Doctors - Robs PTSD, Karen's all Me, Bears here for tea

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KilledByWitches Mon 04-Oct-21 14:29:45

Old thread filled, hope nobody minds!

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KilledByWitches Mon 04-Oct-21 14:31:43

Catching up. Bit preachy again this isn't it?

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smallandimperfectlyformed Mon 04-Oct-21 14:35:26

Thank you for starting this, sorry I was the last post on the last one! I want less preaching and more of those odd ones, like the one where the dad had that disease which meant he thought he was dead. Am excited tomorrow John Middleton (Ashley from Emmerdale) is in the episode, looks like he is playing a vulnerable man who is being financially exploited. He is a fantastic actor so that will be good. I'm also not always Rhumas biggest fan as she's quite a preachy character at times but I like her and Sid's friendship so that will be interesting.

smallandimperfectlyformed Mon 04-Oct-21 14:36:29

Oh KilledByWitches it was dreadful! If it was the first episode I had ever watched I definitely wouldn't watch another one.

Binglebong Mon 04-Oct-21 15:19:07

Am I the only one who thinks Bear putting on accents is massively disrespectful?

KilledByWitches Mon 04-Oct-21 15:21:35


Am I the only one who thinks Bear putting on accents is massively disrespectful?

It was a bit eyebrow raising I agree.

I used to watch this for a bit of escapism, lately it's become my 25 minute daily lecture. That said, I do rather like Luca wink

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Binglebong Mon 04-Oct-21 15:24:15

Even this has the trans character pointing out there was stuff they weren't allowed to do because they were the wrong sex. Stereotypes!

I am sick of being lectured.


Raahh Mon 04-Oct-21 15:29:16

Thank you for the thread!
I tried to post, then got a phone call right near the endgrin
Bingle I also wondered about Bear's accent. Not really necessary.

KilledByWitches Mon 04-Oct-21 15:49:15


Thank you for the thread!
I tried to post, then got a phone call right near the endgrin
Bingle I also wondered about Bear's accent. Not really necessary.

must admit your last message on the old thread amused me, you'd mentioned @smallandimperfectlyformed so the preview read something about Small Bears.
I did wonder what I'd missed 😂

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smallandimperfectlyformed Mon 04-Oct-21 15:52:12

I don't mind Bear changing his accent, he wanted (although ultimately failed! Loved the mention of his trousers by the Caribbean cafe owner in competition with his mum!) to be in disguise. I have known plenty of people who switch between accents depending on where they are so that's not an issue for me. I did love Luca but if he carries on being a soapbox for LGBT issues he will lose my affection!

EerilyDisembodied Mon 04-Oct-21 15:57:05

Marking spot, thank you

Raahh Mon 04-Oct-21 17:07:46

I thought the bit about the competitor cafe owner mentioning Bear's trousers was quite funny. grin

I agree he was trying to be in disguise, but it still felt a little odd.

*Small Bears*grin

Maybe the programme needs a few small bears to lighten the mood a little? grin

It feels like they have got a new writer- who clearly has a 'pet' subject, and Luca is the mouth piece. I don't want them to ruin his character because it started well.

And they are back to making Al annoying and (potentially) falling out with Jimmi again. Which irritates me. Al and Jimmi had a good friendship, and were one of the best written 'couples' on the show. Doing the whole 'Jimmi tries to get Al to see the error of his ways and that he is a pompous buffoon' thing again is really a bit lazy. Imo (which counts for not much grin).

Willowkins Mon 04-Oct-21 17:13:38

Just caught up and found you.
Watching Doctors reminded that I have my Am Dram class today.

smallandimperfectlyformed Mon 04-Oct-21 18:34:08

I actually find Jimmi's attitude to Al a bit annoying at times. When Al got Jimmi out of prison with the help of Emma, Daniel and Val, Jimmi was quite cruel to Al. He was very dismissive of him and went off to stay with Julia - I often feel like Jimmi thinks he is quite superior to Al. I know a while ago though Al was going through a really nasty stage and I didn't like that, especially when he made Tash cry. I want more comedy moments! And they really need to explain what happened to Rob because that is annoying me.

Raahh Mon 04-Oct-21 19:09:34

small I really didn't like the way Jimmi treated Al when he came out of prison. He might not have gone about it the right way at times, but it was Al that kept on until they found out he was innocent. The Al/Jimmi scenes used to be great- a close friendship, lots of humour. Now Jimmi is always finding fault, and Al is picking niggly fights with everyone.

smallandimperfectlyformed Mon 04-Oct-21 19:30:17

Yeah Jimmi's a bit sanctimonious, just like Rhuma can be. I loved it when Al and Jimmi used to have little in jokes. I hope there is a return to form soon. I have liked some of their serious story lines: Rob uncovering child abuse and a female police officer being responsible, Zara bullying Sid, Zara suffering from anxiety - a lot more than that actually!- but it's a weekday afternoon show I watch for escapism rather than a lecture or deep drama!

EerilyDisembodied Mon 04-Oct-21 21:42:31

I agree, it was a bit preachy today, it feels as though Luka has been brought in to deliver lectures rather than actually nursing. It always irritates me when the patients seem to be able to wander in and out of the practice randomly all day as if they were seeing friends. I don't mind social issues in the storylines, some have been very good in the past but that one was very contrived.

JustDanceAddict Tue 05-Oct-21 09:01:45

Agree. Too preachy. I hate the way trans people say they liked the ‘typically’ opposite sex activities or clothes so they must be that sex. That’s not what trans is, surely. It’s that you’ve always felt you are the opposite sex inside. I really try to understand trans as my dd is non-binary, but i am sure the social contagion aspect is massive. One minute dd hates her boobs, the next wants to be measured to get new bras!! Seems v fluid to me.
Then I think am I like my mum was in the 80s/90s when she used to say seeing a gay person on TV promoted homosexuality?
That aside, do like a bit if Bear humour although the storyline is daft. Val humour is too slapstick for me!

EerilyDisembodied Tue 05-Oct-21 09:29:01

I think the social contagion aspect is massive too, sadly. It felt as though they were just going through a ticklist of experiences all shoehorned into one episode. The mother clearly needed help too. Perhaps, with it being a medical show,, they should look at the difficulties faced by trans people accessing the right healthcare, Ollie presumably still needing smear tests for example.

smallandimperfectlyformed Tue 05-Oct-21 11:42:51

I hope that the writers, editors and producers etc have a look at the comments on forums like here and Digital Spy etc (haven't seen their comments there yet, don't normally visit that site) and see that they are actually turning off their viewers.

EerilyDisembodied Tue 05-Oct-21 11:51:36

I have only been half-watching the Bear's Mum storyline, is she going to get together with the rival cafe owner?

KilledByWitches Tue 05-Oct-21 12:43:04


I have only been half-watching the Bear's Mum storyline, is she going to get together with the rival cafe owner?

It seems to be headed that way doesn't it?

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smallandimperfectlyformed Tue 05-Oct-21 13:14:07

I'd quite like a gentle senior citizens romance storyline, perhaps with Bear being uncomfortable about his mum dating etc. Do you think we might see Sid's mum again? They're certainly bringing up his issues now. I like the addition of Lawrence

KilledByWitches Tue 05-Oct-21 13:46:11

Oh I know him! Where do I know him from?

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Raahh Tue 05-Oct-21 13:48:39

The dad was Ashley the vicar in Emmerdale.

Another soap I haven't watched for years, but still recognise half the cast grin

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