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Swagger Inn Thread 76. BBC Musketeers. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.

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SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 14:02:18

<Black Eyed Peas>

I've got a feeling...that tonight's gonna be a good night

Help yourself to an ADMIT ONE pass if you're a fan of The Musketeers with a clear allegiance to at least one, preferably no more than four.

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 14:04:11


I have reported myself grin

Don't EVER let me attempt this again.


Lyndie Fri 09-Jan-15 14:32:00

Can't wait!!! Will be alone for this one which is a relief because last week I had to suppress my ridiculous grin and girly squealing. gringringrin

Lyndie Fri 09-Jan-15 14:32:56

Though will not have a post TM romp either, hmm.

mumonashoestring Fri 09-Jan-15 14:36:07

I am a VERY happy pixie now that the Musketeers are back (had a sort of childhood cartoon crush on Aramis from Dogtanian and haven't entirely grown out of the fascination, although I must admit my loin-alties now lie more with Porthos)

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 14:36:44

Help me out Lyndie - MN not deleting fast enough! Pls report my first post.

Oh fuckity fuck fuck fuck. What sort of a twat does this sort of thing?

I am quite competent in RL hmm

Baddz Fri 09-Jan-15 14:39:46

Reported sparks

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 14:41:06


Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 09-Jan-15 14:44:35

Hahahaha Sparks! My face actually did this shock!

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 14:49:58

Stop it. HOW LONG, MN?

Cinnamoncookie Fri 09-Jan-15 15:22:13

I reported and promised MNHQ 5 mins with the Musketeer of their choice - this is clearly what did the trick grin

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 15:25:03


Thanks Cinn grin

FGS. It had to be THE WORST one I've done, didn't it?

the shame

ApricotCrush Fri 09-Jan-15 15:25:45

Dammit, I went out and missed it, what did you post?

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 15:26:14


<Hits Preview Message>

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 15:28:53

New thread. New thread


SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 15:29:29

Jesus. Just shoot me now. Aramis, just doooo itttttttt.

MiladyBeaWinter Fri 09-Jan-15 15:46:47

Pfft go on the school run and miss all the fun. What did you post? Was it screen capped?

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 15:52:01

YES. One of the ones from FB. That should have stayed there grin

FurFoxAke Fri 09-Jan-15 15:55:43

Aww, g'wan what was it? grin
<marks place in a cunning way>

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 15:56:45

No. Too mortifying. I don't even know some people in here very well yet shock

LiviaDruscillaAugusta Fri 09-Jan-15 15:57:30

Hello wenches

Am I on the right thread now? The prospect of seeing Dog looking super duper hot tonight is stopping my brain from working!

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Fri 09-Jan-15 16:01:05

Hopefully I can make it up by posting this.

All four of them, which is always a bonus

We'll let TB off re the scarf cos he's funny. Howie errrrrr no.

FurFoxAke Fri 09-Jan-15 16:03:08

Oh. I always miss the good stuff sad
Could you describe it?

I'm actually looking forwards to tonight's episode, it looks like a good one.

FurFoxAke Fri 09-Jan-15 16:06:48

Lol, I didn't meant that in a I'm surprised to find I'm looking forward, more an I'm really looking forward type way...

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 09-Jan-15 16:10:35

Howie's shoes??!?

Love that bit at the end of the clip. Love it.

5 hours <squeeee>

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