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James Morton scottish trans alliance quote

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boomshakalika Sat 22-Feb-20 11:02:33

I recently read a quote on a thread from James Morton of the Scottish Trans Alliance where they talked about linking with women's organisations in order to pave the way to influence national policy. I can't find it again.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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BetsyM00 Sat 22-Feb-20 13:45:34

Might it have come from the thread on the We're Still Here conference:

R0wantrees Sat 22-Feb-20 18:48:16

I've often thought there should be a thread with quotes by James Morton.

Morton has been very influential pimarily in Scotland but also in Westminster.

Morton has had extraorinary influence on public policies which should protect children & Vulnerable Adults.

December 2019 Holyrood exclusive interview by Mandy Rhodes
10 December
“It is so hard to explain because it wasn’t like a delusion – I know I was born female – but in my dreams, I just always had a male body, I was always a boy, and even though I could see when looking in a mirror that I had a female body, I would often forget others weren’t seeing me as male. There would be a weird dynamic because I was unmistakably looking and sounding female at that point.

“I don’t know why I developed such a strong sense of myself as male and a strong need to be seen by others that way but, for whatever bio-psycho-social reasons, I did. By the time I was in my teens that was what had really crystallised for me. I think sometimes it’s like how much gelatine is in someone’s identity to make them set. Some people clearly have a more movable sense of themselves and other people are set firmly.

“Looking back, people would probably have seen me as a very troubled teenager but not known why. People would probably have said that this – being trans – all came out of nowhere because my physical appearance in my early teens was as such a girl, a very librarian-looking, long-haired girl.

“I don’t think that people would have thought my issues stemmed from gender and when I came out as trans, I think people were quite surprised. Once they thought about it … it started to make more sense, but their initial reaction was like, ‘what…what?’”

The political backdrop was the early 1990s – Thatcher’s Britain – with an ugly row over Section 28 at its height when schools were effectively banned from covering LGBT issues. Consequently, Morton had no one to talk to, no role models to see himself in, and when his periods started, he became increasingly anxious about what his body was doing. And by the time he was 16 and preparing to sit exams, he was depressed, self-harming, and suicidal. Despite this, he achieved five ‘A’s in his Highers but while contemplating university, one teacher told him, pointedly, not to apply for any face-to-face interviews because he would “come across as too weird”.

Increasingly distressed about who he was, Morton made several suicide attempts and attended the Young People’s Unit at the Royal Edinburgh where, for the first time, he found a way to meet other LGBT young people.

“There was this little photocopied black and white leaflet in the YPU for what was called the Stonewall Youth Project back then but it’s now LGBT Youth Scotland and so consequently, all the folks who were going to the youth group had come from the YPU and we were all quite distressed but that was the first time I had knowingly met anybody else who was LGBT.

“To put this in some context, this was around the same time as the very first Scottish Pride and so the LGBT youth group made a banner but only about three people felt able to take it and go on the march because the rest of us were too scared." (continues),making-the-change-exclusive-interview-with-scottish-trans-alliance-manager-_14834.htm

PlayYouLikeAShark Sat 22-Feb-20 21:27:20

JM has way more reach & influence than the meek & polite persona suggests. Just watch any interview or read any feature where sex is mentioned & note the response is always about sex characteristics not sex. You know, those 'bits' that plastic surgery can alter. It's the subtlety that underpins the absolute determination behind every move JM makes. JM being involved in the LGBT GEO group is not incidental. JM almost got GRA changes swept through unnoticed, had Magdalene Berns & others not 'inconveniently' become vocal on what JM's intentions meant for women. Nothing JM does is 'incidental' or unintended.

TinselAngel Sat 22-Feb-20 22:17:09

I saw it quoted recently that the Scottish Trans Alliance say 80% of trans people suffer domestic abuse.

OldCrone Sat 22-Feb-20 22:33:39

This report Tinsel?

This survey of 60 trans identified people says:
80% of respondents stated that they had experienced emotionally, sexually, or physically abusive behaviour by a partner or ex-partner.

This report also says that if the partner of a trans person becomes suicidal, this is a form of emotional abuse against the trans person. This seems a bit hypocritical from a movement which regularly quotes bogus suicide stats about trans people in order to try to manipulate public opinion.

