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Ridiculous Hound Pics Thread

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Pacif1cDogwood Mon 13-Jul-20 23:29:37

Slightly egged on by some posters (you know who you are) on my previous attention seeking thread, here is a call to all hound owners to post their most silly pics - the more the merrier.

Whether your canine companion is all elbows and knees in true sighthound fashion or more snuggly and rounded or indeed a Heinz57 variety mutt, all are welcome!

I'll start with 2 pics - the mildly and alarmingly pornographic one, and one more suitable to the work place.


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BoreOfWhabylon Mon 13-Jul-20 23:48:11

Aaaw, I remember when you got him Pacif1c grin

Pacif1cDogwood Mon 13-Jul-20 23:53:00

He is now almost 7 and completely part of the family.
His farts still make wallpaper come off the wall.
He still sometimes growls at DS1 (17). Which is not nice, but has made DS1 so confident around dogs when he used to be really fearful.
He is still glued to my side and I can walk him off lead because he would Never Leave Me except to chase a squirrel or a deer

Post a photo, Bore, gawn, you know you want to! smile

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SilverOtter Tue 14-Jul-20 00:16:41

My bonkers beastie🧡🐾

SilverOtter Tue 14-Jul-20 00:18:27

@Pacif1cDogwood your boy is gorgeous

ilovepixie Tue 14-Jul-20 00:21:38

My wee pixie

Pacif1cDogwood Tue 14-Jul-20 00:21:40

*@SilverOtter*, that is a great big smile! smile - brilliant!

And thank you, we all agree with you halo

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Pacif1cDogwood Tue 14-Jul-20 00:22:25

OMG, and it looks like he can fly!!

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Pacif1cDogwood Tue 14-Jul-20 00:22:44

pixie, your photo did not make it... sad

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ilovepixie Tue 14-Jul-20 00:23:08

Can't attach photo lol

BoreOfWhabylon Tue 14-Jul-20 01:06:09

Sadly, haven't got any photos Pacific. Chiefly because I haven't got a dog sad

I am a vicarious dogger grin

Seven years though?! Time flies

Redcherries Tue 14-Jul-20 07:17:57

Here’s my calm, poised handsome boy.

midnightstar66 Tue 14-Jul-20 07:39:53

The crazed and then not so crazed

midnightstar66 Tue 14-Jul-20 07:41:31

Ah pictures won't attach - always happens on this topic annoyingly

Definitelyrandom Tue 14-Jul-20 08:32:35

And here we have the classic greyhound roach and the prawn.....

MellowMelly Tue 14-Jul-20 08:46:47

Warming her feet up...

Ylvamoon Tue 14-Jul-20 11:15:11

Stuffed Toy Dog!

Sunnydayshereatlast Tue 14-Jul-20 11:21:14

Dpuppy 8 months old now.
No morals..

Sunnydayshereatlast Tue 14-Jul-20 11:22:05

Need a bigger chair..

Sunnydayshereatlast Tue 14-Jul-20 11:23:55


Ylvamoon Tue 14-Jul-20 11:28:38

Anything will do for nap time!

Wolfiefan Tue 14-Jul-20 11:29:48

Sleeping hound style!

Sunnydayshereatlast Tue 14-Jul-20 11:32:46

Nearly a mirror image!

Sunnydayshereatlast Tue 14-Jul-20 11:35:06

Popular sleeping position!!

weebarra Tue 14-Jul-20 11:39:53

Dpup, 5 months

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