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Have you ever felt the presence of evil?

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Petridish Wed 12-Aug-15 13:56:55

I mean, without having any rational reason to feel it? It could be a person or a place.

For me, a friend's father used to really radiate evil - much later, my friend confessed that he had been physically and emotionally abused by his father sad

I also knew a woman who had a senior job with the police. She was a friend of a friend and I had a bad feeling about her. She eventually got struck off and imprisoned for stealing huge amounts of money from a children's charity she was in charge of.

Realitea Wed 12-Aug-15 14:20:27

My neighbour. Everyone who's met him that I know says the same. Dh says he's just bitter and twisted but best avoided. Weirdly he puts on an over friendly act and over steps boundaries.
He gives off a huge amount of negative energy and I'm not usually someone who's in tune to things like that.

CheezyBlasters Wed 12-Aug-15 14:27:15

No. Bad case of the wind.

Culebra Wed 12-Aug-15 14:29:03

I'm not sure about 'evil' as such but there's a friend of dh's who gives me a bad vibe. I think he's one of those charming people who's a sociopath. Might treat someone nastily just for the amusement. I wouldn't leave my kids alone with him. Luckily we don't see him often.

Rovinja Wed 12-Aug-15 14:41:20

How strange, I was just thinking about this this morning and now a thread about it appears! Many years ago, probably about 20-25 years when I was in my mid-teens I used to spend a lot of time at the local library. There was a guy who I used to regularly see there and he gave me the absolute creeps. I would feel almost physically ill if I saw him either there or in the local shopping centre and have to leave if he came into the shop I was in. I have no idea why he creeped me out so much - he never noticed me and never did anything untoward but there was something about him that I just found utterly repellent.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 12-Aug-15 14:44:30

A school friend's dad there was just something I couldn't put my finger on that made me feel uncomfortable - a few years later he went to prison for something to do with organised crime ( he was Italian).

TinklyLittleLaugh Wed 12-Aug-15 14:44:36

Many years ago when DH and I were quite young we were driving around Spain in our battered little mini and we came to this remote hilltop village. There was no one around (mad dogs and Englishmen) and I wandered into this little church. It was pitch black inside after the brightness of the day and I suddenly got this unbelievable feeling of evil.

I legged it outside, in a bit of a panic and DH, out of nowhere, suggested we get back in the car. As we drove away he commented that we could be "disappeared" in a place like that and no one would ever know what happened to us. He had felt bad vibes about the place too.

GarminGirl Wed 12-Aug-15 14:47:29

Not a person as such but I was out a few years ago with my DC. We were in some fields (geocaching) and as we walked past a small wooded area I felt a very strong feeling of fear. I'm a no nonsense kind of person and don't really 'believe' in this stuff, but instinct said get the hell away, so I did!

I had a thread about it at that time and other posters said it would be instinct kicking in and it's normal, but can't help but wonder what might have been in those woods

I still run through other wooded areas, alone, or go hillwalking. But never near that place

ImperialBlether Wed 12-Aug-15 14:49:54

Tinkly, I wonder whether someone was actually in the church, someone you couldn't see?

Lj8893 Wed 12-Aug-15 14:55:36

My mum was once in a small hippy, well known for a festival, town and popped into a newsagents.

She hadn't paid much attention to the cashier but when she handed her money over they touched hands and she felt a massive, evil shock run through her and she looked up at him and he looked like the devil. She rushed to get out of there and as she left he called goodbye and she looked at him again and he looked normal.

RolyPolierThanThou Wed 12-Aug-15 14:58:45

Only two people, both men. One was the husband of my mum's friend. I didnt like being in a room with him. Gave me the creeps and turned out he was physically, emotionally and financially abusive to his (very lovely, sweet-natured) wife. And having affairs left right and centre. When I reached puberty he creeped me out even more. He'd watch me just too intently.

The other was my exh's uncle. He turned out to be part of the local mafia, extortion, disappearing people, that kind of thing (this was in asia, not a notorious crim in this country.

It was just a deep sense of mistrust and preferring if they just didn't talk to me. I would rather they weren't in the room with me, even with other people there.

