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MIC nouvelle série!

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SheWoreBlueVelvet Wed 04-Sep-19 19:44:52

We seem to have gone very French in Chelsea.

Thought that was a great first episode. Why has no one started a thread yet?

elephantmarch Wed 04-Sep-19 23:42:44

Loved it. That was a very funny scene with Freddie and miles. Shocked by Jamie. That boy is loose!

NumbersStation Sun 08-Sep-19 21:28:02

Can I join your thread please @SheWoreBlueVelvet ?

I can’t be arsed with the constant blog references and sycophantic pish on the other thread any more angry

Ironic really as it is clearly set up by a production assistant or cast relative. Probably frightened that their cash cow has been overmilked and is now squeezing out cheese. Trying too hard.


Not a surprise that biscuits has already been dunking.

Not surprised to see that Maeva has been spreading her joie de vivres.

Was surprised to hear that Digby had a redeeming feature. Even if it is stretchy digby.

Disappointed that I can smell Sameh lurking. Had hoped he’d gone for good.

The only decent folk seem to be fiveheid and Amelia.

The rest seem to be away teaching Frau Arschloch snake. She’ll be fluent in two minutes.

SheWoreBlueVelvet Sun 08-Sep-19 23:18:20

I’d be delighted if you joined this thread Numbers.

You are MIC critic par excellence!

I get lost in the pages of old stuff. I think Maeva has earned them the right to a new thread -loving her work.
I like the contrast between MIC and TOWIE. Although the behaviour of both groups is pretty much identical, one lot go in for drama, tears and tantrums and the other for icy stares, sneers and sartorial shrugs.

NumbersStation Mon 09-Sep-19 00:56:15

Thank you so much velvet

I promise to play nice.

I think that despite being a harpy of gargantuan proportions, Maeva is capable of bringing in viewers. I also can’t help but think she is old enough to remember standing in the crowd when Prince Charles got married.

The comparison of towie and mic is interesting. There are indeed similarities and glaring differences.

Talking of similarities, I would bet La Sims was about 10ft away from Maeva at that royal wedding. By the jellied eel stand. Wearing C & A.

Aye. And the difference? Maeva had a Tupperware pot of snails.

NumbersStation Mon 09-Sep-19 01:01:50

And I do mean 1981.


NumbersStation Mon 09-Sep-19 23:01:48

Lessons in flirting? Wonder if they’ve been told to stick to a script?

Biscuits. Run your fingers through both of my luxuriant patches of thatch. Just don’t tell anyone. It’ll be fine.

LaHarpy. Run your fingers through my oil soaked thatch. Not fussy if you are Miles or James. Don’t be touching my wattle. Or my scraggy pasta. And don’t be taking out my pony tail as my chin will be on my knees. Otherwise allez allez.

Liv. I am Terry Thomas in a frock. Flirt? No. Just get it there little stretchy Digby. Dinglydangly dong.

Habbs. Yay. I would like your massive level of respect right in there. Yay! Then please go and hang out with someone else then meet my dad. Yay.

Mytt. Walk my plank before my quiff drops and knocks you out.

Verity. Happy for you to put it there. My mouth is zipped tight though. One because I’m sitting on a secret. Two, because there isn’t room in there for owt else because I’ve three times as much teeth as I need.

Rosi. Don’t need to flirt. I’m popping out signals. I‘ll give all my mates the opportunity to hang on tight to their partners. And then if I don’t get my way I’ll tell the world. And boil all your hairs. Not your rabbits.

Frau. Teach me how to speak snake to your snake

Fiveheids. Roll up roll up. I also have five of something else...

Miles. I am the only one. I am your first choice. So fuck me while I fuck with your head. Then I’ll swim in my own pool of smug.

In the name of all that is holesholy, can these folks not have normal relationships or keep it in their drawers?

Habbs you deserve better. Now go on. Admit it. You put a banana skin on the Strictly set....

jay55 Tue 10-Sep-19 15:34:23

What happened on the old thread?

I'm loving Maeva's none of your business, work.
And Sophie oh it won't last comment on Jamie and Habbs before the reveal, those two need scenes together.

Owlsintowels Wed 11-Sep-19 19:40:20

I need to watch this week's episode immediately. It might take priority over some sewing I also need to do.
V glad noone had posted spoilers yet, though I'm tempted to assume the lack of action on this thread is due to a borefest

Anyone else started watching series 1 again? I'm tempted but it would feel like officially giving up in life. If only I were due another mat leave, perfect excuse

NumbersStation Wed 11-Sep-19 23:08:10

Eeeeee. I may have flirted as close to spoilers as was possible owls

Sorry about that blush

I may point out you are as well to try to find a bit of excitement in your sewing. You'll be hard pressed to find some in this episode grin

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep darning!

