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What sort of things do you wear/where do you shop if you’re apple shaped?

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DragonLegs Fri 19-Jun-20 19:37:12

I’m more of an apple shape now and have no idea how to dress! I’m going back into the workplace in September and am finding it hard to visualise clothing on slim models into my apple shaped body! I’m about a size 16.

Where do you shop? And what do you wear?

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dementedma Fri 19-Jun-20 19:39:08

Watching with interest

StCharlotte Sat 20-Jun-20 00:30:04

I'm an apple.

First of all, make sure you're wearing the right size and secondly, play to your strengths.

I tend to wear slim fitting bottoms (as I have good legs like most apples) and well fitting tops that finish on the hips (to hide that lovely apple belly smile). The French tuck is not for us.

I've moved away from leggings and tunics and my collection of scarves and tend to keep it simple these days. I wear slim/pencil skirts and longer tops. But then I also wear short A-Line skirts and little sweaters or shirts.

I do wear dresses. Either skater style which are surprisingly flattering or empire line which if they're well enough designed will give the illusion of a waist.

Avoid shirtwaisters and anything with a tie waist.

A colleague often compliments me on my style so I guess it's working.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Sat 20-Jun-20 00:39:39

I find Uniqlo leggings trouser and ezy trousers are good for not needing to be hitched up all the time (because of having a large waist and narrow hips). They're two way stretch which helps with not riding low at the back if you bend down.

TheFormidableMrsC Sat 20-Jun-20 00:47:16

I'd have a look at Cos.

StCharlotte Sat 20-Jun-20 00:47:28

I live in these at the moment. I have five pairs - 3 navy, one black and one in the dark red. They fit really well and are quite smoothing over the stomach if you did want to wear a shorter top.

Fortunately my wardrobe is pretty full as my shops of choice (Debenhams, Oasis, Monsoon etc) are going by the board now. I have a few "staples" from Boden.

Lockdownhairdontcare Sat 20-Jun-20 11:04:55

7/8 or peg leg trousers
Flared jean/mom jean folded to show good ankles
Simple tops
Waterfall or well cut blazer
Shirt dresses to allow v neck, cinched in waist
Always good skincare, daytime makeup and groomed hair/nails

brianyslife Sat 20-Jun-20 11:08:43

I wear allot of summer dresses like these ones and if it's a bit chilly wear thin leggings or tights underneath I'm very much a dress person though

MaudesMum Sat 20-Jun-20 12:02:19

Another Apple here! I'd second Cos, but you really do need to try them on, as sometimes their stuff is almost too voluminous - sometimes something that fits over the shoulders/bust and then skims the rest of you works best. But their dresses, and a lot of their tops/shirts are brilliant, and can work well in office environments, especially if they're quite funky offices (lots of architects wear Cos, for example!). I tend to team their tops/shirts with straight legged jeans/trousers, and then maybe a jacket over the top - and would agree that the uniqlo trousers mentioned earlier are a very good bet. I've also given up on skirts - so quite frequently end up wearing jumpers/cardigans etc over dresses in order to make them a bit more casual. It might also be worth looking at Kin - the funky end of John Lewis, and even (especially in the sale) Toast.

ExpectingToFly Sat 20-Jun-20 13:39:36

I've been following this facebook page and see lots of ladies looking gorgeous in hell bunny jumpsuits, they seem to work on a variety of body shapes. I like the blue one

MrsEricBana Sat 20-Jun-20 14:08:19

Reading with interest as my winter stuff is skinny jeans plus ponchos but no good in summer.

BlueCowWonders Sat 20-Jun-20 14:16:31

Agree with slim bottoms. Looser tops but not flowy, and not too long. Always a V neck and bracelet length sleeves work well
Dresses are usually a good call - keep them shortish. Also agree up thread that a shirtwaister can be disastrous!

