Half a stone off in August - we can do it!

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beforeihit30 Tue 31-Jul-18 09:09:35

Following on from the ‘half a stone off in July’ thread - everyone welcome - we're hoping to lose 7lb in August (but any loss is a win!).

Any and all diets, approaches etc welcome, a place to check in, keep focused and encouraged.

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cheshiremama89 Tue 31-Jul-18 09:10:31

I definitely need to start!
Holiday of a lifetime on 19th of sept and still 1st of baby weight on!

Lexilooo Tue 31-Jul-18 09:12:32


Hi everyone I'm in again, for the whole month this time. 😁

beforeihit30 Tue 31-Jul-18 09:14:39

Welcome cheshire!

In June I managed 4.2lb, July I’m getting into the swing of things more and los 7.2lb (yay!). Here’s hoping to sustain success for August!

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AStatelyPleasureDome Tue 31-Jul-18 09:14:53

Count me in!

AStatelyPleasureDome Tue 31-Jul-18 09:15:34

What's your secret 30?

Darkestnight Tue 31-Jul-18 09:18:45

Hi may i join ive been on a diet three years and lost 8 stone but gained three back. Im about to have a gastric sleeve in August but still need to be on a diet etc. Currently on a liver shrinking diet for my surgery and its pure hell but something i have to do. Good luck all


WhenDoISleep Tue 31-Jul-18 09:21:08

Checking in - as I said on the last thread I always find it difficult when the DC are on holiday to make good choices. I'm quite an emotional eater and looking after the DC is pretty stressful as they get along like oil and water 95% of the time so I'm constantly playing referee, so I often reach for less healthy food when I should make a better choice. As I have the DC I also can't get to my normal boot camp sessions during the week and unfortunately due to the hours DH works, I can't make the other sessions either. I'm trying to get out and about with the DC as much as possible, but it is not quite the same.

diamantegal Tue 31-Jul-18 09:22:28

Yep, I'm in. Signed up to Weight Watchers and had meant to start yesterday, but Ocado failed to deliver my carefully pointed dinner, so ended up having fish and chips instead, which was definitely not part of the weight loss plan. blush

Have a few things planned in August which will derail me along the way, but in the spirit of the OP, I'll count any loss as a success - it's all steps in the right direction!

beforeihit30 Tue 31-Jul-18 09:23:59

AStately I’ve been doing low carb, high fat - I’m not too obsessive with it, I still have carbs just fewer, and way more fat than I used to. I have a Fitbit, so I log food in there as I like to see how it breaks down (again, I’m not granular in detail with it as I need to do something sustainable, so I use approximates of key things).

It works out on average I have 20% carbs, 20-25% protein, and 50-60% fat. I didn’t aim for that but that seems to naturally be how my preferences work out. On average that looks something like - berries and full fat Greek yoghurt for breakfast (if I’m hungry), 4 Ryvita, 50g cheddar, a whack of chicken (I don’t measure that!) and 40g mayo for lunch, and a load of oven roasted veg, high fat mince/pork/chicken thigh etc for dinner maybe with some cheese and plenty of olive oil.

That’s average for me during the work week. On weekends I tend to eat twice - bigger brunch (eggs, bacon, sausage) and then dinner is similar to above.

I get very full easily with this so my appetite has been diminishing and I don’t fancy snacks, desserts or takeaway. Which is very different to 3 months ago!

I found Diet Doctor website a helpful guide to understanding carbs.

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onemouseplace Tue 31-Jul-18 09:26:47

I'm in - I've started counting calories on My Fitness Pal again as of yesterday. I'm not massively strict about it, it is more about the accountability of writing down and monitoring what I eat (and realising things like the afternoon snack I've been having of 4 oatcakes loaded with houmous which I thought was healthy, is actually about 400 calories blush

AlexanderHamilton Tue 31-Jul-18 09:34:38


I'm quite pleased with myself. I lost 9lb since the beginning of June and I'm hoping to lose the same again by October.

I don't follow any particular diet but I have cut down on fried food a lot (chips) and cut down on cakes and biscuits. I love my carbs so eat a lot of bread and postatoes but am trying to balance this out with lean meat and vegetables/salad. I aim for approx 1,700-1,800 calories per day.

lonelywolf Tue 31-Jul-18 09:39:27

I'd like to join. Plenty of weight to lose but like to do it in manageable chunks.

beforeihit30 Tue 31-Jul-18 09:48:24

Welcome everyone!

onemouse I’ve had quite a few moments like that blush although with double cream, whilst I knew it wasn’t amazing I didn’t realise just how many more calories it has than single cream. It’s loads more!

