Emmerdale or Bummerdale as nothing good ever happens anymore No Spoilers

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Ellenanora7 Sat 31-Jul-21 17:55:08

Will Mean the murderer ever stop smirking or learn to act

Are Jimmy and Mandy going to get together and leave Nicola heartbroken

Will Aaron and Ben ever look like a convincing couple

Will anyone ever be happy in the Dales again

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Ellenanora7 Sat 31-Jul-21 18:06:15

For god sake sorry for the typo

Meena not Mean blush

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JaneJeffer Sat 31-Jul-21 18:41:44

Thanks Ellen the other thread is full so can't link but I'm sure everyone will find this one.

Mean Meena grin

JaneJeffer Sat 31-Jul-21 18:43:02

How did you do that MAD? 1001 posts grin

QueenBee52 Sat 31-Jul-21 19:55:04

Aahhh superb ..

PrincessScarlett Sat 31-Jul-21 19:59:37

Never seen a thread go to 1001 before

Ellenanora7 Sat 31-Jul-21 20:59:35

Ooh MAD got to go over the alloted posts 😁 do you know where the bodies are buried☺️

Thanks for linking MAD, I don't think I'll ever learn how to do it blush

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Jojoanna Sat 31-Jul-21 23:09:12

Thanks Ellen

bonfireheart Mon 02-Aug-21 09:12:50

Does anyone ever like these "serial killer" stories? The writers seem to think so.

Crazycakelady17 Mon 02-Aug-21 11:26:20

It’s just so unbelievable I liked it back in late 80s early 90s yeah odd ott storyline but mainly about the characters and normal day to day life if I want drama o can watch any old American stuff I want British humour and family content

QueenBee52 Mon 02-Aug-21 11:56:18

How nobody can see Meena sniggering smiling enjoying situations is ridiculous.. 🙄

Jojoanna Mon 02-Aug-21 13:43:52

I don’t like the serial killer storylines it’s uncomfortable

MotionActivatedDog Mon 02-Aug-21 19:04:28

David’s had his highlights done!

JaneJeffer Mon 02-Aug-21 19:27:00

Is Jamie really leaving forever?

QueenBee52 Mon 02-Aug-21 19:56:16


Is Jamie really leaving forever?

we can only hope 😂

Ellenanora7 Mon 02-Aug-21 21:54:39

With a bit of luck Jane

He's bloody awful

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DaisyStarburst Tue 03-Aug-21 08:28:13

For some reason it didn't record last night so I've missed it.

JaneJeffer Tue 03-Aug-21 19:19:30

What's going on with your man's eyebrows?

MotionActivatedDog Tue 03-Aug-21 19:31:08

I’ve no idea I think I dozed off during that. It was so boring.

JaneJeffer Tue 03-Aug-21 20:02:29

I feel sorry for the actor who plays Ethan. He's obviously a good actor and all he's given is absolute shite.

MotionActivatedDog Wed 04-Aug-21 19:06:50

Bernice’s headbands hmm

Jojoanna Wed 04-Aug-21 19:12:27

Omg shut up Amy , none of your business

MotionActivatedDog Wed 04-Aug-21 19:15:27

Amy’s a bit of a fucking weirdo. Where does she get off being angry that Ethan had sex with his date? confused how is that her business?

Also- does she work in David’s and the hop? Why do we have to see so much of her?

And does anyone care whether Cain hates faith or likes her?

TellingBone Wed 04-Aug-21 19:27:08

Honestly this is crap. I could have written that episode myself from the moment Faith decided not to reveal.

bonfireheart Wed 04-Aug-21 19:37:21

Why are two young fit guys even having a first date in the boring Hop?!

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