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WWW's 10 year younger bootcamp, all welcome, October 2008, it's autumn, hurrah!

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WideWebWitch Mon 29-Sep-08 12:02:42

Hello everyone, old and new.

This is about feeling better about yourself and looking and feeling better etc. But mainly we chat and laugh quite a lot, which has all got to help towards happiness etc.

The rules (anyone can join):

- Sunscreen at all times

- No or little booze. Wine or Champagne or whatever at the weekend is allowed if you want it

- Walking is important, a small amount every day if possible. 30 mins if you can

- Lots of water, aim for 2 litres a day

- Apply body cream as often as possible

- Use hand cream

- Go to bed early, by 10.30pm if pos

- Eat healthily

- Be happy

The idea is that we all feel happier, healthier and glow with the good food, sleep, exercise, water and lack of sun damage.

Some people are doing India and Neris's Idiot Proof Diet (Atkins, more or less), others are doing Slimy World, others are just being as healthy as possible.

Welcome everyone, have a good week.

WideWebWitch Mon 29-Sep-08 12:10:11

Well, I am going back to I&N in serious fashion since I've realised

a) carbs make me <ahem, whispers> ^fart!> I have really noticed this! ANYway, sorry for tmi but it has made me wonder whether my body really is happier without them

b) I LIKE the food I can eat on I&N, I just need to vary my lunches a bit

c) I'm not actually that bothered about sweet things and would prefer a lovely piece of lobster and mayo to, say, a piece of chocolate cake. Not that I like chocolate cake but ykwim. There are only certain sweet things I really like: butterscotch, toffees, brandy snaps (you don't see them about any more do you?), treacle tart... so since I can more or less take it or leave it I think I will go back to it

d) I do want to end this year a size 14 and I think it's completely achieveable esp if I do end up with 2 months off. I told myself this morning it will be 2 months to concentrate on being happy, spending time with my children and dh and taking stock.

So, today:

no eggs in the house so went to the garage after dropping children to school and bought some cheese sticks and pickle nad just ate the cheese nad not the pickle
and a handful of nuts
and water
and walked 2 miles, before 9.30am
then came back and cleaned the house
and have just eaten crayfish tails and mayo
drinking water
have taken my vitamins
used sunscreen

This is the week of the 11+ actual exam. There's one this week and another next week, ds is quite stressed, poor boy. So I am going to do my best to keep him calm and happy. Thank goodness I'm working at home 3 days so will be able to reassure him. Any tips gratefully received.

His tests from school (3 of them) came bajc on Friday asn were all passes so FINGERS crossed he will do the same on the day/s.

SixSpotBurnet Mon 29-Sep-08 12:17:12

Hello www, can I (re)join?

As usual, booze is my downfall and I know it is just unrealistic to say that I will only drink alcohol at weekends as all that happens then is that it becomes a binge and ruins the weekend. I actually think it is better for me to drink a little bit more often. So what I am aiming for is to have three completely dry nights in the week and to limit booze intake to, say, sharing a bottle of beer with DH before dinner and having one glass of wine with dinner.

Anyway, I saw Marina briefly yesterday and she was absolutely glowing so that has inspired me to rejoin!

Off to fill up big glass of water now...

Marina Mon 29-Sep-08 12:45:06

blush I say, SSB, that's very kind of you! It was a lovely afternoon, wasn't it, and great to see you again too. We must try and carve out lunch before the Great Leap Backwards sends us all back to our hearths where we belong, not out and about scaring the poor little men.
I am in too. I am taking 5-HTP, an l-tryptophan supplement for "generalised anxiety", and so far it has made me fall asleep during the denouement of a Poirot, and also while actually conversing with dh. I like it wink. So that is happiness covered, cheat stylee.
Did walk in crystalline late summer sun this morning, got karma when non-diet latte splurted attractively down my sleep/top hmm and am about to march off to Waitrose to shop for lunch.
I so envy you that 2 months off www. I had a day off on Friday and spent it hacking large lumps of ice off the freezer and doing Grumpy Shopping in the burbs.
Hope your innards are back to normal soon L&S and, er, yours too www!

WideWebWitch Mon 29-Sep-08 13:02:20

SSB of course you can re-join my love, welcome back! I have been crap on the no wine front for the past 2 weeks but am determined to get back into the swing of not drinking in the week, I KNOW I feel better for it.

But yes, you must do what's right for you, so if little and more often works then do it.

Ooh Marina, where do you get that? I asked myself on my walk this morning if I've always been this anxious and I think not...

batters Mon 29-Sep-08 13:54:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chutneymary Mon 29-Sep-08 14:01:27

Hello girls.... sorry for radio silence, been away eating and charging round, but things are calmer now so I'm back smile.

Good luck for DS WWW - hope it goes well and he is not too anxious.

