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Week 9 - New Year Low Carb Bootcamp - Nearly there ...

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BIWI Mon 04-Mar-13 07:49:27

So we enter the last two weeks of Bootcamp. Still time to drop another 2-4lbs!

Here's the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness for you to come and confess all.

Remember, at the bottom of the spreadsheet is a tab for Ubercamp, if you fancy three strict days.

Good luck!

BIWI Mon 04-Mar-13 13:50:16

Oh, and:

8. Try taking dairy out of your diet altogether for a few days - Ubercamp is designed to do just this. Dairy can impede weight loss for many people. (Butter is OK, by the way) But no milk, cream, cheese or yoghurt.

Lavenderhoney Mon 04-Mar-13 14:02:25

Midnight, sorry about your dd, hope she is out soon.
Biwi, I hope your work situation turns round soon.
And well done to the loserssmile

I have yet to fill in the spreadsheet for this week- I am a few pounds up and as I had a bit of carb this week I can see why. And I wonder if I now need to exercise more to get a push down. I don't have milk, yogurt and not really any cheese this week, although I have been a bit heavy handed with the cream in my coffee.

I do drink enough water though.
I am going to look at uber bootcamp this weeksmile or do normal bootcamp and exercise ( Pilates)

pyjamalover Mon 04-Mar-13 14:08:01

Black I agree with BIWI, from what you've posted you clearly love cooking and food, a meal replacement diet would be terrible to stick to, and you'd have to go back to eating food eventually so what will happen then? If you want to eat low calorie it's easiest to do by eating low carbs as our meals are so satisfying (as well as delicious).

For example, breakfast of 2 eggs, spinach and mushrooms cooked in butter (350 calories), lunch salmon salad with mayo, fresh pesto and a bit of avocado as well as salad leaves etc (427 calories), dinner homemade beef bolegnese with courgette ribbons (427 calories). I used MFP to calculate the calories.

That's surely low cal enough, and hardly deprivation! Much nicer than tasteless low fat or meal replacement things.

timidviper Mon 04-Mar-13 14:17:42

Midnight Hope DD is better soon

Bessie I did locum work from the time eldest DC was born until youngest DC went to senior school and it worked well, albeit planning was sometimes a bit difficult if I got last minute calls I didn't feel I could refuse. After that I was lucky enough to get a term-time contract. I am still glad I took that step back though.

herecomesthsun Mon 04-Mar-13 16:00:45

Well, very stressful here with lots of negotiation meetings about arrangements re return from maternity leave.

I went to music class with my daughter who has just turned one, and nearly cried because this is the last week I will be able to do that without taking time off work specially.

However, rather than pigging out on chocolate, I am managing with a little ff yoghurt and 3 or 4 blackberries etc. I am not hitting the wine, just downing decaf coffee.

And I am finding I have to get new clothes - size 14 jeans the week before last, European size 42 suiting this week for work. The weight has mainly come off my thighs/ ahem saddlebags, so my figure looks surprisingly neat. This is in fact quite comforting in the midst of all the stress.

It is also time for me to get my glucose checked again. I have lost 1.5 - 2 stone since November, so I am hoping this will have had a good effect!!

Given my risk of diabetes, I don't think I have any choice but low carbing.

The next change needs to be upping the exercise though!

queribus Mon 04-Mar-13 16:01:09

Stayed the same this week. I've lost 15lbs since I started, which has got to be good. I've started to slide back into bad habits a bit, so I need uber-bootcamp to get me going again.

JakeBullet Mon 04-Mar-13 16:54:25

Sorry you are findi go things hard Black, I a, a size 24 too so it's actually size 24 triplets grin.

I have on,y been low Carbing a week or so but in that time all my food cravings have disappeared. For someone with a crisp addiction (and I so mean addiction hence size 24) this is amazing. I haven't eaten a bag of crisps since starting and more importantly I don't want em either. I have NEVER been able today that before on a diet.

Oh and celeriac chips......utterly bloody gorgeous; cooked them coated in olive oil and mild curry powder as seasoning.

BlackAffronted Mon 04-Mar-13 17:06:36

Thanks guys. You know that feeling, when the scales just wont budge and you panic & think "what can I do to move it?" and I had a stupid moment of considering a VLCD. I am pleased to announce I am over my stupidity grin

I have never weighed food, but I only eat veg from the top half of the bootcamp veg list really. I avoid peppers, tomatoes & carrots if I can. I am drining slightly less than 4.5 litres (which is what your list says BIWI, for my weight) but I think I will struggle to drink more, thats a LOT of water sad

I rarely drink alcohol. Twice on Bootcamp, and it was vodka & soda/diet coke. No sweeteners apart from the one diet coke I had weeks ago.

I eat sausages & bacon, so yes to processed stuff. Not every single day though, but maybe too often?

I use lots of butter/olive oil & mayo, I have one of those with every meal.
So out of your checklist Biwi, there are maybe a few little problem areas sad You have made me realise VLCD isnt the way though, thanks.

Timid, you can be as scary as Biwi & her stick! shock grin

I just want to lose more weight <stamps foot>

BlackAffronted Mon 04-Mar-13 17:08:43

Jake, I had a crisp addiction too, and I am amazed that I havent touched a packet since 4th Jan (my start date). Its the biggest revelation to me on this woe smile

GinotPrigio Mon 04-Mar-13 17:17:06

I'm 1lb down this week. Am hoping for a couple of strict weeks to lose another 6lbs and get me to 11st 7lbs by wedding day. At that weight I will have a BMI of 25, so at the top of the healthy weight range.

