Government survey of LGBT experiences

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emochild Sun 23-Jul-17 22:04:37

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Question 'what sex were you assigned at birth?'


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SerendipityFelix Sun 23-Jul-17 22:52:10

'Do you identify as intersex?'

How can you identify as intersex?!?!? It's a bloody medical condition. It's like saying do you identify as cerebral palsy or something (first congenital condition I could think of)

LaSourciere Sun 23-Jul-17 22:56:59

Just completed it.

SerendipityFelix Sun 23-Jul-17 23:00:10

Keeps referring to 'being LGBT' as well. As if 'LGBT' is a single status.

SerendipityFelix Sun 23-Jul-17 23:15:59

I didn't see the 'assigned at birth' question? I thought it said 'what do you identify as' to which I answered 'other' and stated I don't 'identify as' anything, I am a woman by virtue of being an adult human female and I reject the concept of gender.

sticklebrix Mon 24-Jul-17 07:41:06


Absolutely. I am so sad for my daughters.

SylviaPoe Mon 24-Jul-17 07:58:04

It only asks the assigned at birth question if you don't identify as some kind of trans identity.


StealthPolarBear Mon 24-Jul-17 08:01:11

It worries me that this is restricted to a small group of people. Surely everyone should get to have their say.

SerendipityFelix Mon 24-Jul-17 08:02:06

How can they prevent people from answering more than once? It didn't ask for any kind of id/email or anything

SerendipityFelix Mon 24-Jul-17 08:02:57

Btw, this isn't a consultation on gender recognition, it's a survey on experiences of people who 'are LGBT' living in the UK

QuentinSummers Mon 24-Jul-17 09:20:23

I've done it. Because I ticked "agender" in the gender identity box I got to answer all the trans questions. It just goes to show how absolutely ridiculous trans theory is. I'm just female with no gender identity.

sticklebrix Mon 24-Jul-17 10:51:14

I did the same Quentin and agree that the theory is ludicrous. I am apparently agender because I don't have a gender identity. Who knew?

Elendon Mon 24-Jul-17 12:07:11

I've completed the survey but I still don't understand why sexual orientation is aligned with being trans.

Identifying as 'intersex' is an insult to those born intersex (which is complex, no one is actually in the middle, or inbetween).

BeyondDrinksAndKnowsThings Mon 24-Jul-17 12:24:08

I have multiple gender identities, so each of them will have to complete this...

Elendon Mon 24-Jul-17 12:48:01

I've done it again. I thought of myself as female only.

Conclusion is I'm constantly under scrutiny regarding my appearance and behaviour. Which is true.

BeyondDrinksAndKnowsThings Mon 24-Jul-17 12:52:19

I might feel intersex in a bit and point out that "feeling intersex" is ridiculously offensive. hmm

Feeling disabled is also on there, but at least that aligns with the social model of disability, so it has some background.

MrsWooster Mon 24-Jul-17 12:58:36

Many 'prefer not to say's later, you get chance to comment:
"I am a woman, this is a biological fact. I may chose to present as a different gender but this does not affect the biological fact. I feel very strongly that discrete women's and men's spaces are for biological women and men. My CHOICE to identify as a different gender doesn't override the fundamental rights of biological identity."

AssignedMentalAtBirth Mon 24-Jul-17 13:09:37

That survey is big steaming pile of horseshit, written by some science illiterate fuckwit.

venusinscorpio Mon 24-Jul-17 13:19:49

Yes, I thought that, Assigned. Intersex is not an identity. "LGBT" is not a single issue monolith.

scalliondays Mon 24-Jul-17 13:33:09

I completed it by ticking lots of 'prefer not to say' - don't feel bad about this as I'm a woman who thinks that gender is a restrictive and outdated concept and given that I don't wear much makeup and can change a car tyre I probably can lay reasonable claim to being non-binary... I ticked that they can reprint my comments although I doubt that my very reasonable views will see the light of day anywhere.
I'm so angry about this. Women's rights will be set back 200 years.

IndominusRex Mon 24-Jul-17 14:00:34

As many gender critical people as possible need to complete this.

Lemonjello Mon 24-Jul-17 14:13:59

I might complete it more than once a day to properly account for my gender fluidity wink

SpaghettiAndMeatballs Mon 24-Jul-17 14:20:25

Plus of course it's meaningless. I'm a British Citizen, but not currently resident in the UK - exactly what are they doing to stop me taking the survey anyway

BeyondDrinksAndKnowsThings Mon 24-Jul-17 15:23:31

Lemon, I so haven't already done it twice today... grin

Lemonjello Mon 24-Jul-17 15:26:09

Oh no, of course not Beyond. Wouldn't want to fuck up such a thoroughly researched, scientifically acuitate, nuanced and carefully worded survey grin

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