BlueCowWonders Sat 20-Jun-20 14:23:54

These M& S dresses have worked well for me in case you're looking for summer/ early autumn clothes but I've had to turn up the hem just a couple of cm to prevent frumpiness

grownup2 Sat 20-Jun-20 15:12:32

Definite apple here, recommending M&S High waist jeggings - smart, slim, not too much like leggings, many classy and fun colours, wash well, good stretchy hold at waist but not too tight - and brilliant value at £15 or some colours even half price atm. These have become the basis of my wardrobe, with hip or thigh-length tops. Such a slimming effect that my mother accuses me of getting fat if I ever wear anything else.
And yes to v neck or scoop neck and bracelet or 3/4 sleeves. I don't know if other apples are like me, but I spent years thinking I had short arms, when I actually have almost no shoulders. A lot of shirts drown me.
Having no waist does make it difficult to find clothes so I thought i'd try this waist sculpting, back health exercise as it's easy
It's too early to talk about results but I can really feel it gently working my muscles. Anyone else tried it?

BlueCowWonders Sat 20-Jun-20 15:45:49

'A lot of shirts drown me'

Yes! Just far too much fabric for this apple! Have never felt comfortable unless shirt sleeves are rolled up, but even then a shirt isn't great for apples.

SoloMummy Sat 20-Jun-20 17:00:22


I wear allot of summer dresses like these ones and if it's a bit chilly wear thin leggings or tights underneath I'm very much a dress person though

I liked the look of those. Then I saw the sizing guide.
Though I'm a 16 I always prefer looser so would go for 16-18 for that style. A real shame.

ShimmeringIce Tue 25-Aug-20 23:19:55

Can we resurrect this thread for autumn/winter? I’m really struggling to not look pregnant/feel constricted sad. I was wondering about holey jumpers or sheer-ish tops layered over vests and skinnies..? They tend to be polyester though and I want flattering comfort!
I lived in shirred-waist dresses last winter, but that seems a bit too dressy for wfh 🤷🏼‍♀️

IVORNOIDEA Wed 26-Aug-20 00:07:42

Phase Eight is generally good for apples

grownup2 Wed 26-Aug-20 02:14:50

M&S high waist jeggings come in some good autumn colours at £15. They are very forgiving - stretchy enough to be worn close fitting but substantial enough fabric to look smart, not baggy if you go up a size. I'd be lost without them.

grownup2 Wed 26-Aug-20 02:20:26

Consider a jumpsuit with a loosish waist - can give a streamlined look. I've had good ones from Thought and White Stuff.

ShimmeringIce Wed 26-Aug-20 08:37:16

I’ll check out all of those, thanks! Would love some individual piece recommendations though, I often add stuff to my basket then decide I can’t be bothered with the (almost) inevitable disappointment and returns.
Do the M&S jeggings look ok across the crotch? I can’t find any tops long enough to hide that area that aren’t tent-like or clingy sad

FUTeams Wed 26-Aug-20 08:59:23

I would like to put in a good word for the Toast Gabi pull on trousers. They are the only pair of trousers I can sit in all day without having to undo the top button. Elasticated waist. They are expensive but so worth it for me. And no camel toe so I can wear with slightly shorter tops. I have a 12 when I usually have to get a 14 (or sometimes a 16) to fit around my stomach.
I have the M&S jeggings which are good quality and value but I can only wear with a really long top to avoid giving too much of an eyeful. And maybe I'm wearing too small a size in them (14) but after sitting in them for 10 mins I've usually rolled them down to my crotch. (easier to do when wfh).

GrimDamnFanjo Wed 26-Aug-20 09:21:28

Any recommendations for tops?
I picked up a couple from M&S over the summer but I really struggle with this.

ShimmeringIce Wed 26-Aug-20 16:04:10

I bought a couple of poncho type tops at the garden centre today <free falls to middle age> I’ve also ordered M&S jeggings in 5 colours... wish me luck!
I would still like to find some less voluminous soft cotton/linen/viscose tops though.

dudsville Wed 26-Aug-20 16:22:19

"Fit and flare " dresses and wide leg trousers with tucked in or belted tops both give a pretty silhouette and are comfortable!

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