Doctor Who Series 13 -- social media outage???

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Perroquet Fri 08-Oct-21 21:23:55

I've been following Twitter eagerly for the release date of Doctor Who series 13 (Jodie Whittaker's last!) and suddenly today all Doctor Who social media websites (Facebook, Instagram, etc) are blank, not just Twitter! Is this a "prank" marketing strategy on the part of BBC to herald the release of series 13? Or have Daleks been messing with the internet? wink

Any BBC insiders here who might shed some light?

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Faircastle Sat 09-Oct-21 18:30:00

It's coming. Be ready.
(particularly if you're in Liverpool, apparently)

SleepingStandingUp Sat 09-Oct-21 18:31:45

The the weeping angels.

Faircastle Sat 09-Oct-21 18:36:20

I'm guessing Sontarans.

Perroquet Sat 09-Oct-21 19:36:44

It's coming on Halloween! BBC have now released a new teaser video confirming Weeping Angels and Sontarans (and an unfamiliar species -- the Ravagers/Ravages?)

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SleepingStandingUp Sun 10-Oct-21 00:30:06

Ooh good guess

EdmontinaDonsAutumnalHues Sun 10-Oct-21 00:41:30

I refuse to get excited until they announce the dates for S14 …


Rummikub Sun 10-Oct-21 01:11:40

Why particularly Liverpool?
What shall I look out for??

Pythonista Sun 10-Oct-21 01:13:32

Just had an email from official doctor who to confirm it is 31 October

Perroquet Sun 31-Oct-21 15:27:16

Excited for the series 13 premiere today: 'The Halloween Apocalypse'. The Flux is coming, fellow Whovians!

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 31-Oct-21 18:41:50

It's on now .............

Does Jodie Whittaker regenerate at the end of this one ?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 31-Oct-21 18:43:22

Oops nope , it seems there's another 5 episodes .

Campervan69 Sun 31-Oct-21 19:16:04

Any good? I don't like the current doctor, she's too boring and wet for us here. And the storylines too preachy. I want quirky sci fi adventures not a morality tale.

OytheBumbler Sun 31-Oct-21 19:28:23

I'm enjoying it but mainly because John Bishop is in it.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 31-Oct-21 19:32:03

Not a fan TBH though DH watched it tonight .
It's been said before (probably on here by a Dr Who fan) that it's a bit SarahJane Adventures .
The giant dog hmm

And tes , it is a bit preachy !

Faircastle Sun 31-Oct-21 20:16:41

I think CC may have tried to shoehorn too many parallel plotlines into a two-part story. But I'll reserve judgement until I've seen part 2.

Ellmau Sun 31-Oct-21 20:42:36

I think CC may have tried to shoehorn too many parallel plotlines into a two-part story.

It's not a two part story, the whole of this series (6 eps?) is one story.

Ellmau Sun 31-Oct-21 20:43:46

I quite enjoyed the beginning bit, with Yas telling the doctor it was all her fault...

MatildaJayne Sun 31-Oct-21 20:53:05

I don’t think there will be any regeneration until next year. Chris Chibnall has a few specials before RTD returns in 2023. My DS has taken to calling him R2D! grin

Perroquet Mon 01-Nov-21 15:32:51

Nice to see Jodie back but I will admit the first episode of Flux was way too chaotic and really bit off more than it could chew. Too many characters and locations and not enough time. Shame that Jodie hasn't had a true, 'uncluttered' moment to shine yet (and perhaps never will.) The previous seasons had too many people in the TARDIS (3 companions!) and I hoped this season would focus on only the Doctor and Yaz alone for a few episodes...but no, the new companion Dan is introduced right away.

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GlacindaTheTroll Mon 01-Nov-21 15:39:54

I rather liked the dog's take on the relationship with the human you're stuck with!

Presumably the Weeping Angel has sent the woman back in time to where/when the Doctor meets her? But in which case, how had that happened in her timeline (wibbly wobbly)

Idontknowhowtohelpher Mon 08-Nov-21 15:49:22

I liked this second episode - different storylines seemed to start to make sense, and I thought it was one of Jodie's better episodes. I even found myself worrying about the Tardis!

pointythings Mon 08-Nov-21 21:52:10

That second episode is starting to tie things up, much better. And I did enjoy 'Hit the road, Skaak'.

Perroquet Tue 09-Nov-21 15:52:44

Yes the second episode was better. The new monsters Azure and Swarm have not disappointed me. I still wanted to find out more about the Claire woman and weeping angels, as well as Diane being compelled to enter a house by Azure though! Also did anyone think there could be some potential romance between Yaz and Vinder? Their first interaction seemed to drop some hints in that direction.

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pointythings Tue 09-Nov-21 16:14:17

I like Azure and Swarm a lot - they do languid callous cruelty so very well. It'll be interesting to find out more about them and their motivations.

I'm not bothered about love interests in Dr Who, but on the whole I am enjoying the six-parter format. I grew up in the era when 6 or 4 parters were the norm, so it works for me (I have most of Sylvester McCoy on DVD).

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