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The Times and Harry The Owl

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vivariumvivariumsvivaria Sat 08-Aug-20 22:11:09

Oh, well, this is interesting

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bishopgiggles Sat 08-Aug-20 22:13:46

Is this what they were teasing last week or was that actually the jkr poster thing?

vivariumvivariumsvivaria Sat 08-Aug-20 22:15:19

Guess we wait til 12:01 and find out?

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BoreOfWhabylon Sat 08-Aug-20 22:49:04

Very interesting...

PearPickingPorky Sat 08-Aug-20 23:18:14

<takes seat, crosses legs>

<jiggles foot impatiently>

This better be good.

Can't think what the Harry link is to the young water-humans with a scaly tail charity, though. Intrigued.

compulsivesnacker Sat 08-Aug-20 23:19:14

I decided to make soup while I wait. 😂

PearPickingPorky Sat 08-Aug-20 23:24:04

This must be different to the hints 2 weeks ago as that was about Stonewall.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 08-Aug-20 23:25:40

I'm going to be gutted if nothing comes of this too

bishopgiggles Sat 08-Aug-20 23:25:42

This must be different to the hints 2 weeks ago as that was about Stonewall.
What was the Stonewall thing?
I'm easily confused grin

PearPickingPorky Sat 08-Aug-20 23:27:54

It never came off, bishop, unfortunately. Whatever it was.

2Rebecca Sat 08-Aug-20 23:41:55

It all seems very attention seeking in a primary school "I know a secret and am not telling you" sort of way. Why not just shut up and tell people when/ if the amazing thing happens

boatyardblues Sat 08-Aug-20 23:42:05

I’m one of you night owls can post a sharetoken. 🙏

boatyardblues Sat 08-Aug-20 23:42:34

Hoping... is the missing word in my last post.

TBHno Sat 08-Aug-20 23:43:52

What? So there was meant to be a Stonewall expose, and it never materialized?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 08-Aug-20 23:47:32


compulsivesnacker Sat 08-Aug-20 23:51:12

The previous one irritated me. I was also a bit irritated by this one in all honesty. I keep wanting to give Harry a smack and tell him to keep his powder dry, rather than putting a big flashing neon ‘get your publication injunction here, roll up roll up, be quick’ sign up everywhere. Goading powerful organizations never goes well, and he’d do better to gloat after the event, rather than preventing it himself by being cocky.
All that said, I hope he has managed to contain himself long enough to pull this off.

nauticant Sun 09-Aug-20 00:01:55

"We'll have an interesting story for you in the next week or two" would have covered it nicely compulsivesnacker. This game playing is almost guaranteed to undermine what might be positive news.

TBHno Sun 09-Aug-20 00:02:28

What is it then? smile

Doyoumind Sun 09-Aug-20 00:03:59

Any updates?

BoxhillBertha Sun 09-Aug-20 00:05:09


EweSurname Sun 09-Aug-20 00:06:17

BoxhillBertha Sun 09-Aug-20 00:08:41

How do you post a screenshot

BoxhillBertha Sun 09-Aug-20 00:09:27

oh thanks. No share facility on my phone

nauticant Sun 09-Aug-20 00:09:31

Considering the weeks of build-up, I'm finding it distinctly underwhelming.

BoxhillBertha Sun 09-Aug-20 00:10:10


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