How do you dress the middle age thickening waistline?

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ch33sy Fri 11-Jun-21 10:23:14

Doesn't help that I hate my arms and legs. Used to have good boobs and a waist, so wore fairly clingy clothing but it's definitely not working for me now I'm in my 50s

I'm a size 16/18. 5ft 7 ish, Short waisted, big boobed. Varicose veins so hate showing my legs. Arms aren't very toned but I'm trying to work on that. Have been living in jeggings and tops but my family have (fairly) tactfully suggested that I need to find a new style

Any thoughts would be very appreciated

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ExConstance Fri 11-Jun-21 13:47:52

Two options really. If you really want your old body back you need to work on that, Pilates is very good for toning up and maybe lose a few pounds? I speak from experience as at 64 I've proved that diet and exercise do work and lost 2.5 stone, taken up running again after 10 years and do pilates and yoga classes at the local leisure centre. I'm very nearly a size 10 again now and it feels so good.

If you are content with your shape but want to dress it better then this season is great with lots of longer dresses, trousers with draw string waists and longer billowy blouses. Plumo, Hush, Whistles as well as Fat FAce and white stuff should get you kitted out. The slightly covered up look is really in. Have a look at "Thats not my Age" on instagram for ideas. If it is your daughter who is urging "improvement" take her shopping with you. I have one son who studied fashion and he loves to come out with me to offer guidance.

Bryonyshcmyony Fri 11-Jun-21 13:50:25

I was similar and lived in sweatshirts, those wide track pants with a leopard stripe down the side and trainers. In the summer long dresses. I got sick of it, went low carb, started couch to 5k,.lost 2 stone and now wear whatever I fancy.

Bryonyshcmyony Fri 11-Jun-21 13:51:58

I'm 55

Nightbear Fri 11-Jun-21 14:01:51

Have you checked your bra size recently? Done the measurements and worked it out?

A bra that’s properly fitted makes every top look better.

Gillybobs Fri 11-Jun-21 14:13:14

I am very similar size, height and shape.

Have you tried mom jeans? Terrible name, brilliant shape and more on trend than skinnies or jeggings

I wear mine with nice white trainers or leather sliders. Footwear is everything... can make or break an outfit imho.

I find a very loose front tuck with the back of my top left out works for my shape

I've bought this in navy and in white as the shape is so flattering!8125!3!331554512765!!!g!533175102913!&cm_mmc=PLA-_-Google1706109521-_-66694160575-_-40294466&gclid=Cj0KCQjwk4yGBhDQARIsACGfAeuDzuz1QM5OhWqlK5mCZXfbcpO5PwLFnS4gVqw-M-MFXWcVK4vv2e8aAqriEALw_wcB

I also find cotton shirts/blouses more forgiving and flattering than clingy tops, this one in blue is my current favourite

ch33sy Fri 11-Jun-21 16:36:32

Thanks everyone, I joined a running club in April and am running twice a week without fail but my weight has stayed the same. sorting my diet is harder although I am trying.

@Nightbear I think my bra fits ok, But I will get a fitting when I can next get to bravissimo

@ExConstance I'll have to look at those suggestions. My daughter would dress me head to toe in back pleather 

@Gillybobs I have never tried mom jeans. I assumed they would look terrible, But I don't like wearing anything with buttons around my waist so I'll have to look for pull on versions, I also don't like wearing cotton as I struggle to iron stuff. (These are disability related rather than just dislikes) jersey has been my friend for many many years... I do really like the Boden v neck top, but I would wear it with my jeggings 🤦‍♀️

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ginghamtablecloths Fri 11-Jun-21 16:42:46

I would suggest that you wear semi-tailored styles which 'skim' rather than cling or flare out so that your silhouette appears to be elongated. A v-neck (not too low) can also have this effect, three-quarter length sleeves can look appealing with a hemline which is just below the knee.

osbertthesyrianhamster Fri 11-Jun-21 16:54:27

Floaty dresses! I also just bought a gorgeous tunic dress from Monsoon. I'm not interested in changing my diet, I like food too much and I can't low carb as I can't eat any dairy, but I do have quite toned legs and arms.

I have some drawstring bag shorts from Mango that are super flattering.