Sympathies L&S on the tum - mine isn't great just now, so have awarded myself a day off to recuperate.

Marina, I know what you mean about months off - I feel that I could be fully occupied at home as it is, and I would be SO refreshed and relaxed. In good moments, I think of my impending ML and the chance to walk, keep on top of everything etc, but in low ones I just think "3 kids under 3 1/2 arrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh". Glad your supplements are helping.

Hello everyone else, hope you are all well. smile

chutneymary Mon 29-Sep-08 14:02:38

X posts Batters. I love Liz Earle stuff - have you tried the exfoliating face stuff? It is fabulous.

duckyfuzz Mon 29-Sep-08 14:24:16

hello lovely ladies I have seriously lapsed over the summer (previous incarnation was iamdingdong, this outfit suits my current mood better) but have just taken delivery of my wii fit and now that I have a computer to nag me and some new clothes I am back on track.

SSB booze is my downfall too, had 2 dry nights last week, but made up for it on the others hmm and batters I sympathise with you too, I had a stressful week last week and ate complete rubbish - I even sent DH out to buy more for me - he came back with caramac, yum! blush

WWW good luck to DS this week and next

Hello everyone else

Cammelia Mon 29-Sep-08 14:36:42

Good Luck to www ds, my top tips for exams are:

1. Mummy must appear to be totally calm
2. Ds must sleep lots, ie go to bed early every night from now until the exams are over
3. Ds must eat lots (brain uses up tons of energy)

Bootcamp - I have not been not drinking wine blush but am definitely giving up during the week from NOW ON

Exercise? Have put exercise clothing on today but realise this is NOT ENOUGH

LoveAndSqualor Mon 29-Sep-08 19:42:35

Cam, grin at exercise clothes

WWW, good luck to DS! Calm mother and lots of carbohydrates (my stepdad had some half-baked theory about eating pasta when you had exams) were my exam-busters. Bet you'll both be delighted when the week is over!

chutney, sorry you too are in the dicky-tum camp - any improvement?

Me - well, so thrilled am I by my returned appetite that I've been eating rather a lot today - tuna and avocado baguette for lunch, several pieces of malt loaf, and now just had three squares of chocolate and sipping my first glass of wine for a week(!). At computer, on deadline again, so must crack on - but had to come on to share with you the splendid (and I think bootcamp-erlicious) fact that I went today to get myself measured post-bfing and am now the proud possessor of THREE splendid new bras. Cost not a small amount of money; worth every penny grin.

TheDuchessOfNork Mon 29-Sep-08 20:28:21

Best of luck WWWs DS!! No advice I'm afraid, my plans for dealing with secondary education is to write a bloody large cheque. grin

I ache from a surfeit of gardening. I now plan to slash and burn prune an area of overgrown garden once a week and hope that there are aesthetic improvements in both the garden and me (particularly hoping for some 'arm tone').

Food mostly good but I stupidly bought a tub of M&S flapjack bites this morning and DH, DCs & I have almost eaten the lot.

Moisturiser good and lots of handcream too but the gardening has left my hands fit to grate cheese on. Tick for water. Tired but happy.

WideWebWitch Mon 29-Sep-08 20:47:37

Hello all and thanks for good wishes on 11+

some small sticks of cheese
some nuts
crayfish and mayo
spinach salad with fresh anchovies and tuna
a sausage
chicken legs

lots of water
no wine

stress a go go, big row with my family so ds and dd came in to me crying and crying tonight. Dh being wonderful and consoling. Twas ever thus. But this wasn't the best week for it. Went to school open evening, that was nice as dd sat on my lap and cuddled me and blew me kisses. I do love my children, they're fab.

Dh on a course this week and not back til late AND has homework
plus ds is worrying, thnaks for tips. I have been making his lunch for him, cleaned his room today so he has a lovely room and clean sheets and stuff. He's wanted a lot more cuddles than normal. I know the feeling.

LoveAndSqualor Mon 29-Sep-08 20:56:01

oh yes, WWW - *clean sheets*. My mum used to do this for me. There is nothing more soothing.

Sorry to hear about familial row - presuming this is wider family? Oh dear. Are they pests? Mine can be, but as a gene pool we don't go in for rowing (more stewers than shouters, much worse in the long run no doubt).

