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Klearvol Essential Oil Capsules win Mumsnet Rated

Klearvol Essential Oil Inhalation Capsules have won a Mumsnet Rated badge after 87% of testers said they would recommend them to a friend.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Feb 14, 2022

Klearvol Rated

What are Klearvol Essential Oil Capsules?

Klearvol Inhalation Capsules release soothing aromatic oils that are perfect for creating a calm and relaxing space for you little one to go to sleep. Simply snip off the top of the capsule and squeeze the contents onto a handkerchief secured near by the cot or bed (but out of reach of the child).

Based on 100% natural aromatic oils, Klearvol provides soothing natural vapours for inhalation day and night.

What did Mumsnet users say?

"Lovely smell, effective and can be used by all the family. Very impressed."

"They helped deal with night-time snuffles and blocked noses which usually result in multiple night wakings – none so far!"

"I really liked them. They were easy and quick to use and seemed to help my daughter’s congestion and sleep."

"I really liked them, it was a relief to have something effective to use with my baby. I found the aroma to be pleasant and long lasting."

What did Klearvol say?

“The Klearvol team are absolutely delighted to be awarded the Mumsnet Rated badge, and it is heart-warming to read the hundreds of positive comments about how Klearvol is helping parents and children. The Mumsnet team have been fantastic to work with; so helpful and friendly, and we’re extremely pleased to be associated with such a dedicated and professional group of people.”

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