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Healthy Revolutionaries!

(804 Posts)
BloodiedGhouloshes Wed 16-Oct-13 09:42:30

Oh Okay, hardly original. smile

But describes us all. smile

Me today,

B- apple, yogurt, cashew nuts and honey
L- salmon and salad
D- honey sesame chicken legs with a greek salad.


TheRealAmandaClarke Mon 11-Aug-14 09:22:59

Oh dear. I have just weighed myself.
9st 5lb. That means i have gained about a stone. sad
I think its about 59kg.
So. Fasting today. It was tough making pancakes for the kids brekkie. grin
Aiming for a zero fast with fruit if i cant bear it.

MillyDots Mon 11-Aug-14 11:10:02

Don't worry about it. smile Just be more mindful of what and when and how you eat. If fasting works, then great but if you find its not working this time then just be more mindful. It will come off slowly and that is good cause then it should stay off.I have gained half a stone. I am going to buy a pedometer to encourage myself to walk more. Saw a documentary by Michael Mosley on exercise and it seems that we need to be on our feet more than we are. This is better than sporadic bursts to the gym. It needs to be an all day everyday thing. I think I now know why I put half a stone on. I gave up work and have been starting my own business and I don't move much from my laptop. Until I watched that program I couldn't understand why I had gained half stone. Now I know grin
Sorry I made a mistake the other day re fasting. I meant to say that 14:10 is recommended for women and 16:8 for men but I'm sure u know that anyway. How's everything else going Amanda smile

MillyDots Mon 11-Aug-14 11:11:22

Good luck with fast today smile

TheRealAmandaClarke Mon 11-Aug-14 23:49:31

Thanks Milly
Its been ok. A good fast.

Yy to needing to be active. I hope your business is going well. Very exciting!

MillyDots Tue 12-Aug-14 23:38:55



cant remember but only had about 500 cals in the end


half a crispy bacon sandwich

two hazelnut and chocolate cookies

small portion of veg with a little homemade white wine sauce (couldn't eat the chicken)

one nectarine

cups of lovely tea ( I love tea!)

MillyDots Wed 13-Aug-14 22:29:36

one egg scrambled in salty butter
half slice toast
3 little tomatos

one small banana
one apple hot cross bun with salty butter

cod in tomatoe basil and olive oil
loads of green beans,carots, brocolli and peas
bowl strawberries and spoon of clotted creamsmile

TheRealAmandaClarke Fri 15-Aug-14 05:26:42

Ooh yummy.
Failed fast today. The sleep deprivation is to blame. I am truly struggling.
2 coffees
1 mug of tea.
2 packets crisps.
2 3 small glasses chardonnay
1 small kinder chocolate bar
V small portion of chicken parmagiano with courgettes and four sauté potatoes
2 licks of a Neapolitan ice cream wafer.
3 Handfuls cashew nuts.

Walked 4 miles pushing pram.

MillyDots Fri 15-Aug-14 12:17:17

Doesn't matter just keep being mindful and ask yourself as you are eating if you still feel hungry enough to est more . It's surprising when you do that as you find that the third mouthful is not as nice as the first one was....mindful eating grin

MillyDots Sat 16-Aug-14 10:21:51

Me yesterday...

two gingernuts ( four am)
one slice white toast ( brought from a little bakery in Portmadoc and proper breadsmile ) with Shirgar salty Welsh butter ( trying a different brand) with locally made lemon curd
quarter piece gammon, one egg, half slice pineapple, peas and a couple of chips ( Brewers fayre)
small bag reveals and coffee (Cineworld)
tiny piece of cheese and big slice red pepper.

MillyDots Sat 16-Aug-14 10:23:43

Did an early weigh in and four pounds down. I am so wanting to lose weight and determined.

Twinklestar2 Thu 28-Aug-14 22:51:07

I'd love to join again if I can? The thread seems to have gone v quiet!

I had my baby boy 2 Mondays ago grin I know I can't really diet but I would like to watch what I'm eating so I have a bit of a head start once I've had my 6 weeks check.

So today's menu was:

Cereal and ss milk
Fish fingers in a bagel, bag of crisps
Lamb chops, boiled new spuds and corn on the cob for dinner, small portion of homemade bread and butter pudding for afters

Snacked on a mini bag of ritz crackers, a pitta bread with some houmos and a handful of olives.

I was 12 stone this morning and would like to get down to 10 stone. I was over 14 stone when I gave birth!!

Twinklestar2 Fri 29-Aug-14 23:43:43

Busy busy day! Been running around and didn't have time to defrost anything or cook so ended up with a Chinese takeaway!

In other news, I brought a new outfit for a family wedding in 2 months so I have to be thin!


Croissant and a latte

Ham sandwich, handful of Doritos, yoghurt, cereal bar for lunch

Chinese takeaway for dinner, one scoop of ice cream

Hazelbrowneyes Tue 02-Sep-14 08:54:42

<sneaks in>

Hello lovely people. Twinkle so good to "see" you! Congratulations x

I haven't been on here in ages! I felt a fraud posting when my diet mainly consisted of chocolate and biscuits! it still does

26+2 now (eep!) and I've put on well over a stone. I'm actually a little bit horrified but not a lot I can do about it! I do need to eat better, I acknowledge that. Oh and move more. My back and hips are a mess and the only thing that actually helps is moving around. So, diary from yesterday before I update you more:

B: HUGE bowl of crunchy nut with skimmed milk, large glass of orange juice
L: Egg fried rice
D: Chicken kiev with sauteed potatoes, broccoli, carrots
S: 5 cups of decaf tea, ridiculous amounts of blackcurrant squash, 3 slimline tonics, packet of S&V squares, 2 caramel wafers, 30g popcorn, half a share bag of revels.


