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John Ozimek (now Jane Fae) on women, feminists and victims of pornographers

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TurfClub Mon 24-Sep-18 11:01:20

From the Skin Two Fetish yearbook, 2009 (Skin Two Issue 60), by John Ozimek, edited in 2012 by 'Jane Fae' (sorry I don't have the original John version)

'One of Labour’s first actions on coming to power was to put in place a group (of women) at the Home Office whose task it would be to steer a review of the law in respect of sexual activity.'

'Government would recoil in horror at a proposal to place men in charge of a review of the law on rape; yet, over and over, those at the heart of developing change in the field of sexual law have been female, feminist or exceedingly Christian. '

'It was David Blunkett, Home Secretary 2001–04 and a very committed Christian, who observed how wonderful it was to be surrounded by so many of like persuasion amongst his coven of Home Office special advisers.'

' SORT was widely considered to be an offshoot of radical feminism, with very little interest in views that clashed with their beliefs. The emphasis shifted very quickly from the rights of the individual to a focus on the perceived (female) “victim”. '

SORT focused 'the “consent” debate on the issue of when an individual might be said to have withdrawn consent.'

'they brought on board an academic team (three feminists, naturally) who carried out a wholly skewed rapid evidence assessment (REA) and concluded that yes, maybe extreme porn did cause harm.'


* scare quotes around 'victim' (of sexual abuse)
* compares putting men (those who rape) in charge of rape law with putting women (those who get raped to make porn) in charge of porn law
* alludes to Blunkett's female advisers as witches
* sneering contempt for feminists

Note that since this was published in 2009, John Ozimek became Jane Fae, adviser of Girl Guides on safeguarding, and now identifies and is identified as a feminist ( Which is strange considering previous contempt for feminism. Anyone would think it was all a strategy to undermine feminism. But no THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

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TurfClub Mon 24-Sep-18 11:10:15

Here's Jane & trans-chums on why they are all real actual feminists, honest guv.

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ZuttZeVootEeVro Mon 24-Sep-18 11:11:06

I don't think it's very controversial to say that there are a wide range of factors that lead men to transition.

Molokonono Mon 24-Sep-18 11:12:46

Paris Lees:

I do feel sorry for some of the feminist old guard, though. That fire they had in their bellies, that righteous indignation… it must be a shock to find they've joined the ranks of a chattering establishment, complicit in the oppression of others. I'm sure they never planned it.

Aye right.

R0wantrees Mon 24-Sep-18 11:13:10

Jane Fae organised the recent 'Still Here' trans-rights conference in London.
Dawn Butler (Labour Women & Equalities) was the high-profile speaker.

Independent (paper) article by Yas Necati:
'Without your rights I can’t have my rights': Dawn Butler on the importance of intersectionality at the UK’s first transgender conference
'We have to fight for each other,' Labour's shadow secretary of state for women and equalities says'

"Minority groups must stand together in the fight for one another's rights, the shadow secretary of state for women has said.

Dawn Butler used her keynote speech at the UK's first transgender conference, titled #StillHere, to speak of the importance of solidarity in the effort to advance transgender rights.

“I know that after this I’m going to get quite a lot of abuse,” the Labour MP said on Saturday, “but it’s nothing compared to what you get on a daily basis.”

She said: “You have to know that there is a flood of voices behind you… that’s here to stand up and support and stick up for your rights. Because without your rights I can’t have my rights and I quite like my rights and I’m still struggling to get my full rights."

“We have to fight for each other,” she added.

The conference aimed to provide a space where transgender people and allies could discuss prominent issues and network with one another.

Journalist and campaigner Jane Fae, who had the initial idea for the event, said she also hoped to “provide a boost to community spirits … after a year of unprecedented hostility towards the trans community.” (continues)

heresyandwitchcraft Mon 24-Sep-18 11:13:28

It is interesting, isn't it. I find myself running out of tin foil regularly for all the hats I keep needing to make. Very difficult not to see trans activism as being purposefully orchestrated to undermine actual feminists/female rights.

Molokonono Mon 24-Sep-18 11:14:01

Jane Fae:

I didn't get this before my transition because feminism as creed, or academic dogma, is a very cold fish indeed. The impulse is to engage with it intellectually except that, by engaging intellect alone, too often the point is missed. Feminism needs to be lived.

Yes, by females. AKA women and girls. Hope that helps.

TurfClub Mon 24-Sep-18 11:17:34

It's interesting how John went from this to advising the Brownies on safeguarding in just a few years. Oh and the all-important change of gender.