A quarter of respondents stated that their partner or ex-partner had threatened or attempted suicide or self-harm as a way to make them do, or stop them doing something. Receiving such threats from a partner or ex-partner can generate intense feelings of guilt and concern for the wellbeing of the partner or ex-partner particularly since suicidal thoughts, threats and actions are strongly associated with mental illness, severe emotional distress, and vulnerability. (page 14)

FloralBunting Sat 22-Feb-20 23:16:18

A quarter of respondents stated that their partner or ex-partner had threatened or attempted suicide or self-harm as a way to make them do, or stop them doing something. Receiving such threats from a partner or ex-partner can generate intense feelings of guilt and concern for the wellbeing of the partner or ex-partner particularly since suicidal thoughts, threats and actions are strongly associated with mental illness, severe emotional distress, and vulnerability

You are shitting me?!!!

littlbrowndog Sat 22-Feb-20 23:28:08

How does Morton have so much power in Scotland ?

littlbrowndog Sat 22-Feb-20 23:35:10

Eek should have read up the thread

Yeah have seen Morton speak and kinda thought. Giving off a persona yet yet something else going on there

But how come Morton is able to speak about issues that effect women and children and is able to influence both Scottish and Uk parliaments

What are Morton’s quilifcations for this ?

littlbrowndog Sat 22-Feb-20 23:39:49

Oh right so from that link up above this is wha5 Morton said pasted below

James Morton gave some insight into tactics the TRAs will probably start using in England and Wales as they were successful in Scotland.

He said the TRAs need to build allies in mainstream women and children’s organisations so it looks like they care about them.

He also said what worked in Scotland's was a “constructive, friendly, innocent” tone when debating or in dialogue with the GC side. To be mindful about who is watching- essentially like what we do with the lurkers on the FWR board. To make the TRAs look like the reasonable side.

James also said that in dialect with elected officials, to clarify that the trans side aren’t silencing anyone but want to clarify the misconceptions being bandied around by GC feminists.

The Scottish GRA changes will probably be put forward in the 2019-2020 parliamentary year.

littlbrowndog Sat 22-Feb-20 23:41:51


James Morton talked about how they can get rid of “gender” markers on things like IT systems and places where it isn’t relevant- apparently GDPR might be able to help them here.

JM’s campaigning tips were to gain trust in the local community- and to approach moderate feminists, “correct misconceptions and forgive any ignorance they may have displayed”. They want to gain trust and make themselves likeable.

Apparently small acts like helping to campaign about period poverty or retweeting the local branch of Women’s Aid will make a difference and result in some reciprocation. They want to make it look like they care about Women's issues so they don’t appear threatening

TinselAngel Sat 22-Feb-20 23:45:15

I shall have to read that in the morning OldCrone as if I read it now I suspect it will make me too angry to sleep.

It would be too outing to specify the context in which I heard the statistic quoted, but suffice to say whilst everyone else shook their heads and tutted, I smelled bullshit.

boomshakalika Sun 23-Feb-20 00:01:37

Thank you LittleBrowndog. That's what I wanted.

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R0wantrees Sun 23-Feb-20 00:03:52

2013 Unison guide by James Morton
'Gender identity
An introductory guide for trade union reps
supporting trans members'

2017 updated version

(UNISON is the UK's largest public service trade union)

littlbrowndog Sun 23-Feb-20 00:04:28

Wasn’t me tbh boom it was rowan

This thread is really really worth a read.

PlayYouLikeAShark Sun 23-Feb-20 00:07:03

I'd be surprised if JM has managed to fit in more that 4 hrs kip at any point in the past 5 years, what with all that misinformation to disseminate & lobbying to be done. No chance of anything inconvenient like a conscience to keep JM awake at night.

littlbrowndog Sun 23-Feb-20 00:10:25

Who funds Scottish trans alliance and for how much ?

R0wantrees Sun 23-Feb-20 00:10:37

STILLTish article, Spetember 2019:

'Ministry of Justice: Updated Policy on caring for Transgender Prisoners.'

"The policy exposes how far the, legally protected, characteristic of sex has been eroded, by allowing anyone, regardless of biology, to declare they are a woman. The prison system is illustrative of just how far Gender Identity ideology is embedded within our legislature and enshrined in public policy.

Below is a quote 👇 from James Morton, of the Scottish Trans Alliance, which shows that Female prisoners are the subjects of a dangerous laboratory experiment. James is listed as an author of the Scottish Prisons Policy which deals with Transgender Prisoners. As James is a lobbyist for Trans Rights there is only one group at the forefront of the policy. Spoiler. Its not Women.

‘We strategized – we strategized – that by working intensively with the Scottish Prison Service to support them to include trans women as women on a self-declaration basis within very challenging circumstances, we would be able to ensure that all other public services should be able to do likewise’.

The above quote is illustrative of a complete disregard for the female prison population; one of the most vulnerable groups in our society. Domestic violence refuges, rape crisis centres and female prisons do seem to figure prominently in the targeted locations. Captive females are being targeted for this new branch of Men’s rights activism." (continues)

R0wantrees Sun 23-Feb-20 00:15:38

Who funds Scottish trans alliance and for how much ?

Transseminars, Retheorising Gender and Sexuality: an ESRC seminar series:
James Morton
Help or Harm? Trans people’s experiences of health services and the impact on their mental health

James is the Scottish Transgender Alliance Coordinator. Since 2007 his national post has been funded by the Scottish Government to provide the Scottish public and voluntary sectors with training and policy development guidance on transgender equality and human rights. He has worked collaboratively with a wide range of academics, voluntary sector organisations and public bodies in Scotland, the UK and Europe to evidence transgender experiences of gender inequalities.

