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Best places to travel in November with the family

Wondering where to travel with the family in November? Here’s a list of the best places to travel to in November with family, as recommended by Mumsnetters.

By Dina Mahmoud | Last updated Aug 23, 2022

Where to travel to in November

Let’s face it, a family holiday in November may be the last thing on your mind. With Christmas ahead, your time, budget and planning is likely focused on the festive season. You’d be forgiven then, for shunning the thought of a holiday in November. 

It’s a month that is frequently overlooked when it comes to a family holiday, but in reality, it’s actually one of the best months for travel. 

Several destinations around the world are at their prime in November, and it’s a quiet time of the year to travel. Of course, there’s pros and cons of travelling in November. Sure, there’s no school holidays on the calendar but it is considered low-season, and airlines and hotels often have tempting discounts available ahead of the big Christmas rush. 

With shorter days and colder temperatures in the UK, it’s understandable if you want to escape to a warm and exciting family destination that brings fun, adventure and relaxation.

So, ditch the winter boots, grab your sunglasses and book your next family holiday in November. We’ve done your research for you, with the help of some real advice and recommendations from fellow Mumsnetters.

Here are the best places to travel in November with family.

Where to travel to in November with family: a quick look

1. Best overall for families: Cyprus


Cyprus | Find a hotel in Cyrprus

With sunshine all year round, and soft, golden sand and crystal clear waters, the beautiful island of Cyprus is a jewel in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The country features a variety of hotels offering games, activities, entertainment and watersports that will keep all visitors engaged for hours on end.

The island country is home to a number of blue flag beaches including; Nissi Beach in Avia Napa, Fig Tree Bay in Protaras, Coral Bay in Paphos, Aphrodite Beach in Limassol. Blue flag beaches guarantee sustainability and active monitoring for safety procedures and water quality.

A trip to the beach isn’t the only thing that should be on your agenda in Cyprus. In fact, for adventurous and active kids, there is much to do. In Paphos alone there’s Aphrodite Waterpark and the educational George’s Fun Bus. There’s also the Looney Island playground and Eagle Mountain Horse Riding Range that are sure to entertain younger guests. Other attractions that may pique the interest of little tourists are the Dinosaur Park, and Parko Paliatso Fun Fair in Ayia Napa. 

With sunny weather, pristine beaches and child-friendly attractions, the kids will surely have a blast at this island of fun.

What Mumsnet users say

“Cyprus you can sit on the beach and swim in the sea in November.” Uniformicorn

“Cyprus. We once went in January and you had to wear a cardigan at times, but it was pleasant, sunny, loads of history and things to do. We took a jeep safari into the mountains and enjoyed the snow at freezing, whilst next to the coast it was about 18 degrees. Also, as it's off peak, the business owners are more pleased to see you and you get treated like royalty!” LunaLovegoodsRadishes

2. Best for outdoor adventures: Canary islands

Canary Islands

Canary Islands, Spain | Find a hotel in the Canary Islands 

A European getaway in November doesn’t always mean layering up and taking in the cold breeze. In fact by heading south to the Canary Islands, you will find warm and comfortable temperatures and breathtaking tropical views. The Spanish archipelago is known to have dreamy beaches, bright blue skies and astounding hotels. 

The archipelago is made up of eight islands, with Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote being the most well known, family-friendly islands.

The Canary Islands as a whole claims a number of volcanoes in addition to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one of Spain’s highest mountains, where hiking and stargazing present a whole new world of adventure. Other hiking and walking trails include Anaga Rural Park, located at the Anaga mountain range.

If you plan on spending your days beachside instead, overlooking the picturesque views of the turquoise waters and the sun kissed sand, November is the perfect month to holiday. 

Aside from the water sports and the hotel entertainment offered at the hotels, you may be able to spot whales and bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. November is the best time to enjoy rare opportunities to see humpback whales, fin whales and blue whales in their natural habitat across the Canary Islands. 

What Mumsnet users say

“Canaries are lovely all year round and have a 4-hour flight time.” AlpacaLypse

“I think the canaries is the best option for November. Fuerteventura is family friendly and can have lovely weather at that time of the year.” Mammytobe1216

3. Best for young children: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Find a hotel in Dubai, UAE

Famous for having several ‘largests’ and ‘firsts’ under its belt, Dubai started from humble beginnings and is likely why locals from the emirate are so hospitable.