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Floisme Mon 24-Sep-18 11:17:51

Did I read somewhere that Jane Fae was involved in advising the Girl Guides?

Floisme Mon 24-Sep-18 11:19:39

Ah posted too late! As I understand it, the Girl Guides will neither confirm nor deny Fae's involvement - is this correct does anyone know?

TurfClub Mon 24-Sep-18 11:20:45

Floisme: Jane claimed at 'Still Here' to be advising the Girl Guides.

Girl Guides basically acknowledged as much by omission.

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TurfClub Mon 24-Sep-18 11:21:34

I do like the idea of Jane introducing the 'hardcore porn' badge.

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R0wantrees Mon 24-Sep-18 11:22:02

Jane Fae was a key speaker at the inaugural TELI conference.

TELI was co-founded by (amongst others) Jess Bradley, Tara Hewitt and Michelle Huson.


Floisme Mon 24-Sep-18 11:22:23

Thanks Turf.

I was trying to think of a pithy comment but they're all used up.

FeministPumpkin Mon 24-Sep-18 11:22:47

'Government would recoil in horror at a proposal to place men in charge of a review of the law on rape; yet, over and over, those at the heart of developing change in the field of sexual law have been female, feminist or exceedingly Christian.’

Yes, there are many motivations behind transition, I quite agree.

Also brings to mind the exclusionary nature of race for life and those who would not be thwarted by women daring to have something they could not.

deepwatersolo Mon 24-Sep-18 11:23:47

feminists have created the women's rights movement.
paraphilists have now created the kink's rights movement.

the one thing I don't get is why the paraphilists want to steal our terminology instead of standing tall (which should not be a problem with a male body on stilettos) and proud. they should own up to it and go all in for Kink Pride.

FeministPumpkin Mon 24-Sep-18 11:26:25

Government would recoil in horror at a proposal to place men in charge of a review of the law on rape; yet, over and over, those at the heart of developing change in the field of Girl Guiding have been...

TurfClub Mon 24-Sep-18 11:27:53

Perhaps you could make it a Guide Challenge to successfully hide your illegal pornography from the rozzers.

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IfNotNowThenWhen1 Mon 24-Sep-18 11:30:55

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

RantyCath Mon 24-Sep-18 11:36:49

The OP on this thread may be breaking the law. It should be deleted either by the poster or the Mods.

FermatsTheorem Mon 24-Sep-18 11:37:50

TurfClub I notice it's not just "victim" in scare quotes, but also "consent". What sort of notion of "consent" needs scare quotes? The "no means yes and yes means anal" understanding of "consent", perhaps?

I find Jane Fae's views as expressed back in the days when they were John Ozimek deeply frightening - and I have no reason to believe (despite the harmless knitting persona they have cultivated, much like the grandmother in Little Red Riding Hood) that their underlying beliefs have changed any.

R0wantrees Mon 24-Sep-18 11:39:41

The OP on this thread may be breaking the law. It should be deleted either by the poster or the Mods.

In what way RantyCath ?

FermatsTheorem Mon 24-Sep-18 11:41:19

Public service announcement:

"Misgendering" and "deadnaming" are not illegal.

Anyone who tells you this is flat out lying.

FermatsTheorem Mon 24-Sep-18 11:42:36

To enlarge upon my public service announcement:

Beware people talking complete shite about the law. I'm seeing a lot on here, and I think it's a deliberate tactic to try to scare people into silence.

So - single sex spaces. Perfectly legal under the equalities act in order to satisfy a proportionate need. Thus, single sex rather than gender showers and changing rooms in a gym club, for e.g., are perfectly legal.

GRC - doesn't establish that someone has "literally" changed sex (because that would be impossible). It creates the legal fiction that in most but not all circumstances, the person with the GRC has the right to be treated legally as if they were a member of the sex on their GRC. It does not act as a carte blanche to gain access all areas - because the equalities act still allows for exceptions in the case of proportionate need for single sex spaces.

Misgendering - not a crime. In some circumstances, e.g. when used to deliberately harass and upset someone, you might be guilty of another crime, e.g. in this instance the crime of harassment (just as repeatedly phoning your ex at 3.00am to call him an adulterous shit would open you to a charge of harassment even if he was actually, as a matter of fact, an adulterous shit). But misgendering in and of itself is not a crime.

Deadnaming - similarly, not a crime.

R0wantrees Mon 24-Sep-18 11:42:38

Jane Fae has a great deal of influence especially with the BBC and New Statesman and Society.

She has been interviewed on many occasions on the BBC.

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