Love Island 2021 Thread 9 Job Done

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Monestera Wed 28-Jul-21 22:01:43

The mornings after the Casa Amors before.

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WeKnowFrogsGoShaLaLaLaLa Wed 28-Jul-21 22:03:07


Willwebebuyingnumber11 Wed 28-Jul-21 22:03:10

Hugo gives me the ick.

PringlePonders Wed 28-Jul-21 22:03:47


Monestera Wed 28-Jul-21 22:03:50

From the last thread, Why try and patronise her for being "nervous & fiddling with her fingers" and then kiss her and say "job done!" WTF Hugo - how rude

This. How can he get some many things wrong?

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MotherofKitties Wed 28-Jul-21 22:04:08

Hugo was totally cringe snd disrespectful there. Eurgh. Acted like a child.

Faye and Teddy have been ruined purely by the producers.

Liam's being a total dick.

steelseries Wed 28-Jul-21 22:04:22

I can't get the image of Hugo's tongue hanging out his mouth like a camel out of my head


Oysterbabe Wed 28-Jul-21 22:04:40

Hugo is so cringe. She is not into it at all.

oprahwindfuryy Wed 28-Jul-21 22:04:43

Hugo is vile sad

orangepeelsz Wed 28-Jul-21 22:05:33

Hugo is putting on such an act, this is not the real him, he comes across so inexperienced and arrogant with it hmm

Tootshoots Wed 28-Jul-21 22:05:38

Amy is giving me Melania vibes, blink twice if you need rescuing grin

LarsErickssong Wed 28-Jul-21 22:05:39

Hugo is gross

PutYourBackIntoit Wed 28-Jul-21 22:06:10

What picture did they show of Teddy? I can't recall what he's done wrong?

Teesdale2622 Wed 28-Jul-21 22:06:13

Reeeeaaaalllly hope Teddy and Faye get passed this… they are my no.1 couple now.

Liam, Jake - no no no

Toby, Hugo, Tyler - never in the running

HarrietOh Wed 28-Jul-21 22:06:29

Amy’s using him as a ticket to the main villa

Zampa Wed 28-Jul-21 22:06:30

Checking in. Thanks for the new thread.

Jellykat Wed 28-Jul-21 22:06:46

Poor Faye, theyve done her over for a very long time, until she gets a shit hot counsellor one day.

CHISistoast Wed 28-Jul-21 22:06:56

Did anyone notice Sam's expression of sheer delight when peering over the girls' shoulders at the postcard?! I was thinking about the pp who works with his mum, wondering what his mum would say! It's been a strange year...

Choux Wed 28-Jul-21 22:07:01


Hugo was totally cringe snd disrespectful there. Eurgh. Acted like a child.

Faye and Teddy have been ruined purely by the producers.

Liam's being a total dick.

Faye wasn't chosen for LI so Teddy could bring out her softer side. The producers want to see her being fiery.

Monestera Wed 28-Jul-21 22:07:03

Will the boys get a postcard?

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CoolKitkat Wed 28-Jul-21 22:07:15

She’ll dump him once she’s in the main villa.

sarah13xx Wed 28-Jul-21 22:07:38

Feel like amy was boking inside during that, she’s doing anything to get in the villa. Completely blanked him last night and now willing to kiss him. Hugo has such a weird attitude to girls

thedarkling Wed 28-Jul-21 22:07:43

I don't think Hugo really likes women, in that he seems to view them as objects rather than people. Or he just has no clue how to speak to them. They way he went about that was dreadful, like he was trying to belittle her.

HadEnoughOfBears Wed 28-Jul-21 22:08:14

Hugo is a fanny.
I may have said that before 🙈

hedgiehedgehog Wed 28-Jul-21 22:08:15

So disappointed by Hugo's behaviour. Total cringe. I will defend him no more sad.

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