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Big thighs! Pear-shapes! Please whinge here!

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hermitlady Thu 16-Feb-17 16:09:41

I’m a pear-shape and have a frustrating time finding clothes that fit me properly. If I can manage to get jeans over my thighs, they end up gaping hugely around the waist. Dresses are too loose around the boobs and I have to wear spaghetti vests under nearly all my tops because the neckline and armpit gaps are so low. Anyone else have these problems?

I went looking for a good UK fashion blog that’s aimed at pear-shapes and couldn’t find many, just the odd US-based one. So I’m starting my own. It seems a little crazy for a woman who buys her jeans from ASDA to blog about fashion, but I like experimenting with my look and I’m fed up with fashion advice that says “wear A-Line skirts” like that will solve all my problems.

My main gripes with current advice are around the focus on “minimising problem areas” as if my beautiful derriere is a high crime zone, the A-line obsession, and anything that suggests I wear heels every day. (Nope. Not gonna happen.)

So my fellow bottom-heavy beauties, tell me what frustrates you about fashion and fashion advice?

sunshineglitterprincess Thu 16-Feb-17 16:54:04

Dresses. I hate anyone who suggests dresses. I've seen it on threads on here, on capsule wardrobe posts, work wear, holiday packing, everyone suggests bloody dresses. Now don't get me wrong I love dresses - to look at! I can't wear them cos they either got my but but are huge on my top or fit my top but sooo tight around my rather large post-pregnancy tummy. Never mind dealing with thunder-thighs thigh rub. I need the opposite of pepperberry who do some lovely dresses for the well endowed (im a 32gg so hardly little myself) but smaller on the bum. I need the opposite.

That's my rant and winge.

sunshineglitterprincess Thu 16-Feb-17 16:55:20

That was meant to say fit my butt not got my but. I should obviously check before hitting post

spankhurst Thu 16-Feb-17 17:03:05

Same. We need Berrypepper.

InTheDessert Thu 16-Feb-17 17:06:49

I'm probably an overweight hourglass.
But I must have extra fat thighs. Buying trousers is a nightmare. Wide legged stuff is usually the only stuff I can get up to see how gaping the waist is.
Don't narrow it just to pears, but consider others who struggle for what ever reason to get stuff over their thighs.

And post a link when you are up and running, please!

Acornantics Thu 16-Feb-17 17:19:58

Tall pear here (5ft 11, 12 top, 14 bottom) just discovered M&S Ozone straight leg jeans, that holy grail of 'fit on waist without need for belt and they fit comfortably in the thigh region!' Not particularly cool/stylish, but they fit and they're really comfortable.

Wide legged work trousers are my friend, anything else either won't go over my thighs or if they do, just really aren't at all flattering. I have a gorgeous black Jaegar jersey dress with pockets (outlet store) which is SO flattering, it skims my thighs and shows off small waist.

Weekends I spend in jeggings with long tunics (white stuff, m and s),or aforementioned jeans with jumpers or Breton type tops.

nobeer Thu 16-Feb-17 17:30:45

Ooh yes! I'll join you. I'm a size 6-8 on top and God knows around my hips. I have a small waist and I don't mind my bum. But I just can't find trousers. I'm wearing tesco jeggings which squeeze over my thighs. Recently tried some size 12 jeans in Next. Rubbish. I find 50s style dresses work. My toddler cried "Nooo! Too small!" in Warehouse when I was trying on a size 8 shift dress. It was fine on top, but I could never walk in it grin

RainbowHash Thu 16-Feb-17 18:44:50

Hello! I've found my people! Size 10/12 top and 16 bottom. Sooo frustrating trying to buy clothes. And oh how I long for a proper swimming costume. Am stuck with bikinis.

Have even thought about starting making my own clothes with a view to starting a pear shaped range for public sale. (Just need to learn how to design and make clothes first). And I have size 9 feet - but that's for another thread I think.

Despite my odd sizing, I'm okay with my body, apart from the few pounds I could do with losing. I will support OP's blog wholeheartedly and watch this thread for any tips! I've got none :-(

Lebranic Thu 16-Feb-17 19:03:53

Me too! I just feel so uncomfortable in jeans as they constrict my massive thighs. I remember the 90's were a good look for me, baggy jeans/trousers and tight tops. The current style of tight bottoms and loose tops make me look bigger than I am. I love clothes but I never look how I want to. Wardrobe stuffed with clothes and can never find anything to wear. Sad face.

NotAUserNumberSoNotATroll Thu 16-Feb-17 19:08:03

Me!!! 8/10 top, 14 thighs
Fat face jeans at the moment in the slim cut which manage to contain the wobble enough and are quite high waisted so with a belt at least the gape on sitting down doesn't reveal too much!

picklemepopcorn Thu 16-Feb-17 19:18:48

My best style, as a 5'7" pear, is empire and princess line clothes. I maximise my bust and wear a high waisted dress or one with panels which fit my upper body then flare out over the hips, never to touch again! Deep V necks, sweetheart squares and scoops to keep all eyes on the cleavage...

