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Nightwear with hidden bust support

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Carulli Fri 30-Oct-09 17:13:33

Hi. Does anyone know where you can get a nightdress that is feminine and pretty which has some bust support. Perhaps like those secret support swimming costumes? Ideally knee length. Don't care too much about the fabric. Have seen those at Bravissimo but a friend doesn't rate them. Thanks

Lulu19 Mon 05-Jul-10 20:15:39

I am starting up a business selling nightdresses that support the bust, for women like us who want to look glamourous despite either having a big bust with no silicone implants or having had children so everything is heading south! Are you still interested? We will be looking for people to try our designs.

Helium Mon 05-Jul-10 20:22:01

What a good idea - I would be interested in helping you. The only place you seem to be able to get anything is M&S and then they only do the vest top type things - a nighty would be great. I'm not that bothered about it looking glamourous (see-through or whatever!!)- just want something comfy, supportive and nighty-like.

Maryqueenofchocs Mon 05-Jul-10 20:39:01

Lulu can I join in too, 38d and very muchly would like nightwear with secret support....thank god someone is doing something at last!

makeupmummy Mon 05-Jul-10 20:47:34

Me too,please! 36DD,like bit security,bit glam too good!

WashIrving22 Mon 05-Jul-10 20:50:09

Oh my word Lulu - can I join in too? 34K and after 2 kids, all definitely heading south....have to wear a bra to bed otherwise v uncomfortable.
Sorry OP, not aware of anything apart from Bravissimo at the mo

Tootiredforgodtyping Mon 05-Jul-10 21:22:36

me too 34 F!

moragbellingham Mon 05-Jul-10 21:32:21

And me too. 32E but not where they used to be after a 2 and a 3 year old!

AlCrowley Mon 05-Jul-10 21:33:08

32GG here!!

Those M&S vests are just pointless for me, I spill out over the top sad

Bravissimo PJ's are OK, better than nothing but I'd prefer a bit more support than they provide.

I'd quite hapily be a guinea pig for something new Lulu.

moragbellingham Mon 05-Jul-10 21:34:35

Sorry Carulli, I would've suggested Bravissimo as I don't rate anything with the so called "secret support" from anywhere else.

WhatsWrongWithYou Tue 06-Jul-10 13:18:00

Can I sign up as a guinea pig too?

32E, was just about to plunge in and order a nightie from Bravissimo as they're finally doing a cotton one, but maybe I won't bother now.

Exactly how bad are they? I currently wear the only non-wired bra I could find in my size on Figleaves, which I wouldn't wear in the day but is better than nothing at night.

Would you not even recommend the Bravissimo ones for bed?

Maryqueenofchocs Tue 06-Jul-10 13:22:08

Lulu where are you?? Come back and save us from saggy boob at night syndrome!grin

KatyMac Tue 06-Jul-10 13:37:23

Me too

I don't want vest tops my arms get cold

Brushed Cotton, flannel even but please normal colours not baby pastels/red & black

MrsAMoose Tue 06-Jul-10 13:57:27

Me too please Lulu! [jumps on band-wagon]
32F and HATE nighties that have 2 bits of "string" over the shoulders, hold nothing up, or even in!!!, or together, and invariably end up swinging round me in the middle of the night and choking me. Bad enough that my baps end up in my armpits when I lie down.
Also - while I don't want a long-sleeved, to the ankle flannel one, my shoulders get a bit cold in a string one. I don't neccessarily want a silk negligee (sp??) but no flannel please.
PLUS... please no cutesy-pie kittens or dogs or princesses - (I am 37, not 7) or generally hideous 'transfer' pictures that I will burn with the iron and will look shit after 4 washes.
I have a vest thing that has elastane in the strings and it is slighty better as it moves with me when I turn round instead of hurting my shoulders and waking me.
God I am picky. But I have put ALOT of thought into this!!!!

LimaCharlie Tue 06-Jul-10 21:54:06

And me - not so bothered about run of the mill nighties as DH knows how saggy I am but would be nice to have something supportive if staying at someone elses house

PickUpYourPants Tue 06-Jul-10 22:32:10

And me 40E

MrsZuko Wed 07-Jul-10 09:24:43

Me too please - 34E and would love to have something to wear round the house on a weekend that doesn't involve struggling into a bra!

CrunchyNutCornflake Wed 07-Jul-10 09:27:25

Lulu I'd be interested also.

Sounds like your business would do well! From MN market research at least grin

KatyMac Wed 07-Jul-10 09:28:55

I hate the 'string' too - it cuts you in half or strangles you

Poodlehorse Wed 07-Jul-10 11:08:25

Can I wave a hello here too, I am a 32G and so some kind of support is essential and not just those shelf thingies as that just doesn't cut it with these babies.

I think your business idea sounds like a major go-er after all these replies! Would definitely be interested in being a guinea pig/buying.

I have been reduced to buying those vest type bra thingies from Charlotte and Co for those days when I need some kind of strapping down but can't face a bra or indeed to sleep in when I get hormonal boob pain and no support = no sleep, like this week.

I will admit to loving the bravissimo cami tops (daywear) with built in bras but do they HAVE to be so padded? I am big enough already!

MrsAMoose makes some very valid points

TheChewyToffeeMum Wed 07-Jul-10 13:21:11

Oooh me too. I have finally got round to throwing out all my nursing bras which I had been wearing in bed. I am comfy enough sleeping in a t-shirt style nightie (no spaghetti straps or cartoons please!) but I hate catching sight of myself in the mirror and seeing my previously perky 32Fs somewhat lower than I expect them to be!

Crumplet Wed 07-Jul-10 20:36:26

Sign me up! 30e. Best I have found so far is the Carriwell support bra (like a sports bra shape with some shaping to fit the boob in but no seams, very comfy and better than nothing/MandS/Bravissimo IMHO. Problems are 1. it aint cotton, 2.It's not as supportive as ideal, 3. It looks shit.HTH!

WhatsWrongWithYou Wed 07-Jul-10 22:57:26

I know what you mean, ChewyToffee, and I also would rather the DCs didn't see the full tragic truth!

tostaky Thu 05-Aug-10 15:09:33

I am a C-cup Lulu if you need someone!

Novascotia33 Thu 05-Aug-10 18:17:40

32DD I've been looking for something like described for bloody years, even before I had kids, haha. If Lulu doesn't come back I'll start the business myself, we need to set up a 'support' group smile

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