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Women & Equalities 22nd April 2020 - YES!

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dianebrewster Wed 22-Apr-20 16:54:14

From Liz Truss Today


" The final point I’d like to make, Madam Chairman, in this initial part, is on the issue of the Gender Recognition Act. We’ve been doing a lot of work internally, making sure we’re in a position to respond to that consultation and launch what we propose to do on the future of the Gender Recognition Act. We will be in a position to do that by the summer, and there are three very important principles that I will be putting place.

First of all, the protection of single-sex spaces, which is extremely important.

Secondly making sure that transgender adults are free to live their lives as they wish without fear of persecution, whilst maintaining the proper checks and balances in the system.

Finally, which is not a direct issue concerning the Gender Recognition Act, but is relevant, making sure that the under 18s are protected from decisions that they could make, that are irreversible in the future. I believe strongly that adults should have the freedom to lead their lives as they see fit, but I think it’s very important that while people are still developing their decision-making capabilities that we protect them from making those irreversible decisions. "

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CuriousaboutSamphire Wed 22-Apr-20 16:56:42

Is this the turn of that tide?

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 22-Apr-20 16:58:43


CheddarGorgeous Wed 22-Apr-20 17:00:57


stumbledin Wed 22-Apr-20 17:01:29

So she is confirming that the EA protects single sex provision, although the Government has allowed people to ignore this.

And that transgender people can live as they like including the right to say TWAW?!!!

MitebiteonFrightNite Wed 22-Apr-20 17:02:11

I cried when I read this. It looks like they have listened. Can it really be true?

Datun Wed 22-Apr-20 17:02:20

This will be interesting. And, as ever, it will be the reaction of trans-activists, that will seal the deal.

SistemaAddict Wed 22-Apr-20 17:03:22

Wow, that's fantastic!

Tootsweets23 Wed 22-Apr-20 17:05:19

God I just stood in my kitchen and punched the air when I read this. I have never in my life been relieved by anything a conservative government has done. Ever. This is a first. Long way to go, but this is going in the right direction.

dianebrewster Wed 22-Apr-20 17:08:13

I know Tootsweets23 - it's really weird isn't it? I hope some of the labour MPs will get braver about it.

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stumbledin Wed 22-Apr-20 17:10:18

Sorry - but what is it you think she / they have done?

She has just confirmed existing law which they have failed to implement. Saying it in a committee when they haven't bothered to do hardly makes any difference.

Does it?

Tootsweets23 Wed 22-Apr-20 17:15:00

@stumbledin this is a new government. This statement confirms no more Maria Miller-esque bullshit, no more self ID. While they seem to be planning changes to the GRA she is clearly saying this won't be at the expense of single sex spaces. And she's gone further to talk about under 18s.

GinAndTonicNeeded Wed 22-Apr-20 17:22:08

Times article as well

I thought you would be interested in this story from The Times Transgender law will change to protect under-18s, Truss signals

Winesalot Wed 22-Apr-20 17:22:29

So I want the unit to become much more focused on analysing that data, looking at it very closely, and then working to a hub and spoke model with the rest of Government - so whether it’s the Home Office on issues of crime, whether it’s the Department of education on issues of education

A particular focus is going to be women’s economic empowerment, and I think this will be particularly important as we leave the immediate issues of Covid and then to the recovery., Of course we’ve had success in terms of getting more women employed ever before in the UK

A step in the right direction surely.... [fingers crossed]. Of course, if the department upholds that TWA W instead of TWA TW, it might yet mean a watering down of any strengthening of provisions enough to be meaningless instead of making additional provisions that don't erode women's rights unfairly. However, I am hopeful.

averylongtimeasLangCleg Wed 22-Apr-20 17:23:17

If this is what they actually hold to, then it's good news!
How long before they backtrack?

stumbledin Wed 22-Apr-20 17:28:21

Sorry - she has said trans people have the right to live as they like ie self id and therefore erasing women. All she has said is the under 18s shouldn't take decisions that cant be reversed. Which effectively should be happening now but some medical practitioners have drifted down the affirmation route.

And as if to emphasise the Equalities Committee's priority the first conference they will hold will be on LGBT rights (interestingly it appears the Q has not been included!).

So this is a good political strategy for them. Protect children.

Adults can do what they want.

Tootsweets23 Wed 22-Apr-20 17:36:40

@stumbledin I don't think that's what she's saying. She specifically says single sex spaces will be protected, then goes on to say that trans people can live as they like with the appropriate checks and protections in place.

That in my reading is very clearly not self ID indeed I think she has killed it.

And personally, I don't think there will be a backtrack as i think this is a conscious strategy by the BJ government. They know self ID is a vote loser (polling etc), and they just watched multiple politicians' careers go up in smoke on this issue in the last election and Lab leadership process. Multiple wins for them to not do self ID, protect women and girls (eg sports) and kids.

Newuser123123 Wed 22-Apr-20 17:39:15

It's definitely encouraging, the fact that she's mentioned single sex spaces, checks and balances and the under 18s shows that the message has been getting through. Thank you to those who have been raising this issue for so long with so much grief x

Lollygaggles Wed 22-Apr-20 17:50:03

I liked her focus on examining evidence. So much TRA rhetoric centres around completely fabricated statistics. Once these are officially unpicked, that's one major pillar of TRA destroyed.

I am cautiously optimistic. I anticipate a huge trans reaction to this and lots of threats, bluster and anger.

I hope Truss et al stand firm when shit and fan connect.

JustTurtlesAllTheWayDown Wed 22-Apr-20 17:56:26

she has said trans people have the right to live as they like ie self id and therefore erasing women.

I dont think she's said that. She was quite specific about needing checks and balances so I think that's self-id out the window.

Honestly, I get the impression that she's going to be saying what most of us are thinking: be as gender non-conforming as you like and that will be protected (e.g if you are male you can't be fired for wearing make up if women are also allowed to wear it) but you can't enter single sex female spaces.

And that transgender people can live as they like including the right to say TWAW?!!!

People have the right to say TWAW until they're blue in the face. That's free speech. They don't have the right to force everyone else to believe it though.
Same with living as they like. They can present as whichever of the 72 genders take their fancy. They just don't get to override womens rights or spaces when they do it.

This is hugely promising from Liz Truss. Thrilled to see it.

Tootsweets23 Wed 22-Apr-20 18:11:21

The responses on Twitter are to be expected, and Ruth Hunt has appeared to bang her drum.

truthisarevolutionaryact Wed 22-Apr-20 18:20:11

Quote from the Times article:
Ms Truss told the Commons women and equalities committee that there would also be additional protection of single-sex spaces to ensure that women and girls were safe in places such as changing rooms and lavatories as well as women’s refuges, by excluding other people where necessary.

Share token:

Newuser123123 Wed 22-Apr-20 18:33:59

Thanks for the share token - extra protection for single sex spaces sounds great

truthisarevolutionaryact Wed 22-Apr-20 18:37:58

I think this is very important. There will be the expected twitter meltdowns with the usual bullies shouting and threatening but at last we are hearing a government minister speaking out with confidence.

happydappy2 Wed 22-Apr-20 18:43:30

Finally! Well done her-she will have so much support.

Listening to the TRAs on twitter its quite ugly....

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