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Rainy day fun at Immersive Gamebox's NEW Paw Patrol experience

Embark on an adventure together as a family this summer, and uncover a brand new activity that guarantees boundless fun for everyone...

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Aug 17, 2023

Paw Patrol at Immersive Gamebox

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Step into a new realm of family entertainment this summer with Immersive Gamebox. NEW for 2023 is the adventure-filled PAW Patrol: New Recruits game that gets your DC away from the screen, and into the storyline.

With seven locations across the UK, Immersive Gamebox offers games a library of games for all ages. From Squid Game and Psychedelic Mansion for adults, to Angry Birds and Shaun the Sheep for families, you can choose from a range of immersive experiences for your group to play together.

The PAW Patrol: New Recruits experience is brand new this year. Available at five UK locations and suitable for ages three and up, the PAW Patrol game has been designed to be a fun activity for the whole family. Not only does it entertain little ones, but it also promotes healthy family engagement - making it the perfect weekend activity to enjoy together! Immerse yourself in your child’s favourite TV show as you play fun rescue missions alongside Ryder and your favourite four-legged friends. Lasting 60 minutes, with a short break in the middle, you’ll sniff out clues, solve the problems, and lead your pack to mission success.

That’s not all - once you and ‘The Pack’ have completed your missions, it’s time to pup pup boogie at your very own PAW Patrol graduation party! Now, that’s one party we’re sure your kids will love.

Read on for more reasons why booking PAW Patrol: New Recruits at your nearest Immersive Gamebox is a must-do family activity while the kids are off school for summer.

1. Fun for the whole family

At the heart of PAW Patrol: New Recruits is the promise of endless fun for everyone. Immersive Gamebox has masterfully built an interactive world that brings the beloved characters to life in a way that your DC will love.

Both captivating and engaging, kids can embark on missions alongside their favourite PAW Patrol heroes. With immersive visuals, realistic sound effects, and dynamic gameplay, the experience creates a truly immersive environment that keeps both children and parents entertained throughout.

2. Benefits of playing together

The new game offers a range of benefits that go beyond mere entertainment. One of the main ones is the promotion of teamwork and collaboration within the family. As parents and kids join forces to navigate the challenges within the game, your kids will be learning how to cooperate, communicate and problem-solve.

Moreover, the game includes educational elements that are integrated into the gameplay. By blending fun and learning, your kids will be exposed to valuable skills and knowledge without even realising it.

3. Beyond passive consumption

Unlike passive screen time activities like watching TV, PAW Patrol: New Recruits offers an active and engaging alternative. Rather than passively watching things on a screen, kids become active participants in the story. They’ll have the power to influence the outcome, make decisions, and interact with the virtual world - sparking creativity, imagination and developing those all-important problem-solving skills.

The experience also encourages physical movement by incorporating elements of active play into the gameplay. Kids will be motivated to get up and move during the 60 minute activity. Whether it’s running, jumping, or even dancing, the game promotes physical activity alongside digital engagement - making it a win-win for parents and kids alike!

4. Suitable for all ages

Immersive Gamebox offers a variety of games, but not all games are suitable for young children. PAW Patrol, however, is a perfect family experience for those with young children as young as three years old.

The experience's user-friendly interface and controls make it accessible even to toddlers, ensuring that they can actively engage with the game without frustration. Older children and parents, on the other hand, can embrace more complex challenges, providing an opportunity for growth and skill development. This adaptability is a key factor in making PAW Patrol: New Recruits at Immersive Gamebox a truly family-oriented activity.

For families with children older than five, it’s worth checking out their other games like Shaun the Sheep, Angry Birds and their Junior Bundle.

5. Family bundle offer

Promising to offer great value to, Immersive Gamebox offers a PAW Patrol family ticket that has been specifically designed for families with young children. It allows you to bring the whole family along, including parents, children, and even grandparents, at savings of up to 18% on normal ticket prices! All you have to do is choose the Family Bundle option at checkout.

About Immersive Gamebox

Immersive Gamebox is bringing people together through shared play. Our Gameboxes combine projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking, and surround sound technologies to create an entirely new form of digital entertainment. Teams of 2-6 play games lasting 30-60 minutes, and have to work together to get the highest score they can!

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