Owlsintowels Thu 12-Sep-19 12:48:05

Haha the episodes all smush into one so much these days that pocky after watching ep2 did I notice the most minor of minor spoliers

Jamie was an utter toad wasn't he? Completely refusing to take responsibility for his actions. 'I'm sorry this happened'! How about 'I'm sorry I was such a subhuman specimen that I had sex with one of the other cast members on the same day I had sex with you, and sorry I clouded the beginning of our relationship with sex with someone else'??
His refusal to admit what he did out loud even to himself, instead casting it as an unfortunate thing which passively happened, is truly eye opening

NumbersStation Thu 12-Sep-19 19:01:37

Couldn't agree more owls

Bad enough treating a one night stand like that but Habbs was his friend and his lass. Meeting her dad on the same day as shagging Rosi is sub human. How could Rosi have done that? Sh lost hr dignity, hr grac and hr drawrs bcaus he knw fin wll about Habbs.. Not nic.

I was half expecting biscuits to turn round and say 'sorry but she fell on my cock and I couldn't get her off'. No taking personal responsibility for being a disgraceful arse.

You can get off with anything if you're minted I suppose. Looks, personality and charm aren't there so it must be money that is the attraction.

If he'd been around in the 1800s his knob would have rotted off.

I wonder if his sweeties are laced with penicillin. They ought to be.

SheWoreBlueVelvet Thu 12-Sep-19 22:38:08

Liv. I am Terry Thomas in a frock. Spot on!

Maeva’s storyline is fabulous. Very Dangerous Liasions.I have no idea which of them genuinely fancies the other now.
Can’t wait to see James’s stupid face crushed under her calfskin boot, as she stalks all over it, back to Miles.
Why James thinks he’s genuinely a player when even Jamie, the Bilbo Baggins of Chelsea, has slept with all of them is beyond me.

I really like Rosi’s pale blue top with pink sequin circles in the last scene.I only half listen to the programme as a I am too busy working out exactly how many pounds they lose between series.

SheWoreBlueVelvet Mon 16-Sep-19 23:03:46

Quelled surprise! Shortest break up in Chelsea history.

Loving aggie Maeva. She makes having a slanging match sound completely charming. Ironic that she was being “ interviewed” about feminism and the social media when her opening scenes are underwear shots on a reality TV show,
Being the progressive female she is, she says she can do it “ because she is young”. Not met the Bently’s Liv’s mum would happily do a bit underwear modelling actually,

NumbersStation Tue 17-Sep-19 20:23:44

Je suis clearly living in a different world.

I can't believe that biscuits had the ruddy cheek to blame habbs for his indiscretions. Really? Poor little lamb.

Meanwhile back in the real world, it is merely a facking liberty.

And as for liv engineering a meet? And persuading habbs to give him another chance? Speechless.

Little 12 year old Melissa was the only bugger speaking sense.

As long as the rest of these bloody women accept this kind of pish, the bois will feel the need (and will have been given the green light) to pork everything in sight. Jesus.

Speaking of pork, Maeva is hamming it up a bit much, non? Taking her role of head harpy a leeetle bit too seriously perhaps.

In contrast, Rosi brok down but not one ruddy tar run down hr fac

Frau arschloch is now fraucuhnt. What a mean spirited cow. Even I’m not that bad.

What with her and mademoisselle cuintte it would seem there is no longer Bolly flowing through the veins of SW3 but battery acid.

My favourite bit this week was sticky Vicky’s contouring. Didn’t looked chiselled. She looked as though she had sideburns worthy of that bloke in Shaft. Canyoudigitcanyoudigitcanyoudigit?

I’m unsure how come James is managing to kiss fiveheid’s mate next week. They keep pushing him as Uber lothario for some reason. I can’t for the life of me think why.

Most people round here would rather have a hefty dose of crabs. I can only imagine that folk who are in that circle aren’t quite as discerning...

I’m bracing myself for the return of Sameh. Bit rich of him to lecture biscuits on morals and personality and fidelity I feel. He was juggling girls on his fingers like he was handling a 10 pin bowling ball.

Rest assured my loves, I will not be poncing about in big drawers and a support bra worthy of restraining two spacehoppers in my local Markies any time soon. Apparently that is the remit of the young.

And I’m a old bint that channels Les Dawson (rest his wee soul) so I shall just slip on my winceyette and waft about Tesco instead.

Exhibitionism at its very best.

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