FairyConnieMe Wed 12-Aug-15 15:04:34

A few years ago I was at a funeral held by a rather insular religious group. One of their members stood up to talk & instead of saying anything about the deceased he launched into a long spiel about how important it is to remain close together & not be influenced by worldly people/things. He pointedly looked at me during this speech given that I was the only person there who'd never been a part of their special group, I'm assuming the whole thing was aimed at me & I felt physically sick & disorientated when we made eye contact. I've never experienced anything like that before or since but I won't be going back to any of their future events. The only word I've found to accurately describe that look is "evil".

It still makes me feel funny now just thinking about it. Mostly I just feel angry though. I went to a lot of effort to try & make sure I knew exactly what to wear/how to behave to fit in with them & he had the audacity to make someone else's funeral about the fact that I don't believe Christianity is only for a select few who keep themselves away from worldly influences like TV, except when they're on holiday... Apparently it's ok to subject yourself to the evils of television so long as it's in a holiday let apartment & not your own home... hmm

If anyone insists I go to one of their services again I shall take off my hat, stand on a chair & give a speech of my own about love & compassion for all people. I wonder how long I could talk for before I was politely asked to leave & dismissed as a heretic... Oh, the irony... <Sigh>

BertieBotts Wed 12-Aug-15 15:08:36

I would not use the word evil but I used to work in a shop which bought and sold goods. There was one man who came in and I always got a really bad feeling about him but his goods checked out so I just processed him like any customer and put the feelings to the back of my mind.

I stopped working there due to a house move and several months later an ex-colleague mentioned that this guy had been arrested and it was in the local newspaper. Hardly crime of the century, but he'd been stealing mass amounts of stock from Asda where he worked and selling it to the place I worked at (among others) to the tune of around £20k. He'd had an entire organised system for it and everything.

Rovinja Wed 12-Aug-15 15:15:56

There was also a couple who attended the same gym classes I did a few years ago. She was very nice, he was a bit odd and I could never quite figure out what it was she saw in him. Fast forward some years later and he's in the papers as he's been caught putting cameras in the ladies' change rooms at his work and having inappropriate images of children on his phone. His poor wife, I really hope she's okay now. I assume they are now divorced. He wasn't jailed but I can't imagine he'll be able to see their child unsupervised for a very very long time.

RockerMummy184 Wed 12-Aug-15 15:27:02

Bertie I also used to work in one of those shops that buys and sells things. There was a guy that used to come in with his girlfriend who would sell things to us.
She was prefectly pleasant (albeit a little smelly) but he gave me the absolute creeps! I couldn't pin point why he freaked me out but I couldn't stand him coming in and I'd make excuses for another member of staff to serve them.
After a few months he came in alone to sell some things and as per our security measures we required 3 forms of ID to set up an account. One of the forms of ID he brought with him was a letter issued by the CPS allowing him bail while charges of him raping his girlfriend were investigated!

loveliesbleeding1 Wed 12-Aug-15 15:47:06

Befor she retired my dm was an optician with her own shop, I used to go in as a saturday girl and stock take/tea make/fanny about.
There was always one man who made a point of coming into the shop on a saturday, I treated him like anyone else, but dm and the other staff, (mostly female)found him really creepy and forward 25 years and he was in the local paper, he had been taking indecent photographs of young children.

BertieBotts Wed 12-Aug-15 15:49:37

shock Rocker! Holy shit!

roomonmybroom Wed 12-Aug-15 15:58:08

Many moons ago I worked in a casino, it was the day time shift, and this man I had never seen before came in and sat at the table I was working.
My stomach lurched and my skin started crawling, evil seemed to radiate off him, he started loosing and the language, proper bile anf flith, a bunch of inspectors, the managers and security guard gathered behind me as something was definitely very off, they ended up throwing him out as the verbal abuse he was dishing to me was beyond, and I am a potty mouth and we were used to being sworn at.
To this day I can still picture him and feel sick to my stomach, never saw him again though.

LadyFlumpalot Wed 12-Aug-15 16:21:41

A couple of times. Once I was walking with DS in his pushchair down the country lanes around here the road splits into a Y shape about halfway up, with the left hand fork going uphill with a thin copse of trees between the forks.

I was walking towards the forks (up the straight bit of the Y) when I saw a man walking down the left hand side towards me. We were about equidistant apart so we would have met at the fork junction. Even though I was quite some way away I felt distinctly uneasy and like I needed to get my son away from there ASAP. I picked up the pace and made it to the right hand fork before the man got to the point where they met.

