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the80sweregreat Tue 09-Nov-21 21:01:47

I know that episode six isn't up yet, but I've seen five so far and I still love it.
.. any other binge watchers ?

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BakeOffRewatch Tue 09-Nov-21 21:18:09

Hello! I’ve watched ep 5 and so has @StucklnAMuumuuCantGetOutOflt (great username!)

BakeOffRewatch Tue 09-Nov-21 21:18:54

My DH really thought Lady Gabi’s dad would be the drug dealer when she talked about him with some fear about getting time with him. Her back story reveal was so dark in episode 5.

the80sweregreat Tue 09-Nov-21 21:39:04

I thought that her dad would be the Mr Big gangster too. Maybe we will see more of him in episode six.
My son has met Richard E Grant and said he was lovely!

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the80sweregreat Tue 09-Nov-21 21:42:10

'Your not sure if your a communist or a capitalist ' a bit like the Labour Party ! Great line
So Christian isn't Christian ?
Can't wait for the last episode.

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Medievalist Wed 10-Nov-21 09:57:46

Have binged all 5 episodes and think it's great. I just read that episode 6 isn't airing until 29 November so presumably it won't be on iPlayer before then. Not sure I can wait!

the80sweregreat Wed 10-Nov-21 11:16:40

The 29th is too long to wait sad
I need to know what happens , now ! 😂

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the80sweregreat Wed 10-Nov-21 16:24:43

I hope it has a happy ending ..
that's all I can say !..

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SecretDoor Wed 10-Nov-21 22:40:22

How did John's Dad find out where John was ? I'm talking about the brief scene in episode 5 after the solicitor colleague had looked on the computer and drawn a blank . Later he ( John's Dad) got out of a car and looked through the fence at them litter picking and swore .

the80sweregreat Thu 11-Nov-21 06:14:43

Did John's dad know he was doing the community service ? Maybe he did ? Or just happened to be driving past ? He must have known about the assault and his subsequent sentence ? Not sure to be honest ?

I'm concerned for Gregg as Spencer ( aka David Brent ) found all those files and will now know he forged his signature etc.
I wonder if Gregg will end up in prison or if he is involved with Christian not being Christian and the Mr big yoga loving character ?..
never trust an honest lawyer !! Frank had some of the best lines !

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the80sweregreat Thu 11-Nov-21 06:22:34

Nice to see jade adams from ' almas not normal ' as the slightly mad legal secretary too!
This and that comedy on earlier this year are amongst my favorite tv shows that have been in tv lately. New young actors too , good to see !

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NotBabiesForLong Thu 11-Nov-21 06:29:47

Ep6 is on iPlqyer now

the80sweregreat Thu 11-Nov-21 06:33:03


Ep6 is on iPlqyer now

Yay !!

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NotBabiesForLong Thu 11-Nov-21 06:55:16

I binged the last few last night. Hadn't realised 6 wasn't previously available, maybe it dropped in as the clock ticked past midnight.

I loved it.

Medievalist Thu 11-Nov-21 08:54:04

Oh brilliant - can't wait to watch!

BackInBlackAgain Thu 11-Nov-21 09:39:48

I know what i am watching tonight!

the80sweregreat Thu 11-Nov-21 10:21:48

Your in for a treat.
A few things to discuss though , will be back to chew the fat later on !!..

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Newgirls Thu 11-Nov-21 18:01:35

I’ve watched them all now. Brilliant. Loved how it tied together. That was complicated script writing with a real heart.

The drug guy of the brook hill gang - it even showed him with empathy. Sort of.

Loved it. Feel a bit bereft now!

the80sweregreat Thu 11-Nov-21 18:16:51

My only gripe , what became of Greg and the business scam ?..
I doubt the Irish dad would let John off so well !

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the80sweregreat Thu 11-Nov-21 18:17:21

Plus Spencer had it in for ' Greg head '
Big time

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Newgirls Thu 11-Nov-21 18:27:26

Yes a couple of unresolved stories

John grew as a person - does that mean he will stand up to his dad? Or will the next series see him trying to save the business?

the80sweregreat Thu 11-Nov-21 18:32:05

I hope there is more to come :

Lady gabby and her festival
John and his bullying dad
Rani making it to Oxford
Esme doing really well too
The dodgy lawyer , will Spencer dob him in out of jealousy ?
Ben making an honest living !

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justaddcandlelight Thu 11-Nov-21 19:28:07

Just finished all 6 episodes. I loved it! Do we know if there will be a series 2?

the80sweregreat Thu 11-Nov-21 19:33:16

I just want to know if Spencer stitches up Greg
I think that needed to be cleared up .
What about the forgeries?

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BakeOffRewatch Fri 12-Nov-21 07:27:49

Yeah they filmed series 1 and 2 back to back @justaddcandlelight

I found the episode such a high and weird, cos at one point it’s so scary with those huge knives made very visible and then it ends very twee and Brady Bunch like! I really thought someone would die in it, perhaps Rani as sacrifice. Initially thought the sister as they building up a big tragedy there, but built up into her being the aggressor not victim which was a good twist on it.

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