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X FACTOR -Celebrity! It's the FINAL! *****SAT 7.10pm*******

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Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 17:35:58

Yes, even earlier than last week. That is



I'm sure you are all really excited. grin

This is who is left, and what they are singing.

They will be performing 2 songs each- no 'celebrity' duets, seeing as they are <ahem> celebrities.

The first one will be their choice of Christmas songs

V5 -All I Want for Christmas
Max & Harvey -Last Christmas.

Jenny Ryan - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Megan McKenna - One More Sleep.

Then perform their favourite track of the series so far.
Megan - (Original track) This Once
Jenny -Edge Of Glory
V5 -Bad Guy/ Taki Taki
Max & Harvey -Kiss You.

For some reason, I got it into my head V5 had left hmm. Although I knew Try Star had. One has been ill, and they may have perform as V4 though grin.

It's all very geared up to Megan win , I think- although I am looking forward to Jenny doing 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas'

The Pussycat Dolls have reformed , and will be performing. I bet you can't wait.

Gone are the days of big ticket stars like Beyonce showing up to this gig grin.

See y'all later.


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dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:11:00

What's with the super early final!?

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:13:33

Will Nicole's backup dancers be allowed to sing?

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:13:56

Not sure, It's like they aren't even bothered about the audience figures anymore. It feels very early for something that years ago used to be 'event' tv.

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dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:14:48

Other than the stupid curl, Jenny looks beautiful. Nicole's boobies look painful.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:16:17

They have fans?

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:17:42

dillite there didn't seem to be many of them.


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Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:18:08

This lokks a bit mimed .

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dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:18:38

Poor Mariah.... First it's a crisp ad, now this

JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:18:52

Hi thanks for the thread Raahh

That's a big hat!

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:19:31

Bit of a kick in the teeth for the one whose name I already forget .

You know, her from Love Actually .


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dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:19:59


Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:20:32

That did not sound like 5 live singers at all.

Especially as 2 days ago, one of them had no voice.

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dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:21:24

Well, tonight 5 of them sounded like shit so maybe it was live

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:22:24

dillite grin The one who was on her ewh othey kicked off the other week ,who sang this on Love Actually as a child.

I can't remember her name grin.

But she cried when they booted her off- I think she genuinely thought this show was her way back into the industry. Poor thing.

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Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:23:24

dillite very possibly.

After a whole series, I'm still none the wiser what an 'influencer' is.

I'm too old for this shit grin.

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JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:24:21

What's with the big bow? It's all a bit Alice in Wonderland tonight confused

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:25:41

Evening Jane

Join the celebrations for the final thread.

I am trying to get excited, but as has been the case all series, something is lacking.

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Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:26:02

I wonder if Jenny's Aunt is there?

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dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:28:32

She probably is. I hope she is! Did anyone sing after v5? I was washing up, it seemed more fun.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:28:56

They wheeled Ricky back out.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:30:23

We've been robbed of the big tour buses with the names on , and the families and friends, in far flung parts of the UK, and beyond.

It has been woefully devoid of Nans.

And as I type that - Jenny is in Bolton, with babies.

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JaneJeffer Sat 30-Nov-19 19:30:34

dillite you haven't missed anything. Sorry.

dillite Sat 30-Nov-19 19:30:46

No hired warehouse at an undisclosed location. Jenny actually gets to meet people she knows. And who know her.

Raahh Sat 30-Nov-19 19:31:47

Washing up sounds more fun than V5.

There has been no more singing.

Til now.

Just ads.

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