The most recent and outstanding work by James is his contribution to the Trans Mental Health Study 2012, which he co-authored with Jay McNeil, Louis Bailey, Sonja Ellis and Maeve Regan. This research represents the largest survey of its kind in Europe, providing ground-breaking data on trans people’s mental health needs and experiences, explored in the context of daily life, social/support mechanisms and when accessing healthcare and mental health services. Central to the study was an exploration of how the process of transitioning (social and/or medical) impacts mental health and wellbeing. The research was unique in its exploration of both the positive and negative impact that being trans has on mental health and wellbeing."

R0wantrees Sun 23-Feb-20 00:28:49

Women and Equalities Committee Trans Enquiry
Tuesday 13 October 2015

Witnesses: Peter Dunne, Visiting Researcher, New York University Law School, Karen Harvey, Chair, a:gender, James Morton, Manager, Scottish Transgender Alliance, and Ashley Reed, initiator of online petition on gender self-definition

Peter Dunne contributed the recent paper to Scottish GRA which drew parallels with the impact on females in changing spaces between the presence women who'd had mastectomies for cancer treatment & males who identify as women

NonnyMouse1337 Sun 23-Feb-20 00:32:22

Hmmm... I wonder what are JM's qualifications in terms of policy, sociology, psychology, law etc. On what grounds was JM the best person to author the Scottish Prisons Policy, I wonder?

R0wantrees Sun 23-Feb-20 00:44:12

Morton also played a key role in writing contraversial Scottish Schools' policy.

June 2018 BBC 'How should schools support transgender pupils?'
"In the introduction to the guidance, James Morton of the Scottish Trans Alliance wrote: "Over the last few years, increasing visibility and inclusion of trans people means that more people are feeling confident to come out as trans at younger ages instead of keeping their gender identities hidden for decades in fear.

"Whilst it is great that young trans people are increasingly being accepted and supported by their friends and families, we know that some schools have struggled to keep up with the fast-paced changes in this area."

The guidance deals with a huge range of issues including how to help children who want to come out, beating bullying and the use of gender neutral language.

It also touches on issues such as social dancing, school uniform and PE.

The points made in the guidance include:

Allowing transgender pupils to choose which toilets and changing rooms they use.
Teachers are advised not to disclose information to parents or carers without a child's permission.
Critics have expressed concern about how putting the guidance into practice could affect other pupils - for instance the effect on girls if someone born with a male body starts to use their changing rooms."

January 2019 Herald
30th January 2019
'Trans guidance for Scottish schools breaches 11 children's rights, campaigners warn'
Controversial guidelines governing the inclusion of trans pupils in schools could breach as many as 15 articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, according to a new campaign for women and girls.

Many councils and schools have adopted the guidelines, without assessing the impact on other pupils, according to the group Women and Girls in Scotland (WGiS).

The report comes ahead of a public meeting in Edinburgh tomorrow (Thursday) which is being held by ForWomen.Scot, another group calling for greater protection for the rights of women and girls.

The advice to schools, written by LGBT Youth and the Scottish Trans Alliance, states that trans pupils should share overnight accommodation on school trips with pupils based on their gender identity rather than their biological sex, and should be allowed to take part in sports, and use changing rooms and toilets based on the gender they identify as.

Any pupils who have concerns about this should be asked to wait and use facilities after a trans pupil has done so and "they should be reminded of the school's ethos of inclusion, equality and respect". There is no need to tell parents if their child is to share accommodation with a trans peer of the opposite sex, the guidance states.

However WGiS says note of these measures have been assessed for any impact on other pupils – particularly girls, which is a legal requirement under public sector equality duties." (continues)

R0wantrees Sun 23-Feb-20 00:47:19

Hmmm... I wonder what are JM's qualifications in terms of policy, sociology, psychology, law etc. On what grounds was JM the best person to author the Scottish Prisons Policy, I wonder?

Its an important question given that the Scottish government have paid Morton substantial sums of money over a long period to influence such complex pieces of public policy which impact children & Vulnerable Adults.

Im unsure as to James Morton's qualifications

Clymene Sun 23-Feb-20 00:47:44

James appears to have only worked at the STA according to LinkedIn. No education history on there at all

R0wantrees Sun 23-Feb-20 00:54:46

In the Holyrood interview linked upthread Morton explains:

“I dropped out of university at 19 because there was no protection back then and the way that a gay friend had been treated by other students was so horrific, I just felt I couldn’t transition there and really without going into too much detail, between the ages of 19 and 21, life was very difficult. I had really bad mental health, my relationship with my mum had broken down and I started my transition while I was part of the Edinburgh homeless scene.”

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