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What book have you read through the night and day to finish

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mindmyarse Fri 05-May-17 21:53:59

I have always loved reading but at times notably pre kids have been quite selfish I remember once I started reading Lord of the Rings on a Friday night and spent pretty much the next 3days or so doing nothing else and I say selfish because it was my DH birthday on the Saturday but I couldn't do anything until I had finished them He sort of understood !!but only twice have I stayed up since then to read a book and one of them was The Kite Runner the other was a book called Princess ,what book has ever made you stay up all night because you were so gripped by it ?

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daisydalrymple Fri 05-May-17 21:55:49

Silence of the lambs. Was most definitely NOT enjoying it, but was first year at uni, living in halls and literally couldn't put it down until I'd read the ending and knew he wouldn't come in in the middle of the night. I read till 6am.

Whatthefoxgoingon Fri 05-May-17 23:26:49

Great question!

I haven't read a book like this in ages. Last one was probably the Martian. Not high brow literature, but I was intrigued.

Really want to hear other recommendations!

SplitInfinitive Sat 06-May-17 07:10:33

I haven't the stamina to stay awake all night reading any more blush. Can't remember the last one that I did now.

I do remember reading The Silence of the Lambs and hating it so much (was loaned to me by a friend who was desperate to talk about it with someone) that I sped through it in one afternoon in broad daylight.

mindmyarse Sat 06-May-17 17:08:39

My daughter did that with The Shining
By Stephen King !!

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Sleeperandthespindle Sat 06-May-17 20:41:23

Most of the Harry Potters as they came out.

Sleeperandthespindle Sat 06-May-17 20:41:49

Alice Hoffman more recently.

daisydalrymple Sat 06-May-17 21:25:48

Oh yes, Stephen king, I devoured those during my uni years too, salems lot being the most scary for me I think, but they all petrified me. Especially pet cemetry. Couldn't put them down but they frightened the crap out of me.

Don't think I could reread them now, not sure I could even watch them. Maybe misery at a push as it was life scary rather than supernatural scary. And maybe the shining because I would know what was coming (redrum redrum ...) but cujo shock

Ragwort Sat 06-May-17 21:34:16

Fortune's Rock by Anita Shrieve - loved it, this thread has inspired me to re-read it.

We were on holiday at the time I read it (over 10 years ago) - my DH left DS and myself at the hotel as he had a business appointment, I left DS in his travel cot all day as I was so engrossed in the book - and it was a beautiful sunny day in the south of France blush.

countingdown Sat 06-May-17 21:36:25

I agree with the previous poster who said The Martian. Took me a long time to get in to it but once I did I couldn't put it down and was even reading it whilst drying my hair!

Kevinbaconsrealwife Sat 06-May-17 21:38:26

The Davinci Code...

TwoBeams Sat 06-May-17 21:38:26

Oh I've done this too many times...
Last was West End Girls.
Love a good Stephen King though.

MrsL2016 Sat 06-May-17 21:45:13

The davinci code like the poster above and The lovely bones. Both many years ago. Don't have the time now sadly.

gregoriesgirl Sat 06-May-17 21:48:03

Silent Child by Sarah Denzil - I started it last night, finished it this morning.
It's a psychological thriller; a genre I've recently gotten into so recommendations please smile

Tokelau Sat 06-May-17 21:50:41

Brave new world. I loved it.

NomNomNominativeDeterminism Sat 06-May-17 21:51:32

The Quincunx by Charles Palliser. Which was even better when I got round to re-reading more slowly. When I was a teenager, pretty much anything by Georgette Heyer - a few of which I still re-reread. The Woman in Black. And Gone Girl, and The Girl on the Train, even though I wouldn't want to read them again. Iain Pears and Hilary Mantel have kept me up at night. And Phillip Kerr and C J Sansom.

ProjectGainsborough Sat 06-May-17 21:55:07

The Little Stranger by Sarah Walters. So scary and so atmospheric

BarbieBrightSide Sat 06-May-17 22:04:38

Inkheart - which is a children's book, but which I got totally immersed in.

(It's book 1 of a trilogy, the second book wasn't great, but I pushed on through it and then enjoyed book 3)

Misty9 Sat 06-May-17 22:12:08

I have no self restraint when it comes to reading, but I ignored my family for a good couple of days on holiday recently to read "the 100 year old man who climbed out of the window". Brilliant book. The Night Circus was another one. And loads more smile

JumpingJellybeanz Sat 06-May-17 22:14:34

This Present Darkness by Frank Perretti. All about the battle between good and evil.

pomadas87 Sat 06-May-17 22:15:31

Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None - too frightened to put it down and go to sleep. Finished it and slept with the light on... blush

Also, Winter in Madrid by CJ Samson was so gripping towards the end I kept reading through the night to finish it [no spoilers but Sandy!! Omg!!]

HSMMaCM Sat 06-May-17 22:28:21

I read all of the final Harry Potter book in hospital when I was in for an operation. Apparently I woke up after the procedure babbling about Harry Potter grin

MarklahMarklah Sat 06-May-17 22:33:51

The Night Circus, The Golem and the Djinni and most recently, The Essex Serpent.
Usually I can put a book down for a while but not those three.

Howaboutthisone Sat 06-May-17 22:35:10

Great thread title- will read up when I can!

Teachervoice Sat 06-May-17 22:36:58

Such a great thread!

Love non-fiction myself and have recently read:

All of Bill Bryson's offerings
Love from Boy - letters to his mother, written by Roald Dahl
Going Solo - Roald Dahl's account of becoming a fighter pilot and life after WW2

Couldn't put any of them down

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