Famously known for its skyscrapers, luxury shopping centres, tourist attractions, and, the first seven-star hotel and the world’s tallest building, Dubai is a little gem in the Middle East that has something for everybody.

As temperatures start to subside and settle at a comfortable mid 20s range, November is an ideal time to explore Dubai while avoiding the scorching summer heat. The bustling emirate has plenty of attractions at every corner and a culture that is rooted in its traditions, making it the perfect blend of entertainment, education and relaxation.

For a truly remarkable experience, the desert safari is a real treat. Dune driving in the unspoiled desert, camel rides, belly dancing and fire shows, traditional costumes, a buffet dinner and a stunning sunset will set the precedent for your holiday.

Everything is possible in Dubai. Shopping, ice skating, scuba diving and skiing in a white, snowy wonderland surrounded by gentoo and king penguins are possible all under the roof of the emirate’s huge malls.

That’s not all! Just over an hour's drive away you can find Yas Water World, the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Ferrari World, all in the charming capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi.

Visiting Dubai is like visiting the future, and while it may be overwhelming at first, you will always feel like you’re right at home.

 What Mumsnet users say

“Dubai is a great destination for a 4-year-old and at that time of year, the weather will be lovely. In Dubai, hotels are incredibly family friendly and will have great facilities - kids pools, kids club etc. There's also a lot to do outside of the hotel for kids that age if you want - Atlantis Waterpark, Legoland (and Legoland Water Park), Oli Oli, Green Planet... the list is endless.” Borracha

4. Best for natural landscapes: Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Cape Verde | Find a hotel in Cape Verde

A hybrid of African, Portuguese, Brazilian and Caribbean influence, Cape Verde offers a vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes and endless sandy beaches with turquoise waters. Known as Cabo Verde, the archipelago is a group of ten islands and five islets. The destination promises diversity as each island boasts its own unique characteristics from dramatic mountain ranges to lush green valleys to pictureque beaches. 

Travelling to Cape Verde in November will likely guarantee you an abundance of sunshine and warmth with temperatures reaching the mid to late 20s. The tropical island is known to be an ideal holiday destination in November, boasting stunning beaches, even when the winds pick up. 

If you’re looking to do some watersports or get adventurous with the hotel activities, kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing will be most ideal with the mix of sun and wind, making for perfect conditions. 

While winds may sometimes be strong, they are not a write off for the day. Many activities are still possible and the mild temperatures will not put a damper on your day, making a beach day very possible for all family members to enjoy.

Speaking of perfect conditions, hiking is also enjoyable with the beautiful November weather as it promises clear skies, enjoyable temperatures, breathtaking sites and incredible views. Santo Antao, Santiago and Fogo are some of the island hotspots that are great for hiking with Fogo being widely known for the Pico and its reachable summit.

 What Mumsnet users say

“We've done Cape Verde in November twice. Lovely and warm, (late mid- late 20s) pristine beaches on the south/resort part of Sal. Not sure if BA fly there though.” ml01omm

5. Best for a beach holiday: Barbados


Barbados | Find a hotel in Barbados

If you’re in need of upping your vitamin D dosage or topping up on your tan, you may want to leave the cold behind and consider a holiday in sunny Barbados. An enchanting marine life and coral reefs hidden beneath the clear waters of Barbados is what you can expect this holiday. 

With tranquil beaches, crystal clear waters, soft, white sand and perfect weather conditions, this is the concoction for a perfect holiday with the family.

November is the last month of the hurricane season in Barbados, and precipitation subsides as temperatures soar. With November being an introduction to winter, you can expect around eight hours of sunshine a day with temperatures hovering in the high 20s, and the waters in the mid 20s, making it an ideal condition for swimming and water activities.

Aside from the perfect weather conditions, November is an off-peak month and will also come with affordable prices and less crowds in cities that are filled with events all around. In fact, the Barbados Open Water Festival takes place each year in early November. With hundreds of swimmers from around the world flocking to Carlisle Bay in Bridgetown. Barbados comes to life as spectators witness the stunning bay that is a protected marine park and lies in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Swimming, and kayak team races are scheduled in the event while a “just for fun” swim is available and is open to all swimmers of all ages and abilities.

