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Transgender Trend Crowdfunder suspended

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OldCrone Fri 01-Jun-18 13:27:24

The TRAs have been busy complaining about the crowdfunder, and have managed to get it suspended

"We have been told by @crowdfunderuk that our our project has been suspended pending further investigation, due to an 'unprecedented number of complaints.' All complaints we have seen on Twitter are libelous. Please contact to support us."

Terfulike Fri 01-Jun-18 13:48:06

its getting fucking terrifying

TwittleBee Fri 01-Jun-18 13:53:20

whaaaaat shock

loveyouradvice Fri 01-Jun-18 13:54:22

Does this mean they don't get the money yet either????

AND - is there any way TransgenderTrend could just set up a Paypal account and those of us who wish to support could do so via them?

Pratchet Fri 01-Jun-18 13:54:51

No lengths to which they will not go. None.

Sarahconnor1 Fri 01-Jun-18 13:56:17

I was going to donate later today. Is there a way of donating directly?

My donation has just doubled because I'm pretty passed off.

Sarahconnor1 Fri 01-Jun-18 13:56:42

Pissed off. Sigh

R0wantrees Fri 01-Jun-18 14:01:32

thread with some suspension background:

R0wantrees Fri 01-Jun-18 14:05:06

Pink News:
'Trans campaigners slam ‘deeply transphobic’ school resources Crowdfunder'
"Trans rights campaigners have rebuked a “deeply transphobic” Crowdfunder page set up by a group of parents concerned by “the current trend to diagnose ‘gender non-conforming’ children as transgender.”

The activists are calling on the Department of Education to condemn the fundraising page, which is raising money towards providing schools with hard copies of so-called “Transgender Trend” resource packs and guidance on the subject." (continues)

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 01-Jun-18 14:06:49

You can donate directly via their homepage.

I'm probably being unrealistic, but I hope that crowdfunder UK actually read the transgender Trend stuff, and decide to reinstate the crowdfunder

AssignedPuuurfectAtBirth Fri 01-Jun-18 14:28:06

I think Transgender Trend need to start taking some legal action re this stuff. Will definately contibute to that

Terfing Fri 01-Jun-18 14:32:03

Will those who have donated get a refund?

Invalid Fri 01-Jun-18 15:07:00

There’s a donate button on that page ^
Don’t let the bastards grind them down. wink

spontaneousgiventime Fri 01-Jun-18 15:09:22

AH! Invalid Thank you! Just what I came here to ask about.

BubbleBlowingBaby Fri 01-Jun-18 15:12:22

I've donated directly. Used PayPal. Don't crowdfunding pages take a cut anyway??

Magpiesarehuge Fri 01-Jun-18 15:15:18

What ever happened to the crowd fund Jennifer James set up?

Catsrus Fri 01-Jun-18 15:29:31

Thanks for the heads up - I've donated direct

ReluctantCamper Fri 01-Jun-18 15:31:14

for fucks sake. I can't afford to donate twice but if I get refunded I shall donate via the website, thanks for the link.

email sent:


I understand that you have suspended this crowed funder which I have contributed to, due to an unprecedented number of complaints.

Please note that the aim of this crowdfunder is simply to fund producing printed copies of information for schools to help them support gender non conforming children and trans children alongside all other pupils. It has been produced in consultation with teachers, child protection and welfare professionals and lawyers.
It would be very sad if you allowed the extreme activism of a small minority to stand in the way of fund raising for this excellent cause.



TheCountessofFitzdotterel Fri 01-Jun-18 15:48:44

I have decided donated directly. I hadn't got round to doing it on the crowdfunder but this galvanised me.
Nolite te bastardes carborundum...

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Fri 01-Jun-18 15:49:30

Oops, don't know where 'decided' came from. I have actually donated.

womanformallyknownaswoman Fri 01-Jun-18 15:54:54

Yep Cluster B tactics again - destroying someone's reputation and livelihood by weaponising the complaints systems of social media platforms to "murder by proxy" - like the family court all over again. These are the guys who need limits setting on them - they are so disordered - no conscience nor empathy.

WorkingItOutAsIGo Fri 01-Jun-18 16:19:32

CANT BEAR BULLIES...have made a direct donation, and complained.

HerFemaleness Fri 01-Jun-18 16:22:07

I've donated directly, and I've doubled what I originally intended to give. In your face trans activists.

Lifesavingorange Fri 01-Jun-18 16:27:22

What these vile men and their pathetic female allies do not understand is IT DOES NOT MATTER how hard they try to stop us. They can get us banned, censored, suspend our fundraisers, threaten us, it will never, ever stop us.

And they’re also too thick to realise that their tactics create new allies for us, as people see their bullying tactics and realise the truth. These aren’t poor, oppressed, marginalised women. They are nasty, bullying misogynists.

R0wantrees Fri 01-Jun-18 16:39:17

Recent Guardian Article:
"Schools pulled into row over helping transgender children
As more teens come out as trans, experts clash over how schools should help"
"Profound disagreement has arisen about what schools should do. Should they, in the words of a widely used toolkit from the Allsorts Youth Project in Brighton, “make visible and celebrate trans people”? Or take the “watchful waiting” approach advocated by the Transgender Trend pack, which warns schools to be “aware of the risk of ‘social contagion’ from celebrity trans internet vloggers who glamorise medical transition”?

Stephanie Davies-Arai, a parenting adviser, launched the Transgender Trend resource pack in February half-term, thinking it would barely get noticed. Instead, she says: “It just blew up”. The LGBT lobby group Stonewall accused Transgender Trend, the organisation Davies-Arai set up two-and-a-half years ago, of spreading “damaging myths, panic and confusion”, and advised local authorities not to use the pack. On Twitter, people piled in, with one describing the pack (which had been checked by lawyers) as a “modern edition of Mein Kampf”.

I think the comments are worth reading for a range of opinions

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