That works brilliantly for ages, but now I've just got a bit too big all over for anything to work. I've hit the Dawn French 'too round for my height' point, sadly.

Thigh chafing is evil. Peacocks make some very light leggings, which are great instead of tights.

Trousers are evil. Hipsters are extra evil.

OutrageousFlavourLikeFreesias Thu 16-Feb-17 19:24:50

I've just started making my own clothes for this exact reason! Found a few simple dress patterns that I've modified a few times to vary things, and very happy with how it's working out so far.

Good quality stretch jersey is a wonderful, wonderful thing. grin

CardiCorgi Thu 16-Feb-17 20:26:29

Well, a tip if you're making your own is to see if you like patterns by the Canadian company Sewaholic as she designs for small-busted pears.

Re. jeans, I've had some luck with Gap.

Rumdoodler1 Thu 16-Feb-17 20:32:22

I wear the Gap curvy jeans and, though a bit big in the waist, they are comfy over my ginormous bottom and generous thighs.

snowone Thu 16-Feb-17 20:35:55

I have massive legs.....including calves! I LOVE knee boots but finding a really decent pair for a larger leg is a nightmare! Makes me feel sad every winter!! sad

TheSpottedZebra Thu 16-Feb-17 20:38:20

Me! I'm in.
I lament the fact that Levison Curve have now gone.

I don't mind not wearing dresses (apart from jersey ones, on a very very very rare occasion), but the back gappage is my nemesis. I want to be able to sit down without showing my pants!

TheSpottedZebra Thu 16-Feb-17 20:39:26

I too have sturdy calves, and er - no ankles. Calf to foot, no messing.
It's fine though - have you ever heard of a broken cankle?

whatiswrongwithyou Thu 16-Feb-17 21:14:33

I could have written your post op - especially the having to wear spaghetti vests under everything!

Anybody found the holy grail pair of jeans yet? at least 96% cotton...

Judydreamsofhorses Thu 16-Feb-17 21:21:31

I am a 10 top with a v small waist and 12 bottom with a v wide arse. I wear mainly high waisted jeans - skinny or mom - and fitted, tucked in tops. Body, slightly cropped tops are good on me too (with a vest underneath to prevent any gaps!) I am actually a big fan of an a-line skirt at this time of year, often with skinny rib polo necks.

hermitlady Thu 16-Feb-17 22:06:07

Wow, thanks for your fabulous responses! You guys are awesome!

At the moment I'm a 12/14 top, 16 /18 thighs. At my most disproportionate I was a 12 top and 20 thighs! Gravity appears to be levelling this a little. Not sure how I feel about that hmm.

I struggle with dresses because I can't hardly find any that fit, but yes 50s and high waist are the best. Most other styles either make me look short because they are too long or barely cover the cheeks because they are too short! Anyway, it's ridiculous that summer = dresses. Thigh sweat running down my legs. Yuck. To me, autumn = dresses. Opaque tights and hope they don't bunch at the ankles, ha ha.

Glad to hear that there are a few other jeans and leggings to try. This is wonderfully helpful! I'll definitely let you know all when I'm online!

FiveShelties Thu 16-Feb-17 22:12:17

Snall bum, but huge legs. Trying to get jeans or boots to fit is a nightmare. I look like a squashed in sausage in straight leg and as for jeggings, can't even get them on. I would have to have a size 20 to get some to fit my legs but am a 12. I usually try on 100 pairs of jeans to find one which almost fits, could never wear without a belt as they would fall down - not a pretty sight. grin

TheLongRider Thu 16-Feb-17 22:14:51

I love Salsa jeans, usually available in House of Fraser. Not cheap, but they last and wear well. I have a 28" waist, 37" hips and 23" thighs. I'll never have slim legs but I'm proud of them, they can carry me around a 200 mile bike ride without falling off!

Straight leg jeans work well on me, bootlegs make me look stumpy. Wide legs are variable. Fitted tops with a defined waist line and fine knit jumpers, nothing baggy or batwing and I'd like more square necked tops.

BeBesideTheSea Thu 16-Feb-17 22:20:50

My people! I am an overweight hourglass too. I hate muffin tops more than anything, so don't want a tight waist, but I want to wear trousers without gaping back.

In the summer I love linen trousers with an elasticated back, but can't find jeans, smart work trousers, anything for autumn to spring.

I wear empire line or wrap dresses, with a deep v neck (or my boobs look like a shelf). But I am too old for them to be higher than just below the knee, so finding the right length is a struggle.

Good luck in your quest.

MissWimpyDimple Thu 16-Feb-17 22:24:39

I'm in! I'm ridiculously pear shaped. I'm a pretty much bang on perfect 10 on top but have the shortest fattest legs ever and the widest part of me is around the top of my thighs.

Ollycat Thu 16-Feb-17 22:29:44

Hobbs Amanda Jeans are amazing! Not denim but stretch cotton (in a variety of colours - truly amazing!! (Size down though)

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