The National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) is also held in November and offers dance shows, theatre productions, photography exhibitions and more. Pro Surf Festival is another spectacular event held in November for adrenaline junkies. The Pro Surf festival is the biggest event on the Barbados Surfing Association calendar and features surfers from the November Pro and the Caribbean Junior Championships. Additionally, stunt demonstrations, regional skateboards, bikini contests, live music, markets and local food are provided at the eclectic festival.

 What Mumsnet users say

“Barbados! It is lovely in November and the flight isn’t too long.” SapphosRock

“Barbados and Antigua are nicer for couples in my view. Oct/Nov are ok. You might get rain but go as far into Nov as you can as chances of bad weather decrease. It’s good value.” TizerofFizz

6. Best for desert adventures: Morocco


Morocco | Find a hotel in Morocco

The Moroccan summer brings unbearable summer heat, therefore, it’s no surprise that November is considered prime time to visit the charming country. As the weather begins to cool, tourist traffic also dies down, making sightseeing a truly memorable experience.

As November is a low-season, prices tend to drop. Therefore, visitors can feel at ease knowing that crowds are at a minimum and hotels are cheaper than other months. There is much to do in Morocco with beautiful coastal cities to the vast desert and colossal mountains. And in between all of it, you will also find history, a rich culture, decadent food and incredible city life.

Take in the coastal breeze, or head to the city and discover the amazing restaurants, local shops and museums. For an extraordinary experience, you and your family can enjoy a camel ride in the desert as you gaze into the sunset during the ATV tours. The desert is a particularly sought after attraction. With the temperatures being cool, but still pleasant and sunny, camel rides, hiking and camping under the stars are just some of the things that you can do. Similarly, the Atlas Mountains allow for hiking adventures.

The possibilities are endless in Morocco and no matter which area, November will never disappoint as there is always something to do in the magical country.

 What Mumsnet users say

“Marrakesh. Have had 3 November/December holidays there and enjoyed every one.” Mantlepiece

“We went in November to Morocco 4 years ago - the water was freezing so make sure the pool's heated. I only went in once - but was v pregnant! It was hot most days but we had a couple evenings of rain.” Swedishmum

7. Best for historical tourism: Egypt


Egypt | Find a hotel in Egypt

It goes without saying that Egypt has an impressive history, which is proven by the treasures and monuments that their ancestors left behind. As the sweltering heat starts to lessen, comfortable weather conditions and clear skies are expected in November, making it the ideal middle ground between hot and cold temperatures.

There is much to do in Egypt in November that both adults and children will enjoy. Of course, the Pyramids of Giza is likely first on the bucket list. With camel rides, access to inside the pyramids and a spectacular view of history, visiting the Pyramids is a must. But, there is much more to Egypt than just a visit to this tourist attraction.

In fact, a Nile cruise filled with amenities and entertainment including a swimming pool, live music and belly dancing, will bring you to the ancient cities of Luxor and Aswan where you can relive history. Walk through intact ancient Egyptian temples and the largest open-air museum that date back almost 4,000 years ago! Luxor is also known to have one third of the world’s ancient monuments, while Aswan boasts a relaxing atmosphere on the Nile Valley.

If you seek relaxation instead, did you know that Egypt has beautiful crystal clear coasts? Egypt is surrounded by both the Mediterranean sea and the Red sea, so, whichever coastal city you choose to stay in, one thing that is guaranteed is ultimate fun in the all-inclusive resorts. Enjoy relaxation with a view of the beautiful seashore on the white sandy beaches, and if you’re lucky maybe some dolphins too!

 What Mumsnet users say

“Egypt is pretty much guaranteed weather. The canaries and cyprus would be a bit hit and miss.” Ebayaholic

8. Best for relaxation: Goa, India

Goa India

Goa, India | Find a hotel in Goa, India

Escape everyday life and head over to Goa, where tourists are no strangers to the state and relaxation is aplenty. Known for their tropical palm trees, beautiful coastline and tranquil yoga retreats, Goa is a tourist treasure on the coast of India.

Due to its rich heritage, the small state is one of the most popular holiday destinations in India, due to its rich heritage, welcoming locals, tropical atmosphere and scenic beaches. While it is known to be a party state, there are loads of activities for young children in Goa.

