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Financial issues: Homelessness, bills, food and other support available

Facing financial hardship? Find real tips and advice from fellow Mumsnetters with our guide

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated May 11, 2022

Financial advice

We’ve been through several threads regarding financial hardship and found some of the most discussed and shared charities and organisations, as recommended by users.

We’ve listed them below to create a useful guide and point of reference for those seeking support with financial issues. 

Homelessness and housing

Explain your situation to your local council.

Contact Shelter online, by phone and in person for advice, information and advocacy.

Contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for free, confidential information and advice about housing.

Apply for housing association list - Housing associations are private, non-profit making organisations that provide low-cost "social housing" for people in need of a home. 

Food and items

Contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for free, confidential information and advice - they can refer you to the nearest foodbank.  Job centre, health visitor, GP and social services can also make referrals to food banks. 

Other recommended apps and support includes:

  • St Vincent De Paul Society - offers friendship and practical help to all  
  • Contact The Trussell Trust - practical help and support with a network of food banks 
  • OLIO App - surplus food and other items can be shared rather than thrown away 
  • Freecycle - nonprofit movement for giving and receiving free stuff in your local neighbourhood 

Help with bills

Prepayment meters - contact your gas or electric supplier to ask for temporary emergency credit. You can find your supplier here, then call the Meter Point Administration Service on 0870 608 1524.

Other help

Turn 2 Us Grant search 

Turn 2 Us Benefits calculator 

Contact StepChange - Free debt advice

Citizens Advice Bureau - Help with debt including debt management plans and Debt relief orders

Young Women’s Trust - Free confidence & employment coaching

Gov Website  -  Eligibility and application for free school meals 

Smart Works - Trains and offers outfits to unemployed women for success at their job interview

Christians against poverty - They’ll design a budget and the best way to clear your debt for free

Support on Mumsnet

We have two active boards filled with useful advice from fellow MNers in similar situations to yours, and they're always willing to offer helpful tips. You can check them out at:

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