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Laura Ingalls Wilder question.

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Cosmicglitterpug Tue 13-Dec-16 13:15:30

Have just re-read these again for the umpteenth time, but this time was struck by the fact that Laura was taught by her future husband's sister in the book 'Little Town on the Prairie', and they didn't get on. Was it awkward I wonder? Almanzo obviously wasn't put off by it.

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Manumission Tue 13-Dec-16 13:16:54

It was true love smile

NotCitrus Tue 13-Dec-16 13:21:23

I think the main problem was Liza Jane was a poor teacher who had favourites and was a bit patronising (as Almanzo found with her being his big sister). I suspect once Laura was older and had experienced being a teacher herself in a one-room schoolhouse with no teacher training, she would have been much more understanding of Liza Jane's situation and they may have got on fine.

Cosmicglitterpug Tue 13-Dec-16 14:27:34

That's a good point. Obviously Laura thought it would impact as she assumed she wouldn't get to ride behind the horses.

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MauraFedora Wed 14-Dec-16 22:12:53

If you read Farmer Boy Almanzo and Eliza didn't ever seem to like each

Cosmicglitterpug Wed 14-Dec-16 22:39:44

I haven't actually. Might put that on the Xmas list.

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MiddlingMum Thu 15-Dec-16 21:15:43

If you like LIW's books, have you also read any of Willa Cather's books such as "My Antonia" and "O Pioneers!"

Not exactly the same, and they're adult books, but I have really enjoyed both.

Cosmicglitterpug Thu 15-Dec-16 22:08:54

No I haven't. I'll put them on the list. Thanks.

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