Training for a marathon and low carbing has started to prove a bit difficult. I wanted to wait for as long as possible before introducing carbs before runs but that time has come. I ran 10 miles last week on normal low carb foods and it felt terrible. Today I had wholemeal toast and a small bowl of porridge before a 12 mile run. It was still hard, but I didn't feel like I was dragging my legs every step of the way. I wonder if/how this is going to affect me on the scales. I only plan to "carb up" like this for my weekly long runs and not for the short ones in between. If my research is right, my body will burn the carbs I have eaten and therefore there won't be any glycogen to store, and hence no weight gain. But we will see.

Midnight Sorry to hear your daughter is so poorly. I hope she gets better and out of hospital very soon.

BlackAffronted I don't really have any extra advice over and above what has already been said. But you have still lost a whole stone so please don't give up.

Ilisten2theradio Mon 04-Mar-13 17:19:50

Well another lb off for me.
Sorry to here of your woes Black.
I too had a crisp and chocolate addiction.
I confess to having had one small pack from a multipack near the beginning of this bootcamp - maybe about wk 3, and found that shockingly they weren't as nice as I thought they would be.

I still can't work out how you can all eat celeriac though.. .Bloody horrible stuff.

So how much weight do you have to loose to go down a size in clothes then? I am finding that my size 16 stuff is too big, but size 14 trousers are still a little tight and don't hang right. I have now lost 16lb and thought that that might have done it.
I so want to go out and buy some smaller clothes that fit right.

JakeBullet Mon 04-Mar-13 17:26:05


B was 2 rashers streaky bacon and a cream cheese pancake.
L was a variation of the Diet Doctor's breakfast ....Total yoghurt, tablespoon of cream, 4 chopped walnut haves, a few macadamia nuts, some linseed...shrinking of and about 7 blueberries...a small bowlful has lasted me all afternoon.
D pork chop, celeriac chips, buttered spinach

Fluids...both sparkling and tap water plus a cup of liquorice and peppermint tea.

Going to start focusing in on my I hungry or not etc tomorrow and make some notes. Won't eat if not hungry but will have a glass of water.

Also going to join MyFitnessPal and start recording my food to get a good idea of fact I will download it now and do it,

BIWI Mon 04-Mar-13 17:31:15

BlackAffronted - I really think you should start weighing and counting for a couple of days.

The water is important. Once you get into drinking water it's not that hard to drink lots. I can quite easily get through 4 litres in a day.

And re the fat - you say you're having 'one of those' with every meal - what does that actually mean? Are you eating fatty meat/fish as well?

I really need to see your meals listed out properly to comment more, but it could be that it's a combination of lots of little things that you need to tweak for things to work for you.

BIWI Mon 04-Mar-13 17:33:50

Jake - you do know that your breakfast does not adhere to Bootcamp, don't you?

JakeBullet Mon 04-Mar-13 17:43:08

Done the MFP thing and today.....

71% of my calories came from fat
20% from protein
9% from carbs...about 35g of carb all day.

It anticipates a weight loss if I continue to eat like today.

I am happy with that grin

JakeBullet Mon 04-Mar-13 17:46:33

Yeah I know.......didn't realise straight away though.

Bootcamp is for two weeks isn't it? Then Bootcamp I correct....will go and reread.

Good thing is that I have broken my Pepsi Max addiction for good desire to drink the stuff at all.

Got a feeling my lunch wasn't quite right either.

BIWI Mon 04-Mar-13 17:47:46

Sorry Jake - I meant to say your lunch, not your breakfast!!!

Bootcamp is for two weeks, yes.

BIWI Mon 04-Mar-13 17:51:36

A very pertinent blog post here

!5 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

JakeBullet Mon 04-Mar-13 17:56:49

An....I zeroed in on the bacon,

Yes the blueberries, nuts etc I knew were not right but just wanted to try the recipe. Anyhow will not do it again until Monday which is when I go to Bootcamp Lite lol.

Am assuming my fat quantities and protein are okay though via MFP.

BIWI Mon 04-Mar-13 18:08:13

Oh yes, very good!

thenightsky Mon 04-Mar-13 18:09:11

Ilisten2theradio I've lost about 17 or 18 pounds and it is just about a dress size I find. But only in some shops. I reckon 20 to 22lb will be a full size in my case (5ft 8in)

sybilfaulty Mon 04-Mar-13 18:12:17

2 lbs on for me as I have been an oinker. Sorry everyone. Will try harder this week.

BIWI Mon 04-Mar-13 18:16:54

Come and sit with me on the naughty step, sybil!

JakeBullet Mon 04-Mar-13 18:18:37

I definitely have to zero in in my body's hunger signals....I actually don't feel hungry with this WOE so am eating only because it is lunch, dinner time etc. ....and also because Bootcamp says I have to grin.

I am planning to try and get back in touch with my hunger signals as I have totally lost all contact with them over the past 20 years.

All I know is that I am not hungry at all at the moment...totally sated...and for me that is amazing,

BIWI Mon 04-Mar-13 18:21:28

It's great, isn't it?

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