Gillybobs Fri 11-Jun-21 17:15:24

I think the boden tops are too short for jeggings. Why not try the tops with the boden harem trousers, they are lovely and soft and look on trend with nice trainers . Or a pair of Jersey palazzo trousers if you dont like the cuffed style of the harems?!8125!3!490640723243!!!g!1118440343513!&cm_mmc=PLA-_-Google12030013160-_-119054664431-_-40297269&gclid=Cj0KCQjwk4yGBhDQARIsACGfAetQjaiiyBtxn-LxhcXlnkWZc7G7QikL0AUzNcCphLCO2GDHpSHue84aApTNEALw_wcB

bingowingsmcgee Fri 11-Jun-21 18:18:59

I'm your size and shape, and I look best in v neck or low scoop neck dresses, that are fitted-ish but not tight. For your veins, get some decent flesh coloured tights (you can get them with a sandal toe)

ch33sy Sat 12-Jun-21 09:55:04

Thanks all, I'm going to have a wander around the shops this morning unless it gets too busy.

@Gillybobs I like the look of those harem trousers but had assumed they weren't going to suit due to not being stick thin.

@bingowingsmcgee I'll have another look at tights but I gave up in the past as the ones which were thin enough for summer weren't hiding the veins. And they are worse since then sad

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BusterGonad Sat 12-Jun-21 11:39:23

Is there anyone who has a similar shape to you? I personally don't think loose stuff will work as I tend to think the looser the clothes the bigger you'll look. I think maybe tailored straight leg trousers with a flat front work wonders, for a more casual look you try some lift and shape jeans, I had some Levis ones and they did indeed lift my bum and shape my tummy. Good tops for big boobs and thick waists are wrap around tops that tie at the waist to one side. They flatten your tummy and draw the eye away from your lower half. Do not go down the peasant top route, or big floaty tops that hang straight down from your bust, you will look square and shapeless. I personally think a little flare on jeans or trousers will balance you out but beware of looking too 90s, they need to be the new shape not the old.

BusterGonad Sat 12-Jun-21 11:41:34

By flat front I mean that the trousers are flat on your tummy, a bit like the ones that do up with buttons to the side or have an extended bit where the button isn't directly on the biggest part of your tummy.

woodhill Sat 12-Jun-21 11:44:23

The peasant tops are so unflattering and make most boobs look enormous with yokes and the billowing sleeves are ghastly on me

Wrap tops are good

123fushia Sat 12-Jun-21 11:52:00

Lots of nice stuff for summer here which might suit you.

Buggerthebotox Sat 12-Jun-21 11:52:10

I feel your pain. I was the same at around 50 and struggled with my middle (still do, if I'm honest).

I just lost the weight. I'm still prone to putting on weight but as far as I'm concerned it's also about health. I'm a 28 waist, struggle every day but it's worth it for me because I can pretty much wear what I like.

I'm looking at some nice popover tops from French Connection: would those suit? Basically deep v but stomach - skimming.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Sat 12-Jun-21 12:09:22

Yoga pants. Mine were from M & S, but they don't seem to have them now. They are more 'bootleg' than the harem, and balance me out, and disguise my fat knees. Not saying you have fat knees. I tend to wear Italianish tops, not too baggy as it looks like I'm that shape all the way down otherwise. They skim the thick of waist, and if the fabric is fine, don't add extra bulk.

woodhill Sat 12-Jun-21 12:33:39

I find the gathered at the bottom tops not too bad either. I am long waisted so slightly different for me

SwimBaby Sat 12-Jun-21 16:31:50

I bought these from Hush.

Gillybobs Sat 12-Jun-21 16:33:26

Quite the opposite OP re the boden Harems, they have a nice fold over waist that flattens the tummy and there is enough fabric in the leg to be flattering but not add width.
I'm wearing mine now with a nice batwing breton from joules which is a great shape for apples as it isn't clingy like many bretons

SwimBaby Sat 12-Jun-21 16:34:51

I’m early 50’s and a similar size to you but shorter. I wanted some comfortable clothes that I could mix and match. I bought these clothes from Hush and then added a few bits from New Look and now have lots of outfits. I also bought a couple of midi length dresses that have elastic at the waist but aren’t fitted and they are flattering.

WornOutWorm Sat 12-Jun-21 17:03:16

I would firstly tell my family to piss off . Then lecture them of wonders of boosting the confidence of fellow human beings.

I personally wear a lot of dresses with leggings , midi ones with shorts . I wear long sleeved or 3/4 length sleeve as my arms are wobbly at the top. I wear a good fitting bra and nothing to tight on my waist . I’m almost 50 and a size 16 and I’m 5’5”

PaulHollywoodsLowHangingFruit Sat 12-Jun-21 18:12:18

I get a lot of joy from Next and Phase eight.

I wear tunics with Roman original cropped capri trousers

Next maxi swing dress is excellent - just go down 2 sizes
]Next sculpt leggings in slim fit are excellent - just wear with at least a hip length top.

Next linen culottes are excellent- elasticated waist and pull on. Very flattering

Swing tops from Phase eight with asymmetric hem

PaulHollywoodsLowHangingFruit Sat 12-Jun-21 18:16:29

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