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Battered-looking boots wanted....

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PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 21:51:54

Hello, I'm at the end of my tether and unless you guys can help me I'm just going to wear flip flops all winter and probably get frostbite. So no pressure grin

I really want some ankle/calf boots. I want to wear them with dresses and skinny jeans. I would really like grey but will settle for black. But I REALLY REALLY want them to look tough and weathered and like I've had them for 15 years and wear them to work on a building site. Also they MUST be flat, sturdy and leather (suede is not my friend). The other thing is that I have big feet.

So far I like:

these but not brown
these but they look a bit shiny

these but they are too tight at the top - I feel I need some volume around the ankle to stop my feet looking disproportionate (which they are!!!)

I would be so grateful if anyone could help......

JustCallMeKate Thu 27-Oct-16 21:56:05

any good

PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 22:02:52

Wow!!! Yes!!!! Not in my size but could size up and wear socks!!

Amazing! Thank you flowersstarchocolate

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive Thu 27-Oct-16 22:03:56

I have a seven year old pair of fly boots size five that I frequently wear while doing art projects. Would they suffice?
Guessing the size five would be a no.

PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 22:05:10

They would probably be perfect except for the size!!!!

TweenageAngst Thu 27-Oct-16 22:06:00

Frye make distressed boots try these

FlapsTie Thu 27-Oct-16 22:07:46

I have the ugg simmens in brown and they are truly boots of joy. I've had them two weeks and worn them every day (we walk miles) and they have already gained a worn in look, but in a good way.

PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 22:10:51

They are lovely too!! Look at these !!! But not available for my boat-like feet sad

leccybill Thu 27-Oct-16 22:11:11

I've got these Kurt Geiger grey

leccybill Thu 27-Oct-16 22:12:28

Gah- that didn't work.
KG by Kurt Geiger in Lead

PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 22:13:26

Oh really Flaps? I have a pair of ugg knee high leather boots and they are 2 years old. I have also walked for miles in them and I adore them - that's what made me go to if as my first port of call. Is the leather authentic looking in real life? I mean, do they look a bit like real working boots?

SwedishEdith Thu 27-Oct-16 22:17:31


FlapsTie Thu 27-Oct-16 22:18:57

Yes they really do. I'll post a photo tomorrow if you like (I'm in bed now), but they look properly weathered and 'real'. I love them.

PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 22:19:16

these ones leccy?

JDSTER Thu 27-Oct-16 22:19:41

I've got the boots linked by kate. They are by Hudson and I have another pair, different style but still battered looking when you buy them I buy locally from jules b. But they also have an online store

FlapsTie Thu 27-Oct-16 22:21:46

I should say the top bit of the simmens is suede but the actual boot bit is real leather.

TheSpottedZebra Thu 27-Oct-16 22:22:30

House of fraser have those hudsons in a 5 for 116 it seems.

PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 22:23:30

They are also lovely Swedish!!!

Thanks Flaps (I'm in bed too!!)

PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 22:26:55

All those h by Hudson ones are lovely. Look at these !!! They aren't what I need, but they are lovely!!

PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 22:28:19

zebra size 5 is woefully inadequate for me, to my despair. Honestly, if I could change one thing about my appearance it wouldn't be my fat or wrinkles or stretch would be my shoe size!!!

PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 22:29:00

JD are they comfy??

Jbck Thu 27-Oct-16 22:50:50

geox lace ups kind of grey looking

Jbck Thu 27-Oct-16 22:53:10

OP what size are you to help the search, I have comically tiny feet at least everyone thinks its ok to laugh at them hmm

PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 22:55:26

Wow, those take it to a whole new level!! I wonder if it looks really fake in the flesh....because if not they are just lovely! I think they are a bit tall for what I want, but I'm so chuffed that my needs are being taken seriously by you lovely S&B people!

PersisFord Thu 27-Oct-16 22:56:46

Im off to sleep to mull it over. I think I might get the h for Hudson ones and the uggs and try them on as a start - they seem the most practical!! But how lovely to have so many options!!

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