As I hurried down the right hand fork I glanced to the side and the man was just stood, watching me, staring right at me through the trees. Needless to say I hurried it up and as soon as I was round a slight bend I ran as fast as I could with the pushchair. I live in the middle of nowhere and I know all (8 of) my neighbours. I'd never seen this man before and I haven't since.

My DH has an uncle who makes my skin crawl. There is something fake and off about him. He reminds me of the "Ted" robot in Buffy. Basically it's almost like his entire personality is off. I will never, ever leave either DC with him and try not to be alone with him either.

howtorebuild Wed 12-Aug-15 16:34:40


Petridish Wed 12-Aug-15 17:39:31

All these stories are fascinating - I'm a huge believer in listening to intuition.

Just remembered another - a beautiful young man who lived near me. He had the face of an angel but made my skin crawl.

One day, he got arrested for beating his pregnant wife half to death ...

Rhine Wed 12-Aug-15 18:00:45

I occasionally get bad vibes from people rather than feeling actual evil.

On the subject of getting vibes from buildings, I remember visiting Conwy Castle in North Wales a few years back. It was pouring with rain, a horrible grey and cloudy day so I don't know if that influenced me, but I remember looking up at the castle and feeling this horrendous sense of dread and fear. I can remember telling my parents that I didn't want to to near the castle and they laughed at me. It was weird. Never happened before or since.

LadyFlumpalot Wed 12-Aug-15 18:04:13

My mum used to leave me in the summer holidays with a friend of hers who had two daughters in their early teens (with her first husband) and a younger DD (my friend) with her (then) current husband.

I remember her remarking to my stepdad that she didn't like my friends dad and wasn't overly happy about me being near him.

She found out years later (from Crimewatch of all places) that he had raped his two stepdaughters and was wanted for a series of rapes in the town centre (pretended to be a taxi driver).

I also believe in intuition and gut instinct.

FruSirkaOla Fri 14-Aug-15 17:43:58

Not evil, as such, but I've certainly felt very bad vibes a couple of times.

1) Many years ago, on holiday with my, then, DP and another couple. We were staying in a small, family-run hotel on the edge of Kos town. I think the hotel only had 8 rooms - there was us four and an extended family from Athens (husband, wife, child, wife's mother and wife's BFF). On our first evening we were having a drink in the hotel whilst we decided where to go out to eat. The Athenian guy (AG) came over to us and joined us for a chat. He was nice, polite and utterly charming. But within a couple of minutes I had the most awful bad vibes from him. Anyway, we finished our drinks and went out to eat. Over dinner I told DP and the other couple that, despite his apparent niceness, I was totally freaked out by him and none of them were ever to leave me alone with him - ever - even if they were just going to the loo, or whatever, at least one of them would have to stay with me (given this pre-going out scenario was likely to happen most evenings in a tiny hotel). I think the others thought I was a tad bonkers, but they agreed to it.

Same set-up happened every night, us having drinks before going out and AG coming over for a chat - but one evening he mentioned that he knew a really nice taverna, it wasn't touristy, was well off the beaten track, we'd never find it by ourselves and would we permit him to take us there for dinner one evening? So, the next evening, off we went - down a dirt track, through fields and eventually got to this lovely taverna.

During the meal he started to talk about the fact that he was 'haunted'. But not 'haunted' by a 'ghost', he was, apparently haunted by a living person - a dancer who performed in a Bouzouki club in Athens. To begin with we imagined there was a translation difference - thinking he meant he was bewitched or infatuated by this woman (who, we understood, was spurning his advances). But, no, he insisted he was 'haunted' (in the woo sense). It was utterly odd. But at least the others finally admitted that I had a point - even though they'd never got the weird vibes.

2) I was with a good friend on the day she met the man who was eventually to become her 2nd husband (now XH). Similarly, he was nice, polite and charming, but he made my skin crawl - I wasn't proved wrong.

ThisIsClemFandango Fri 14-Aug-15 17:54:12

When we were teenagers I used to feel very uncomfortable around my best friends then boyfriend. I wouldn't say an 'evil' feeling as such but I always had a bad feeling around him. He acted the laid back hippy cool type of guy and absolutely everyone loved him, but for some reason I just couldn't buy into it and something about him unnerved me.

Years later I read in the paper he was found guilty of possessing indecent images of children. I wouldn't have guessed it at the time, but I definitely thought something was weird about him.

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