Todays plan:
B - Huge bowl of crunchy nut with skimmed milk, large glass of orange juice
L - cheese and cucumber sandwich
D - spag bol
S - apple, crumpet, popcorn, squares. Lots of water and decaf tea. Today we're attempting to avoid chocolate.

Consultant appointment on Friday where I'll finally find out why I'm under consultant care. Diabetes test on 16th. Hence my current panic that I need to eat better! I have the Davina DVD which I've used once. I plan on using that again today. I don't want to keep eating shit and I think I'm just about getting into the right head space for it.

Otherwise, everything is going well. Weight does appear to only be going on bump (hurrah!), I'm a lot less stressed than normal (odd), my court case was cancelled (grr) so that's the only bit of stress - it should have been today and I was in the mood to defend myself against the idiot but now I probably won't get the chance as I'm effectively on maternity leave as of 1st November and I can't see the court rescheduling before then.

Currently burying head in sand over the whole giving birth thing, the name thing (OMG, impossible) and how much we still need to do before baby arrives.

I'm now set up for working from home - where I am today. It went really well yesterday so we decided to do it again today. Once a week from now until November is the plan to iron out any issues.

Hope you're all ok xx

TheRealAmandaClarke Sat 06-Sep-14 19:42:48

Hey Frs. Thanks milly for keeping the home fires burning. Very motivational. So pleased to see hazel and twinkle too.

I am the size of a bus.

TheRealAmandaClarke Sat 06-Sep-14 19:44:38

Focussing on avoiding comfort eating.
And now i am drinking again i need to not do so in the week.
Motivation pants size 47 on!

TheRealAmandaClarke Sat 06-Sep-14 19:46:21

((Hugs)) hazel
It will all be fine.

Twinklestar2 Sun 07-Sep-14 00:16:41

Hi everyone

I was 11st 11 when I weighed last Monday so that was 3lbs off.

I haven't been as good as I can this week but will let you know what I weigh when I weigh in on Monday.

Find it hard dieting on mat leave! I have no routine!!

TheRealAmandaClarke Sun 07-Sep-14 07:40:20

Well done Twinkle
The routine thing does make it hard imho. Well, initially.
But your're just five minutes after having your baby. It will fall into place.

MillyDots Sun 07-Sep-14 21:44:29

Hi Everyone, Glad to see more people. Im not doing too well but am starting again tomorrow....motivational Monday and all that!!! Who is with me??smile

MillyDots Sun 07-Sep-14 21:45:11

Congrats on your baby Twinkle

Twinklestar2 Mon 08-Sep-14 06:33:45

Thanks Milly!

I'm up for starting again today!

Hazelbrowneyes Mon 08-Sep-14 08:57:53

Well I think we can safely say “healthy eating” went out the window last week. I’m not going to list everything I shoved down my throat as I’d be here all day but I had dinner out Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (lunch), Saturday (takeaway). Horrific.
B – One MASSIVE bowl of crunchy nut with semi-skimmed milk (oh who am I kidding? It was a MASSIVE bowl which I then topped up again)
L – Cheese & crackers with pickle
D – Shepherd’s Pie
S – bag of tyrrells S&V crisps (gorgeous) shared with DH, a share bag of M&Ms…err, not shared with DH and some popcorn.
I had grand visions of today being the day I get healthy but due to my stupid leg hurting all night (normal in pregnancy? I lay on my right side, I wake up with right leg burning from deep inside hip. It’s now travelled down to ankle so my whole leg aches. Doesn’t matter if I then turn on to my left side, it still hurts) so I woke up late, didn’t have time to make lunch or have breakfast.

B – cup of decaf tea and 2 drifter biscuits
L – either a sandwich from the van or a mugshot
D – leftover shepherds pie
S – I have no crisps at work, so I’m hoping for a caramel wafer, lemon almonds and that being it. Tonight’s goal is to not wolf down any food whilst aimlessly watching TV. I need to stop the snacking.
Going to do my pre-natal workout DVD tonight in an attempt to loosen my legs and back a bit. 27 weeks now and suddenly feeling very pregnant. I’m heavy, everything is a struggle – who knew putting socks on would be so difficult?! And I just feel a bit “meh”. I probably did too much this weekend – I did a lot of gardening and shifting. I had Braxton Hicks for the first time (weird) and generally just felt exhausted. Osteo appointment this morning to work on my upper back. I’m broken, I tell you!

MillyDots Mon 08-Sep-14 09:35:14

Awww Hazel biscuit brew

MillyDots Mon 08-Sep-14 09:36:04

C'mon then Twinkle. Let's do this grin

TheRealAmandaClarke Mon 08-Sep-14 17:50:17

Fast day today.
Five cherry tomatoes, one small apple. A couple of white coffees.
Bowl of salad leaves with seven slices of salami.
I reckon just under 500 calories.

Everyone else is eating spaghetti bolognaise envy

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