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ChazsBrilliantAttitude Thu 29-Apr-21 10:10:42

The work of Ann Sinnott and the AEA in holding the EHRC to account for their misstatement of the law is vital. I wonder if that helped encourage their positive intervention in the MF case.

The AEA has its own case running.

I think any spare veg would be appreciated

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nevertrustaherdofcows Thu 29-Apr-21 12:00:05

Thanks for the reminder ... did some digging

highame Thu 29-Apr-21 12:04:01

OP It's quite some time until the case is heard isn't it?

Mollyollydolly Thu 29-Apr-21 12:07:17

I think next week she is seeking approval to proceed (or whatever the correct legal term is)

yeahbutnaw Thu 29-Apr-21 12:10:54

Is this the lady who advocates in favour of breastfeeding teenagers?

AssassinatedBeauty Thu 29-Apr-21 12:26:02

Thanks for highlighting this OP.

Erkrie Thu 29-Apr-21 12:41:03


Chrysanthemum5 Thu 29-Apr-21 12:51:32

Thanks for the reminder I've had a little dig

UppityPuppity Thu 29-Apr-21 13:03:43

Is this the lady who advocates in favour of breastfeeding teenagers?

Is that it? What an utterly pointless response.

The fact that Ann knows what a woman is and uses the word breast means she is head and shoulders above most people who ought to know better and who disregard their responsibility to safeguard the rights and needs of others.

Go Ann. You are a legend!!

BadGherkin Thu 29-Apr-21 14:03:20


Is this the lady who advocates in favour of breastfeeding teenagers?

I think she advocates for all mothers who breastfeed, whether they are teenagers or not..... 🙂

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Thu 29-Apr-21 14:11:13

There is permissions hearing next week on 6th May to determine if they can bring the Judicial Review and to discuss a cost cap to protect the AEA.

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Terranean Thu 29-Apr-21 16:40:45

I have dug fir Ann a couple of times.
It’ll be interesting to see how her challenge plays out in view of the EHRC latest statement on Maya’s case.
Good luck to Ann and thanks to all the brave women that are standing for women’s (the biological native type) rights.

PearPickingPorky Thu 29-Apr-21 16:57:44


Is this the lady who advocates in favour of breastfeeding teenagers?

Should breastfeeding teenagers have no advocate?

I don't understand.

Ereshkigalangcleg Thu 29-Apr-21 17:00:08

It's this book, which sounds interesting and thought provoking, and has some good reviews.

Breastfeeding is a globally recognized imperative for the preservation of infant health, and governments around the world have introduced breastfeeding promotion measures. While initiation rates have improved, duration rates at a few weeks or months after birth still lag behind the World Health Organization's recommendation that breastfeeding - for all children, in both developed and developing worlds - should continue for at least two years. Behind the figures, there is however an inverse reality. Today, increasing numbers of women in the industrialized world challenge social convention and breastfeed their children well beyond WHO guidelines. How widespread is this surprising, many would say shocking, phenomenon? Is it Nature's way or an unhealthy practice? Do mothers prolong breastfeeding for their own pleasure? Is it, as some say, a form of sexual abuse? Do overly controlling women coerce children into continuing because they wish their children to remain dependent, or are they meeting an innate child need? Does long-term breastfeeding impact negatively on child physical and emotional health, or does it have a positive effect? Do mothers pay a price? How does the practice affect the family, and the couple relationship? Are breasts intended for infant feeding or for sexual pleasure? How and when did early weaning become established practice in the western world? Is sustained breastfeeding a reversion to a pre-feminist state, or is it a truly feminist issue? Drawing on child development theories and neuroscience research, archaeological findings and anthropological opinion, this book, explores the myths and reality surrounding this taboo practice to answer these and many other questions. In extracts from questionnaires, we also hear directly from mothers, fathers and the children themselves. Thought-provoking and challenging, this well-researched but thoroughly accessible book will appeal to all concerned with infant feeding and child health, as well as those with an interest in prehistory and the origins of western culture.

<end derail>

Tibtom Thu 29-Apr-21 17:16:54


Is this the lady who advocates in favour of breastfeeding teenagers?

And I heard she likes Marmite shock

Mollyollydolly Thu 29-Apr-21 19:35:38

Just had an email update.

Update on Official sources provide unlawful guidance on the 2010 Equality Act!

Dear Donors

As I’m sure most, if not all, of you know that Maya Forstater’s Appeal hearing took place on Tues & Wed this week. Perhaps some of you also observed virtually. The case was only about challenging the Employment Tribunal decision (Maya’s belief not worthy of respect in a democratic society), not whether or not Maya was actually discriminated against.

Maya’s barrister Ben Cooper – who also represented Allison Bailey at her preliminary hearing last month (btw, Allison’s court date has been put back to 2022, not 2021!) – showed in forensic depth how the Tribunal got it wrong and failed to apply the law correctly. Aileen McColgan, representing the organisation Index on Censorship, and Karon Monaghan, representing the EHRC, also said the Tribunal got it wrong. Karon Monaghan was at pains to point out the EHRC was only commenting on the Tribunal’s procedure, not the substantive case, ie discrimination against Maya. That was Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Jane Russell counsel for CGD, spoke first. I missed a lot of that because I was also reading and sharing drafts of AEA’s skeleton (legal argument) with our lawyers at the same time (we had to file by 12.00!), so I won’t comment. Suffice to say that Ben Cooper’s closing remarks were withering.

So our skeleton was lodged on time. It will be interesting to see EHRC’s skeleton (due early next week). Their job is to argue that we don’t have an arguable case and should therefore not be given permission to proceed to JR. Our skeleton has the firm solid bones of points of law finely argued – so they have a tough job on their hands. We’ll see on 6th May. The hearing will be in-person and also virtually. I will email with more detail as soon as I know.

Am so grateful to you all for enabling this legal action – we shouldn’t have had to do it in the first place, but it needs to be done. Everyone, most especially the body that was established to oversee equalities, has to comply with the law as it is, not as they’d like it to be!

I hope you’ve found my posting of your lovely and inspiring comments pleasing – they certainly pleased me.

Thanks so much for your support.


Thecatonthemat Thu 29-Apr-21 19:40:14

Thank you for your inspiring stand Ann. We will be watching and digging when necessary .

Chrysanthemum5 Thu 29-Apr-21 19:52:30

Thank you Ann - your work underpins so much of the push back against the removal of women's rights. I guess that's why you get so much vitriol - it's obvious that if you succeed the game changes

Ereshkigalangcleg Thu 29-Apr-21 20:01:56

Thank you Ann thanks you can count on support when you need it.

Cwenthryth Thu 29-Apr-21 20:54:26

Thanks for the reminder just sent an extra 5 spuds over grin

heathspeedwell Fri 30-Apr-21 12:54:38

Thank you for the reminder, did a bit more digging this morning. This legal action could change everything.

thinkingaboutLangCleg Mon 03-May-21 06:33:35

Reminding myself to dig this morning.

EmpressWitchDoesntBurn Mon 03-May-21 07:29:37

I need to dig too.

Fernlake Mon 03-May-21 10:59:05


ChazsBrilliantAttitude Tue 04-May-21 13:12:46

Bumping up. Permissions Hearing is Thursday

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