What places in the UK take your breath away?

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lovemeorleaveme Wed 22-May-19 17:25:33

I live in the SW and Devon and Cornwall are just stunning. What places in the UK take your breath away? Looking for holiday inspiration!

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sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 22-May-19 19:30:42

the scenery around ullapool in scotland is absolutely gorgeous. If you go in summer, you are able to get a ferry from the port there to the summer islands, where you can see dolphins and porpoises x

lovemeorleaveme Wed 22-May-19 22:39:39

Wow!! We were thinking about Scotland, looks beautiful!! X

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Normandy144 Wed 22-May-19 23:05:03

Coastal Northumberland is beautiful. Nice and quiet compared to Cornwall and Devon in school holidays. Beautiful wide stretches of beaches and curving bays, dotted with grand castles like Bamburgh and ruins like Dunstanburgh. Not to mention Lindisfarne and Holy Island. Just oodles to do in that region and totally beautiful.

MadeinBelfast Wed 22-May-19 23:17:12

I think we're really lucky in the UK, there are loads of places. I've loved Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire, the north coast of NI, the Peak District, the Lake District and the Norfolk Coast. There are loads more but we were especially lucky with the weather in those places and they looked stunning.

ACPC Wed 22-May-19 23:25:25

In Scotland you are never far from unspoilt scenery, it would be great for a driving holiday but I've never plucked up the courage. I love Yorkshire and the Lake District too.

SandlakeRd Wed 22-May-19 23:29:44

Not technically the UK but pretty much all of the Isle of Man is stunning

ineedaholidaynow Wed 22-May-19 23:37:44

Scilly Isles and the Lake District.

Like you OP we live in SW so are very lucky to have amazing landscapes on our doorstep

WalkAwaySugarbear Wed 22-May-19 23:40:13

I just love Scotland, the lake district is nice but Scotland is breathtakingly beautiful. We'd like to see more of it and love to live there one day.

nooddsocksforme Thu 23-May-19 00:02:01

West coast of Scotland and the islands , especially Harris

BackforGood Thu 23-May-19 00:15:00

Lake District in Summer.
Snowdonia in Autumn
So many bits of coastline - too many to list.

user764329056 Thu 23-May-19 00:17:51

Always Cornwall for me

PickAChew Thu 23-May-19 00:20:50

Durham. I live there. Fucking hills.

cheesenpickles Thu 23-May-19 00:29:29

Military Road on the South West of the Isle if Wight heading between Chale and Freshwater. It's absolutely stunning.

cheesenpickles Thu 23-May-19 00:33:43


Otterseatpuffinsdontthey Thu 23-May-19 00:39:34

Barra, Vatersay, Mingulay, Harris. All just stunning!

TrixieFranklin Thu 23-May-19 00:51:54

Lulworth Cove - Dorset.

I've uploaded too many photos today but here's a link to a google image I love


Myfoolishboatisleaning Thu 23-May-19 01:06:14

London. Every single time. I live in NY now and it will never take my breath away in the same way.

Bananamint Thu 23-May-19 01:16:10

Definitely the Western Isles.Lewis and Harris are stunning.Also the drive through Glencoe.

Hidingtonothing Thu 23-May-19 01:22:23

The Elan Valley and surrounding area, just beautiful.

BlueChampagne Thu 23-May-19 14:31:17

Second drive through Glencoe, and Isle of Man. Huge variety of scenery in a small place on IoM.

FreeFreesia Thu 23-May-19 21:45:25

Another Northumberland coast fan. Closely followed west coast of Scotland.

For atmospheric as opposed to pure landscape Studley Royal Park & Fountains Abbey. I'm not religious but it has a lovely feel especially when quiet in winter.

Wimbledonwomble Thu 23-May-19 23:39:25

Agree re Northumberland. Also Dartmoor.

indianbackground Thu 23-May-19 23:44:53

The old cathedrals, especially Durham, just thinking about how the effort and craftsmanship that went into building by hand.

mellongoose Thu 23-May-19 23:45:30

Just up the road 😉

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