked out what's going on here and have released a fix. If you're still having problems please let us know. 

Dates to be displayed as today/yesterday

We've changed this back to how it was now. 

When I click back on Active it refreshes the page - I want it to take me back to the list that was there before

This is fixed

The full OP post shows on each page 

The OP used to collapse from page 2 onwards on mobile. We have added this back in now. 

Go to top/bottom of the page is missing on desktop

We have added this back in - as with the mobile site you'll find it in the ... menu underneath each post

My bookmarks aren’t working

Bookmarks should and are working for most people. We have a tough-to-figure-out Gremlin still in the system though which means that bookmarks are sometimes not updating. One fix for this is to manually "unbookmark" your first bookmark and then bookmark the next post you want to bookmark. This is far from ideal and we'll keep looking for the issue. If you're still having issues with bookmarks, please report on this thread with as much detail as you can give.  Thanks!

My notifications are clicking through to error pages

A black box is sometimes appearing when you click on a thread in notifications. This should now be fixed. 

I’m seeing a black screen when I try to post 

We believe we’ve fixed this issue now but if it pops up again please do report, ideally with information on which browser you are using and what action you were taking when it happened. 

Threads from OFTB and Special Needs showing in Active

I’m a Premium user and am still seeing ads

We believe that we have fixed this. If you’re still seeing ads, please clear your Mumsnet cookies and log out and back in again. If you're still having problems with Premium let us know and we can look into this. 

Trending is not populating properly 

I can’t close an image on my phone 

The “X” to close an image was hidden underneath the top ad banner. This has now been fixed. 

Threads I’ve read no longer appear in a different colour 

I am logged out when I come back to the site

The “Keep me logged in” box was not set to default "on" when we launched the new platform so you had to actively tick the box. We’ve changed this so it’s automatically ticked. 

I have notifications but when I click through to read them it says I have none

We had to turn notifications off to fix an issue which is why this was happening - it's been turned back on now. 

I can’t access my Private Messages

A small number of users could not access their Private Messages. We believe we've fixed this. If they're still not working for you, please let us know. 

I'm not seeing all of the topics on the Talk Topics page

Hiding topics was hiding them from everywhere on the site. We have made a change so that it only hides them from Active and Trending but not from the Talk Topics page. 

The Mumsnet emoji order is strange

We’ve changed the order so that the face emojis are next to each other

I’m missing some of my Watched Threads

We've restored all of the Watched threads - if you’re not seeing yours it would be useful to have more information and we can investigate further. 

Notifications are taking me to the wrong place

Notification links with an @mention should take you to the @mention. We still need to fix that it should take users to the start of thread rather than the place where they left off or were mentioned. 

App issues

Issues under investigation/in progress

Notifications are still being sent even if you’ve hidden a post

The colour change settings aren’t working on the app

Threads I’m on and Threads I’m watching not up to date

Please log out and back in to the app and refresh your page which should fix this issue

Fixed app issues

Paragraph and quotations being cut off in the appThe update released Monday 16 May (version 44.13) should fix these issues so please update your app to this version

All contributors are showing as red Bookmarks aren’t saving 

Threads are not being marked as “read” when they have been

The OP bookmark shouldn’t be there

Search results are showing old posts and it’s very slow

Active is not showing most recent threads You may need to refresh the page to get it to show correctly - but Active should now be showing the latest threadsQuoting isn’t working in the app

Accessibility issues

Some users are reporting accessibility issues with the new version of Talk.

The site is designed to meet Level AA Conformance as a minimum. It's been tested against various screen readers and assistive technologies using the WAVE accessibility tool. These are the type of things we took into consideration:

  • Used proper headings, h1, h2 etc
  • Utilised aria labelling where necessary (pop ups, dropdowns, hidden content etc)
  • Ensure colour contrasting meets AA requirements
  • Used image alternative text
  • Ensured all buttons/links have text labels
  • Removed tables from content
  • Layout is simple and consistent
  • Ensured all text is legible (style, size)
  • Ensured forms have labelling and highlighting where necessary

However it's clear that for some the site isn’t working as well as before and we're keen to make improvements. We will consult with those affected with a view to making enhancements such as introducing a dark mode and looking at colour contrasts.