Former PCSO admits making bomb: crucial info missing

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TheFleegleHasLanded Wed 19-May-21 08:09:11

We have to go here for the truth:


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QuentinBunbury Wed 19-May-21 08:14:50

My eyes just rolled so hard....
Fkin ridiculous reporting

somethinginoffensive Wed 19-May-21 08:19:29

That transcrime website was blocked by my childsafe settings!

CrazyNeighbour Wed 19-May-21 08:22:34

In the Daily Mail it says that there was no evidence of a political purpose, but when I look at the baseball bats, they are very stylised, especially the barbed wire and nails ones.
I wonder if one looked at Zoe’s Twitter feed could any political links be made.

TheFleegleHasLanded Wed 19-May-21 08:28:48

As always, ripx4nutmeg on Twitter has the goods.

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Wrongsideofhistorymyarse Wed 19-May-21 08:36:02

Jocasta2018 Wed 19-May-21 08:47:52

The Mail did at least include a photo in which the Adam's Apple was extremely clear just in case you'd not worked it out from the other pics!


Lordamighty Wed 19-May-21 08:49:48

On that Lincoln newspaper site there are still people insisting on calling him she, it’s depressing.

TheFleegleHasLanded Wed 19-May-21 08:51:20

Yes that’s the report I remembered from last year so ai clocked the name immediately.

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SirVixofVixHall Wed 19-May-21 08:55:27

I am so sick of seeing “woman” . Why can’t the press print “trans” ? There is literally no mention of this person’s sex at all here.

WinterIsGone Wed 19-May-21 08:59:40

There is a clue to the truth in The Times article - comments are being held back!

IvyTwines2 Wed 19-May-21 09:01:40

"it is a very odd set of offences". Well, if you weren't so scared of stating reality and then spent a few minutes on social media looking at the sort of images sent to J. K. Rowling and many other women, you might notice a pattern.

ArabellaScott Wed 19-May-21 09:17:44

The video is very clear.

StandWithYou Wed 19-May-21 09:18:57

Times comment referring readers to Tonia Antoniazzi’s speech in the Commons about accurate recording of the biological sex of offenders appeared briefly before disappearing. I just had time to like it before it disappeared.

Having said that the jaw gives it away in the pictures. It will be interesting to see what other comments come through.

Ereshkigalangcleg Wed 19-May-21 09:25:54

My eyes just rolled so hard....

Same here. Fuck this gaslighting shit.

AnyOldPrion Wed 19-May-21 09:26:34

Is this related to the bomb threat made on Twitter against a women’s rights meeting, or is that completely separate?

BernardBlackMissesLangCleg Wed 19-May-21 09:28:05

Fuck me. From the Twitter thread linked:

This is the second police trans equality officer who's been arrested for extreme violence in the last year

shock confused

McDuffy Wed 19-May-21 09:29:59

I messaged Dr Nic at FPFW about this today as clocked from the picture in the Times and comments being turned off. Is it worth individuals complaining to IPSO?

Kotatsu Wed 19-May-21 09:49:01

Surely. SURELY having a collection of baseball bats with nails driven through them/barbed wire wrapped round them should preclude you from being a PCSO??

There's literally no other reason than violence for weaponised baseball bats.

WhatMattersMost Wed 19-May-21 09:52:29

The Times is now permitting some comments. My first thought when I saw the article was that the omission was deliberate, in order to highlight the glaringly bloody obvious. But I could be being overly charitable.

Fernlake Wed 19-May-21 09:54:44

Smashing images of politicians. Smashing up an image of Germaine Greer with an LGBT theme, and yet the paper reports them as non-political??


And yes, it's industrial strength gaslighting.

WhatMattersMost Wed 19-May-21 09:58:11

Ah - and now the comments are being deleted as they are posted.

PopperUppleton Wed 19-May-21 09:58:49

The recent Harrogate conviction was reported by the local police on Facebook and the comments were overwhelmingly, hugely critical of the perpetrator being called 'she' in the report. It's the first time I've seen this on Facebook. There's a different feel in the air around this subject now.

PaleGreenGhost Wed 19-May-21 10:29:30

Is this person WHO ORDERED BUTTERFLY KNIVES AND MADE AN EXPLOSIVE DEVICE definitely not a terrorist with a political aim simply because they are white, in the Police, and apparently trans?

I've often wondered if an Islamic extremist version of the "shut the fuck up, terf" meme would cause as little stir were it as widely used?

There has been interesting research to show that almost all our terrorists have a background in perpetrating DV. This suggests that if police cared a little more about crimes against women, that that some terrorists might have been prevented from going further.

And yet here we have a situation where the press is insisting this most male of crimes is committed by a female. Where the prosecutor is quoted as saying :

"Unlike similar cases there is no evidence any of these items were possessed with an ideology in mind, anything political.

Yeah right mate. Nothing chilling about this at all. In fact I should probably ship myself off for re-education for feeling somewhat threatened by this person's existence and the knowledge that they will probably receive precious little in the way of any sentence.

WinterIsGone Wed 19-May-21 10:39:31

It looks like The Times comments are now coming through - well there are two visible anyway! The second one mentions MP Tonia Antoniazzi, and as it's not buried among other comments, hopefully more people will become aware of her stand this week.

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