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334bu Mon 20-Sep-21 10:13:48

Discussion now.

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littlbrowndog Mon 20-Sep-21 10:45:03

Will listen later

How did it go ?

Wbeezer Mon 20-Sep-21 11:04:03

There's a transwoman presenter on radio Scotland so I'm not expecting much.

334bu Mon 20-Sep-21 11:06:14

Quite a measured background piece from BBC journalist. Lisa MacKenzie spoke against reform and a transwoman Sophie Grace ,I didn't catch surname, spoke for. Lisa was as usual well prepared and measured and Sophie Grace introduced all the usual tropes, transwomen violence only anecdotal, same as gay and black rights. In her summing up Kaye Adams seemed to suggest that this was only an introduction and that the bill will be debated further on BBC Scotland in the coming months. More sunlight can only be good.

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littlbrowndog Mon 20-Sep-21 11:21:11

Lisa was good. Just rewound

littlbrowndog Mon 20-Sep-21 11:23:35

And listened

Sophie went on about gay people and also lesbians being attacked in toilets

And Sophie said trans man would be safer in the men’s toilets 🤦‍♀️

littlbrowndog Mon 20-Sep-21 12:56:37

If you google Sophie grace and the interview they gave to the guardian



Rhannion Mon 20-Sep-21 12:58:23

Have a wee look at Sophie Grace, channeling Heidi in most of the photos I see.

Rhannion Mon 20-Sep-21 12:59:00

I wonder what the people of Bonnie Dundee make of Sophie Grace?

littlbrowndog Mon 20-Sep-21 13:51:12

Sophie grace did say that it wouldn’t matter if there was a slight spike in murder crimes if self id came in


PronounssheRa Mon 20-Sep-21 14:57:09


Sophie grace did say that it wouldn’t matter if there was a slight spike in murder crimes if self id came in


This was linked in another thread, it's a clip of the 'it wouldn’t matter if there was a slight spike in crime stats if self ID came in'

Sophie laughed while making the point, and then rambled about human rights, seemingly forgetting women have human rights too, one of which is not to be murdered

Waitwhat23 Mon 20-Sep-21 15:07:03

It doesn't matter if there is a slight spike in murders as it is not about that, this is a human rights issue.

... I'm fucking speechless. For the greater good, right?

OvaHere Mon 20-Sep-21 15:44:24

vivariumvivariumsvivaria Mon 20-Sep-21 16:15:45

Well, Sophie is right, really.

We don't include the deaths of older women in the stats, do we? Or the numbers of older women who are raped.

They don't matter.


Melroses Mon 20-Sep-21 17:39:06

Someone said the thing they shouldn't say out loud.

Petticoat showing?

Artichokeleaves Mon 20-Sep-21 17:44:38


Sophie grace did say that it wouldn’t matter if there was a slight spike in murder crimes if self id came in


We're down to brass tacks at last, which is the rampant misogyny of those who still haven't managed to believe females are fully human.

And that women are dealing with people who think it is an appropriate cost that women should be hurt, excluded or even die in the cause of male people's freedoms and better happiness.

The looney land express stops here. This is male supremacism, not inclusion.

NewMutiny Mon 20-Sep-21 17:47:37

Yes. I think Sophie showed Sophie's hand a bit too much there.

I can see TRAs frothing up and down the country, 'Fuck's sake Sophie - we're not supposed to admit we don't care if they get murdered. Brave and stunning Sophie, brave and stunning!'

stickygotstuck Mon 20-Sep-21 17:51:15

And they even laughed while uttering it...

Artichokeleaves Mon 20-Sep-21 17:54:34


And they even laughed while uttering it...


The open contempt for women is getting hard for even hardened SNP and Labour to deny now.

FloralBunting Mon 20-Sep-21 17:56:04

I only heard the brief clip of a male-sounding voice saying it didn't matter if there was a spike in murders, because this was about human rights.

I cannot express how surprised I am to come on this thread and find it was a TW speaking.

Sisters not cisters, eh? My fucking arse.

spicedappledonuts Mon 20-Sep-21 18:28:04

Women are human, so don't have a right to life?
I actually couldn't believe that someone said on national radio that a spike in murders of women didn't matter.
But listening to the clip the person did say this, saying it didn't matter because human rights would be happening.

So murdering females is fine because it doesn't impinge human rights.

It is quite unbelievable that this is how experts on female spaces are talking on the record in public.

spicedappledonuts Mon 20-Sep-21 18:29:01

Women aren't human, not are.
Too shocked to type properly.

Waitwhat23 Mon 20-Sep-21 18:37:12

They honestly think of us as collateral damage, human shields, 'acceptable losses'.

As pp's have said, the difference is, that this time, they said it out loud

You'd hope this would lead to an outcry. I mean, journalists must be reporting on this, right?

They won't be.

Beamur Mon 20-Sep-21 19:27:36

So. The question really that Sophie needs to be asked, especially if she's feeling frank - why will the stats spike? Who will be hurting women if self ID is brought in? (As you have already admitted that you think it will,and that this is acceptable, or even risible...)

Artichokeleaves Mon 20-Sep-21 19:43:54

I presume the answer will be along the lines of one women often hear. Which is <shrug> if men want to assault and rape they will so why bother with any precautions?

This is all about rubbishing any experience or feelings of women to subordinate their interests to male interests. There is no empathy, no care, no respect, no interest in inclusion or diversity or kindness, or any of the other nice words if we're talking about females.

And that tells you all you need to know about it really.

By all means, create accessible provisions for trans people. But alongside female only spaces for female people who need them.

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