Fresh coconuts right from the trees, to a savoury variety of dishes, the state features falls and spice plantation, bike tours, cooking classes, waterfalls and religious tours. 

The kids will enjoy a day on the beach, overlooking the stunning Arabian Sea washing along the soft, golden shores and the crabs darting across the coastline. 

The state is filled with attractions that will blow the children away. With dolphin boat tours that have a ‘no dolphin, no pay’ policy, to the beautiful wildlife sanctuaries, where animals are treated with a deep level of respect.

The little ones may also enjoy a ferry ride to watch beautiful birds at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, or the Bondla wildlife sanctuary with a mini zoo, a deer park and beautiful botanical gardens.

 What Mumsnet users say

“Goa November - we loved it. Season just started then.” Cordial11

9. Best for city travel: Spain


Spain | Find a hotel in Spain

While Spain presents stunning sandy coastlines along the clear, blue Mediterranean shores, strolling the cities of Sevilla, Madrid and Barcelona may just be the exciting adventure you’ve been waiting for and a perfect alternative for a November trip.

Bundling up may not be what you have in mind as some consider Spain to be cold in November. But it’s nowhere near as cold as the UK, and cities like Barcelona and Seville offer up warmer temperatures and milder winters compared to what we’re used to in the UK. 

November is also the month of off-season, meaning no crowds! Tourism in Spain is generally popular, so, it is likely to still be caught in the hustle and bustle of tourist life, but it is a calm month overall. Tourist sites are normally without lineups and with opportunities for photos without stranger photobombs.

With a vibrant culture, epic cuisine, vivacious locals, there’s just something about this bubbly country that is always inviting any time of the year. Aside from the crowds, it's also the low season… Hello, affordable travel!

 What Mumsnet users say

“I spend a lot of time in that part of the world and usually am there in November. It could by glorious and beach weather but it could also rain. Rarely it might rain for the whole time you're there. I would take the chance though as for me it's still a lovely lifestyle there and has a lot more character and charm than say the canaries where you could guaranteed sun.” freelancegirl

10. Best for natural scenery: Capetown

Cape Town

Capetown, South Africa | Find a hotel in Cape Town

Celebrate the start of South Africa’s summer by taking in the beautiful natural backdrop and breathing in that fresh air. November in South Africa brings warm temperature conditions and sporadic precipitation forecasts that are usually short lived. 

The good news is that with this season comes fresher than normal air and fewer visitors to the wildlife.

If you fancy more than just the wildlife, a drive down to the Garden Route or Hermanus can give you a rare glimpse to see southern right whales migrating from Antartica to calve their offspring. 

South Africa is full of wonder and adventure and is famously known for its beautiful landscape, awe-inspiring wildlife and natural habitats. The country is blessed with striking lush greenery, natural wildlife reserves and safaris, making it the ideal travel destination in November for any age.

Take a rare look at lions, giraffes and zebras in their natural habitat. But, that is not all that South Africa offers. Thrill seeking adventures, wine tours and urban sightseeing are just some of the other attractions that are offered.

November is also the perfect time for whale and bird watching with warm temperatures and sunny days being an added bonus. With dry and hot daytime temperatures and cool nights, temperatures are ideal for adventures, sunbathing and relaxation.

 What Mumsnet users say

“South Africa. No jet lag, and cheap when you get there. Cape Town and winelands. Lovely! Might be warm rather than boiling hot though. We went in Sept and it was t-shirt weather every day, so should be nice enough by November.” CanYouHearThePeopleSing

Where is the nicest weather in November?

As well as the above recommendations, there are plenty of places that are either cooling to perfect weather conditions, or even warming up for the summer, depending on where you are on the map.  

Caribbean countries tend to be closing out the hurricane season, and welcoming clear, sunny skies. 

Other countries that have mild or warm temperatures in November include:

Where in Europe is it hot in November?

As the gloomy weather starts to take its course in Europe, there are still plenty of countries that have mild temperatures and are great travel locations for families:

Where is hot in November in the USA?

The USA is a hotspot for every season and every weather event. With the north being cold and the south being warm, there is much to do in November in the USA.

The warmest areas in the USA are to the south and include:

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 Here we’ll also check what travellers are saying about the best places to visit in November on these sites, taking into consideration both the positive and negative points of their trip to bring you a well-rounded and honest guide.  

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