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Neighbours Spoilers - a peek down the well

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SleepingStandingUp Thu 22-Feb-18 12:12:15


SO, what do you know??

Flamantrose Thu 22-Feb-18 12:29:34

That's Raph's mother died in a fire in Brazil while working for Paul and Raph is out for revenge! shock

Daffydil Thu 22-Feb-18 12:33:46

Thank you for this thread!

Iwantacampervan Thu 22-Feb-18 12:53:00

'Plain Jane Superbrain' is returning - not sure when but I caught part of a discussion about it on TV.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 22-Feb-18 13:06:19

Yeah looks like a proper part not a flying visit for Jane too. I can remember her a little, I really liked her but then I was a geeky little girl

BoredOnMatLeave Thu 22-Feb-18 13:06:29

Ohhh I've just read that Izzy does want Karl's sperm for another baby, he says no so she steals it!

SleepingStandingUp Thu 22-Feb-18 13:07:04

I reckon they'll catch her.

Any news on Dee?

Daffydil Thu 22-Feb-18 13:09:52

How?! How do you steal sperm? shock

BoredOnMatLeave Thu 22-Feb-18 13:12:31

Apparently he has some frozen in the hospital (Why, I have no idea!)

SleepingStandingUp Thu 22-Feb-18 13:13:26

There will be spurious research. Would be funny if she stole Tiny Tanaka's insteas

Daffydil Thu 22-Feb-18 13:18:35

Of course he does!

WomanInTheMirrorStaresAtMe Thu 22-Feb-18 13:19:50

Oooh can I join you please.... I bring spoilers....

WomanInTheMirrorStaresAtMe Thu 22-Feb-18 13:21:04

So Paige is leaving soon... But I don't think Jack is. I assume she will take Gabezilla and move to live with Lauren and Brad.

WomanInTheMirrorStaresAtMe Thu 22-Feb-18 13:21:51

Hoping Jane returns and gets with Clive.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 22-Feb-18 13:31:45

Yeah I was hoping her and Jack would leave together. Poor Piper, everyone leaves her

SleepingStandingUp Thu 22-Feb-18 14:15:53

Big Tanaka is off to London to meet up with woman off Emmerdale, do you reckon its related?

Lovewineandchocs Thu 22-Feb-18 14:35:42

Susan has a surprise birthday party in the Waterhole, smashes her cake in Izzy’s face, and Izzy gets it on with Mark. Mark knocks Gabe into the bottom of Lassiter’s lake with a football. Terese falls into the pond when pissed at Gabe’s naming day.

Lovewineandchocs Thu 22-Feb-18 14:37:22

sleeping apparently it is related. After Leo gets injured on the building site, he finds out Rafael’s backstory and goes looking for answers from Dakota. I’m guessing she’ll be able to answer whether Paul was responsible for Rafael’s mother’s death.

Lovewineandchocs Thu 22-Feb-18 14:38:44

I know my spoilers sound absolutely ridiculous but they are indeed all true grin Gabe is in his pram when he gets knocked into the lake.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 22-Feb-18 14:47:01

Poor Gabe, he really would be safer on the Gold Coast with Gramps. There was the armed raid, kidnapping and now drowning? Pack your bags Momma, I'm driving us put of this joint

Lovewineandchocs Thu 22-Feb-18 15:02:36

Lol yep he should leave Erinsborough for his own safety-and definitely leave ex-Father O’Sleazy behind grin

Namastethefuckawayfromme Thu 22-Feb-18 16:06:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 22-Feb-18 16:19:32

Yeah but if she's leaving and he isn't i'm guessing its short lived to make the most of what Steph taught him then off til Gabe is 15 and tramples the while of Erinsborough on a giant rage

MorningsEleven Thu 22-Feb-18 16:55:18

How does her off of Emmerdale know him off of Corrie?

I missed Pauly's Brazilian adventures.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 22-Feb-18 17:17:34

The telly awards??

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