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WomanOfTime Tue 31-Jul-18 09:51:44

Hi everyone! I'd like to join in. I started a couple of weeks ago and have lost 4lb so far - another 21 to go!

I'm doing relaxed low-carbing, which works for me because my previous diet was incredibly carb-heavy. I've also cut out sugar except in fruit. At the moment I've gone from eating very big portions of rice and pasta and being hungry a couple of hours later to not feeling very hungry at all. I want to do this sensibly so I've been trying to snack on a few nuts so that my calorie intake doesn't drop too low.

I am also the sort of person who is not fond of any exercise at all but I have some dumbbells and resistance bands and I've been trying to do at least 15 minutes a day at home. I can build up from there!

One little annoyance at the moment is how difficult it is to find full-fat Greek yogurt in the supermarkets. I don't want the 0% fat version!

beforeihit30 Tue 31-Jul-18 09:54:58

@WomanOfTime Tesco stocks 5% fat Total Greek Yoghurt, which is quite good - Waitrose do their own which is 10%.

I have Total 5% because I like the extra protein it has (I’m rubbish for eating enough protein and GP wants me to improve that, my current state is the improved state!) and also because I shop in Tesco! But the Waitrose one is supposed to be really nice.

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CurlyWurlyTwirly Tue 31-Jul-18 09:57:44

I'd like to join. I joined SW last summer, lost about 1 1/2 stone by Xmas. Then did no exercise and ate shit for 5 months (other major life stuff.) I'm now 4lbs heavier than.when.i started sw last year so have almost 2st to lose, so starting in August instead of waiting till September would be a real boost.

eltsihT Tue 31-Jul-18 09:59:20

I need to join in! I am 72kg this morning, I had to buy a bigger size in bras as my boobs have grown from putting on weight. I am at the heaviest I have ever been. I really want to get to 65kg but want to take it slow,

I started yesterday on the no s diet, which is just cutting out snacks, sweets (meaning pudding) and second helpings. Except sometimes on a Saturday and Sundays. I am also planning on starting a yoga class on the 27th when the kids are back at school.

WomanOfTime Tue 31-Jul-18 10:04:02

@beforeihit30 I love Total! The only Tesco near me is tiny and doesn't stock much, but I get mine from Morrisons. I'd say that probably 75% of the time I go in there, they only have the 0% version, though. I will have to try the Waitrose version. I should be passing by one later today so I'll have a look. Thanks for the recommendation!

I appreciate the extra protein, too - I'm a vegetarian, and have to make an extra effort to get enough.

CurlyWurlyTwirly Tue 31-Jul-18 10:04:56

Ooh I like the sound of the no s's. They are my biggest downfall. I had started taking some raspberry ketones, which were helping cut appetite so I didn't snack. Especially the late night kind.

littleredlipstick Tue 31-Jul-18 10:05:26

I'm in officially at weigh in yesterday was 12st 1lb but weighed myself au natural this morning on my scales and was 11st 13lb grin

Hoping to keep in the 11stone bracket for next weeks weigh in

FiveShelties Tue 31-Jul-18 10:06:42

I would love to join again, forgot to weigh at the end of July so will report tomorrow.

My aim for August is to stay the same - I fly home to UK for a month on 8th August and will be eating out every other day so to stay the same would be a huge achievement. I use MFP as well, but do have an immaculate memory for lettuce, celery etc but seem to have amnesia about the red, rose and white wine.

I am hoping for a month of excellent weather so please save some sunshine for me! grin

Happinessisabook Tue 31-Jul-18 10:09:02

I'm in again
Hoping to lose the full 7lb this month

Lexilooo Tue 31-Jul-18 10:09:16


Aldi do a super full fat greek yoghurt, in a tub like total but cheaper 😁

Lexilooo Tue 31-Jul-18 10:16:15


Like beforeihit30 I am doing low carb high fat and it works so well. I'm not hungry, only eating two meals a day and nice stuff (including wine and cheese) and the weight is ciming off easily.

I lost half a stone in June, then in July I didn't start until the 11th due to a holiday (where I ate and drank anything) but since the 11th I have lost 8.8lbs.

Highly recommend low carb high fat. The diet doctor website is really helpful and so is the blood sugar diet book.

I have also downloaded a mindfulness app as recommended by Micheal Moseley in the blood sugar diet. Have only used it twice so I don't know if it is helping but it certainly gets me off to sleep well!

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