Never done the south coast of England before. Top tips?

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LeslieKnopeforPM Sat 15-Jun-19 08:12:31

Not sure it counts as the coast but I've never really been anywhere in the South except London so a bit sketchy with geography...

We're thinking of doing Legoland Windsor and Peppa Pig land with two little ones and possibly the HP studios. Where should we stay to access these places? Is there any must-see places in that neck of the woods? We'll have a car and 2 toddlers!

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QueenBeee Sat 15-Jun-19 08:14:41

Faith 2toddlers I would just head for a sandy beach and skip the restgrin

QueenBeee Sat 15-Jun-19 08:15:04

Sorry, With

Teddybear45 Sat 15-Jun-19 08:16:31

Bournemouth is the best option for kids. Peppa Pig World is a waste of money.

LeslieKnopeforPM Sat 15-Jun-19 08:16:43

Hah yes totally agree - we're doing the Northumberland coast in the summer for that exact kind of holiday and I can't wait grin

We were just thinking about somewhere new for later in the year and thinking about our options!

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MyOtherProfile Sat 15-Jun-19 08:16:48

I would save Legoland til they are a bit bigger. PP land might be ok. Otherwise what @QueenBeee said.

MyOtherProfile Sat 15-Jun-19 08:17:05

How old will these toddlers be?

LeslieKnopeforPM Sat 15-Jun-19 08:17:34

Oh really? Hmm ok thanks. We've done cbeebies land and it was such a hit we were going to try somewhere else but don't want to go to all that effort if it's a bit crap

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LeslieKnopeforPM Sat 15-Jun-19 08:18:43

1.5 and 3.5 (technically a preschooler I guess?) But a huge fan of Peppa and loved meeting the characters at cbeebies

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grumpycatgrumpycat Sat 15-Jun-19 08:20:13

Head for the New Forest - lovely places to stay and ponies everywhere! Do Peppa Pig World and Bournemouth for beaches, both close to the NF.

MyOtherProfile Sat 15-Jun-19 08:22:25

We did Legoland when ours were 7 and 5 and again at 8 and 6 and that felt about the right age.

ExpletiveDelighted Sat 15-Jun-19 08:22:27

They are quite spread out, also to stay in the middle between them you'd be along the m3 corridor, which is not a particularly touristy area. Maybe stay in the New Forest to be close to PP World and you are still in day trip distance of Legoland and do HP studios on the way home. Or leave that till the DCs are older TBH, I don't think toddlers would get much out of it. In the New Forest area you've also got nice little towns, beaches, beautiful countryside close at hand too, day trip to Bournemouth perhaps.

LeslieKnopeforPM Sat 15-Jun-19 08:25:28

Thanks for the all the advice. New forest and Bournemouth do look very nice.

We've been to Legoland Florida and the 3.5 year old loved it so I has assumed the Windsor one would be a hit. I may be wrong about that by the sounds of it!

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Aberforthsgoat Sat 15-Jun-19 08:25:58

We did legoland with my nephews when they were that age and they were too young, they weren’t interested and it was too much for them. We went back when they were older and they loved it. I think HP will be even more so like this so I’d give both a miss for now until they’re a bit older. HP has more older children/adult visitors and isn’t the most toddler friendly.

Agree with pp if you do any do Peppa Pig and head to the beaches. Although we didn’t rate it!

PigeonofDoom Sat 15-Jun-19 08:28:20

Honestly, just take them to the beach, it’s where most kids are happiest! There’s so many lovely ones on the south coast too. The only thing I would say is that kids tend to love the beaches adults don’t eg my kids loved Weymouth beach which is a proper old-fashioned one with donkey rides, helterskelter, ice cream, very shallow, Sandy and safe. Far too many people for me, but they thought it was the best place in the world.
Honestly, there’s so many nice spots on the south coast it’s hard to know where to start. Lyme Regis is lovely, we loved Devon as kids and Cornwall is stunning.
Also, legoland is very far from the coast- you could do it on the way down/up.

Tryingtogetitright Sat 15-Jun-19 08:31:11

We live quite locally to Peppa Pig World and my two love it there! We went for my DS's 2nd birthday, his 3rd birthday (with 6 month old DD) and for my DD's 2nd birthday (with DS 4.5). Have had a great time every time! It is a bit expensive but we think it's a great day out. They are asking to go again. The rides are perfect for your two and you all go on as a family.

Can't really comment on Legoland as I've never been but get the impression it's good for slightly older kids (4+?)

MakeLemonade Sat 15-Jun-19 08:31:24

I would also recommend doing Peppa Pig World and the New Forest. I did HP studios and Legoland with my 3 year old (I have a 10 year old too) and she wasn’t impressed. PPW she absolutely loved, New Forest is great for going and seeing the ponies, there is a motor museum and also beach options too. It’s a great few days.

Neolara Sat 15-Jun-19 08:33:31

Harry Potter world is not at all suitable for toddlers. They would get nothing out of it at all. Save that until they've watched the films, so maybe when they're 10ish.

LeslieKnopeforPM Sat 15-Jun-19 08:34:21

Sorry I should have been clearer - HP is for the adults blush I've been before but DH hasn't!

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Elisheva Sat 15-Jun-19 08:34:27

If you’re in the New Forest area then there’s loads to do: Longdown Farm, New Forest Wildlife Park, Beaulieu, Winchester Science centre, Finkley Down, Marwell Zoo.
Look at the website Hampshire Top Attractions for vouchers.
Peppy pig land is brilliant for toddlers.
You could go further along the coast to Poole, go to Brownsea Island.
It does depend what you mean by ‘South’ though! Devon and Cornwall are lovely, but hours away from central south.

LIZS Sat 15-Jun-19 08:35:06

None of those are where I would call South Coast, Paultons is closest. HP would be lost on lo's and very out of the way. New Forest and Selsey/Hayling Island or even Isle of Wight are traditional seaside. If you go to Legoland also look at Beckonscot model village nearby and Windsor.

icanhearapindrop Sat 15-Jun-19 08:35:29

I go to PP world a LOT, and my whole family absolutely love it!! Yours are the perfect age for it. However, I wouldn’t suggest going in school holidays or a sunny weekend, but if you can go midweek, it is usually quiet. I would have thought your DC would love it.

Toomanycats99 Sat 15-Jun-19 08:36:42

PP world do good value overnight stays at local hotels. We did for about£155 for 2 days park and 1 night hotel (about 5 years ago so may have gone up a bit)

But equally you could stay in new forest as there will be loads of stuff there

AdaShelby Sat 15-Jun-19 08:36:46

Gulliver's land is good for little ones, my DCs loved it there.

3brightstars3 Sat 15-Jun-19 08:38:15

I think 3.5 is fine for Lego land. My sons loved Lego land and we often dragged younger siblings with us. They have lots of toddler friendly things

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