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Take the F out of FGM

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ConcreteUnderpants Thu 11-Jun-20 17:09:19

Has anyone seen the shit the wonderful Hibo Wardere has been getting?
Trans activists are trying to get her to take the 'female' out of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and unbelievably they have been comparing themselves to victims of FGM!
Huge rage.

God they hate women so very much!

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ConcreteUnderpants Thu 11-Jun-20 17:10:26

@HiboWardere on twitter

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LittleCabbage Thu 11-Jun-20 17:10:32

That sounds dreadful. Can you post a link?

Lordfrontpaw Thu 11-Jun-20 17:11:48

I believe they managed to stop anti FGM legislation in some part of the US because they assumed it would stop sex alignment operations. for the love of god, how dumb are these people?

ChurchOfWokeApostate Thu 11-Jun-20 17:12:06

The guardian have been calling it ‘Forced Genital Mutilation’ I’ve seen.
Whatever problems females have, they always have to have 10 times worse 🙄

SarahTancredi Thu 11-Jun-20 17:12:23

I wish I could say I'm.surprised however I have seen for myself on Twitter , a fgm survivor being told she has cis privilege and to shut up.

OldCrone Thu 11-Jun-20 17:13:55

I haven't seen this, but the Guardian published an article the other day which started with this line:

Covid-19 school closures have exposed children around the world to human rights abuses such as forced genital mutilation, early marriage and sexual violence, child protection experts say.

QuentinWinters Thu 11-Jun-20 17:15:43

Omg sad
Hibo Wadere on The Happy Vagina podcast is one of the most moving things I've ever listened to. How dare they? Seriously?

lifeissweet Thu 11-Jun-20 17:16:42


Forced? Seriously? Like there is another kind? Who freely agrees to have their clitoris cut out without being forced? It's totally unnecessary

Plus - it happens ONLY because the girl is FEMALE and female sexuality needs to be suppressed.

World has gone mad....

ValancyRedfern Thu 11-Jun-20 17:17:40

I've seen this happen to a few campaigners on fgm on twitter. @radfemjana as well.

It makes me sick.

Lordfrontpaw Thu 11-Jun-20 17:20:06

Anyone got a link to Hibos story - quick i need it fast!

QuentinWinters Thu 11-Jun-20 17:22:42

OldCrone Thu 11-Jun-20 17:22:49

Heres Jana Cornel's reply to JK Rowling.

Thank you for saying this. I have been told not to speak out about female genital mutilation because it's "transphobic ". How am I able to campaign for myself and millions of my sisters who have also suffered if I can't recognize sex?

QuentinWinters Thu 11-Jun-20 17:23:52

Shes written a book called "Cut"
Here's the podcast, very worth listening to

midgebabe Thu 11-Jun-20 17:25:33


Clymene Thu 11-Jun-20 17:26:00

Here's Hibo's video. I forgot to post this the other day because all the JKR stuff was kicking off.

Hibo is not the sort of person who would make a video like this unless she really was at the end of her tether.

It's absolutely despicable

Crystaltree Thu 11-Jun-20 17:26:16

Maybe forced is better. I massively disagree with male circumcision as well, and forced might open up the debate on this.

SarahTancredi Thu 11-Jun-20 17:31:38

No it's not a better word.

The two things are done for entirely different reasons.

Whereas boys absolutely should be left alone I find it disturbing that they would do it without medical necessity, but we do need to be able to discuss what happens to little girls without having to centre boys in order for anyone to give a shit it happens

SarahTancredi Thu 11-Jun-20 17:33:31

If men want to campaign about boys being cut they should go ahead. There would doubtless be heck of alot of support from near enough everyone .

But they really need to stop piggy backing on stuff done by women about women and girls . Nothing in the world is stopping them from doing it about boys themselves

OvaHere Thu 11-Jun-20 17:34:10

Hibo is brilliant. It's shocking that they would target this woman and this campaign.

There really is no depths they won't plummet to.

vulvachips Thu 11-Jun-20 17:35:31

how has it got to this?

Goosefoot Thu 11-Jun-20 17:36:20

Yeah. I think male and female circumcision are different enough in effect, and they also come out of quite different purposes generally speaking, that you really need to treat them as separate.

QuentinWinters Thu 11-Jun-20 17:38:36

I was wondering how long it would take for the "what about boys?" brigade to rock up hmm

midgebabe Thu 11-Jun-20 17:39:27

I was reading sometime that even withIn FGM it is necessary to understand the culture in which it operates in order to be able to tackle it

vulvachips Thu 11-Jun-20 17:39:47

yeah let a man take up that cause

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