Ahem - look at me not doing my work. Double ahem - have ordered a takeaway blush blush. But I am woooooooorking and I'm huuuuuuungry <pathetic whine>. Going to chalk it up as post-vomit reward hmm grin

LoveAndSqualor Mon 29-Sep-08 20:56:27

meh. what's with my bolding? bold

LoveAndSqualor Mon 29-Sep-08 20:57:13

ah, better. So what I meant was clean sheets

LoveAndSqualor Mon 29-Sep-08 20:57:36

Right. Seriously, am going to do some work.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 29-Sep-08 21:01:46

Good luck for the 11+ www. Hope it all works out. Sorry about the family row. Shame you can't choose 'em isn't it?

lol at exercise clothes Cam. If only it was that easy smile

Bit stressed here - I have a gurgling, burping downstairs loo to contend with; some blockage in the drains probably caused by the builders up the road who seem to have a knack of making a mess of the whole street. Last week they blocked me in at school run time with the cement lorry. dh is on nights and I have visions of waking to a hall full of sewerage <grim>

dd has her MRI tomorrow - the radiographer called to warn me they're expecting it to take 2 hours! shock dd will not be best pleased. Plus she may have to have a contrast injection which will just about put the top hat on it. Have promised lunch at Pizza Express as a sweetener. There was a tome when I MacDonalds did the trick.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 29-Sep-08 21:03:15

A tome? time

Oh yes clean sheets. Bliss.

tortoiseshell Mon 29-Sep-08 21:05:03

Hello all - www, am delighted to see this new thread, as was about to go into kitchen and eat flapjack, but the shiny new thread has inspired me not to!

Www - hope your ds has a good week and does well on the 11+ - what a relief when it's all over!

Hello everyone else - hope you are all having good weeks.

I had a lovely weekend, and took ds1 and dd to the circus. I managed to lose ds1 (!) which was a bit scary - told him to stay in his seat while I took dd to the toilet in the interval, returned bearing ice creams and he had gone!!! But found him fairly quickly outside the big top and managed not to panic which was good!

Today I haven't really eaten anything at all - just not felt hungry, and have been on a cleaning mission - hoovered the living room, dusted the tv, swept all the cobwebs from round the coving, dusted, hoovered and POLISHED (note well please) the music room, CLEANED the top of the cooker which was disgusting, hoovered the breakfast room and kitchen, thoroughly hoovered the kids' bedroom (including taking all the boxes out and hoovering behind), cleaned our bedroom, put all the washing away, cleaned the sink in the bathroom.

I also walked to and from school - 1.5 miles. And have just been swimming with the children (which I count as good healthy exercise even though there's not THAT much swimming!). So a pretty good day activity wise.

My new plan is whenever I want to eat something unhealthy, to clean something instead. So I become thin and have a clean house! hmm not sure this is going to work.

My goals;

to be a bit thinner by end of October for our 'romantic getaway to a hotel for the first time since ds1 was born'.

to be significantly thinner by Christmas so I'm not hiding from the camera as usual and can get some nice new clothes.

to be thinner and fitter by Easter so can start thinking about having a last baby.

unknownrebelbang Mon 29-Sep-08 22:23:41

Yes, Saggars, it was Pecks. Was impressed. I feel all grown up now too - it's somewhere my mum and dad used to go years ago, but we've never got round to going until last week.

Also had Gilmore's at Uttoxeter recommended to me.

Positive vibes for Master www. Calmness required all round.

Hope those who have been unwell are beginning to feel better.

Sympathy to those suffering from stress/anxiety. My anxiety levels are through the roof at the moment. I know what's causing it, but every little thing is sending my stress levels sky.

Bootcamp ok.

Have conquered the need (so far) to send DH out for masses of chocolate, and can usually resist at the supermarket, but can't resist choc/biscuits bought into the office. Not masses so far, but I need to watch this, plus we've been baking at cubs and erm I was a bit norty...

I do have a happy note though - I have finally dropped into the next stone zone!

bundle Mon 29-Sep-08 22:32:51

am rubbish atm

did lots of walking to day though (3 times to school & back) even though feet hurting after weekend (civil partnership party well funky)

am trying to do some knitting to chill a bit smile

eemie Tue 30-Sep-08 11:00:39

Hello everyone

Have peeked in from time to time but not long enough to catch up. Glad to hear yoyo's great news though.

Gradually settling in new (rented) house and getting to like the area. Still dealing with fallout from the burglary, life not properly back on track. Further derailed by beloved uncle's death last week and hurried trip to Scotland for agonising funeral sad.

Still, it's a lovely walk to school and we're doing it twice most days. Dd settling happily and making friends. Puppy thriving. Cat successfully resettled. Found brilliant cleaner and hairdresser.

Old house still on market...

<hollow cackle>

Maybe we should just give up trying to tell as it seems the money wouldn't be safe in the bank anyway. Change my mind about this several times a day. Dh remains calm.

Doing well with sunscreen and water - my freckles not so bad as usual this year.

Have a good week everyone

batters Tue 30-Sep-08 18:17:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

duckyfuzz Tue 30-Sep-08 18:19:49

Happy Birthday and ditto, I too have been crap - DTs have been horrible, that's my excuse blush

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