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Do you wear shorts in the summer and what size are you?

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JemimaMuddledUp Fri 29-Jul-16 19:07:15

I never wear shorts, I don't even own a pair. But we are going on a camping holiday next week, with lots of time on the beach, cycling, walking etc. It just strikes me that shorts with a t-shirt and a hoody for if its chilly is going to be much more practical than jeans.

I'm a size 12, no neither thin nor massive. I have quite chunky thighs though, and a varicose vein that I'm really self conscious of. Will I look ridiculous in shorts?

Missgraeme Fri 29-Jul-16 19:08:04

Alas at 45 my short days are long gone. .

JemimaMuddledUp Fri 29-Jul-16 19:10:09

I'm not yet 40 but I have never worn shorts. I used to be much bigger though, until I lost 6 stone.

By the way I wasn't thinking Daisy Dukes, more respectable length chino shorts.

SweetChickadee Fri 29-Jul-16 19:10:20

I'm 40 size 12 quite nice legs, with a bit of fake tan on

I live in shorts in summer

KP86 Fri 29-Jul-16 19:10:39

Of course you can wear shorts!

If you're feeling a bit self conscious, find some that are close to knee length. There are heaps around at the moment.

Remember, at the end of the day, everyone is usually too concerned about how they are looking to be worried about you.

Even at 45, you are not too old for shorts! My mum is 53 and rocks her mid-thigh shorts. She has much nicer legs than me.

dementedpixie Fri 29-Jul-16 19:10:58

Age 42, size 18/20 and Wear shorts

annabelcaramel Fri 29-Jul-16 19:11:16

If you feel you will be too self conscious in shorts how about some of the 3/4 length workout trousers you can get these days (which seem to be worn as high fashion in these parts too). Loads of colours available, fold up very small, don't crease and mega comfy. Plus dry quick in the rain.

SweetChickadee Fri 29-Jul-16 19:11:25

haha yeah not daisy dukes grin

mid thigh or longer

dementedpixie Fri 29-Jul-16 19:11:49

Cropped lightweight trousers are good too. I have a pair on today

Gardencentregroupie Fri 29-Jul-16 19:12:26

I'm 35 and have a lovely pair of shorts from Fat Face in a 14 this year. Last year I had shorts in a 16, lost some weight in the last year. Neither this year nor last saw anyone swooning in horror or shielding the eyes of their young at the sight of my big white legs. Big but shapely and toned mind you.

Bananajam Fri 29-Jul-16 19:12:34

I'm 46 and I still wear shorts - not short shorts but not knee length shorts either! I have a great navy pair from Gap and several denim pairs. I'm a size 12/14 with reasonable legs. Mostly people on holiday are more worried about what they're wearing to worry about you. wink

Marmighty Fri 29-Jul-16 19:13:34

Started wearing shorts when I moved to warmer climes. I have legs I'd rather no one saw but have got over it now for the convenience of shorts. I think shorts look best either just above the knee or really quite short, the mid length shorts are least flattering for thighs

Gardencentregroupie Fri 29-Jul-16 19:14:40

OP the only people who look even close to ridiculous in summer are those that are clearly dressed in an uncomfortable or impractical manner due to obvious self consciousness. I promise hand on heart that nobody will bat an eyelid at a woman doing active things on a summers day in a pair of shorts. Unless it's summer in the Arctic I suppose.

MiddleClassProblem Fri 29-Jul-16 19:17:40

I like board shorts or cotton basketball shorts (baggy knee length) I'm a bit of a Tom boy.

RowenaDahl Fri 29-Jul-16 19:21:40

Mid 40s, size 12 and about 9.5 stone.

I'm quite slim but chunky of thigh so I don't wear shorts anymore. I feel more comfortable in skirts or chopped off trousers. I need to buy some short shorts for my next visit to the osteopath. Not really looking forward to that......

BlurtonOnKites4eva Fri 29-Jul-16 19:22:26

I'm a size 14 with lots of stretch marks and cellulite and I wear short shorts when it's hot.

Thefitfatty Fri 29-Jul-16 19:22:53

Wearing my size American 12 (what is that in uk? 16) shorts today. I'm fucking gorgeous

JemimaMuddledUp Fri 29-Jul-16 19:23:39

Thank you for your comments.

I've got some cropped running leggings, which I sometimes wear for walking (mainly as they dry really quickly). But I thought shorts would be better for paddling etc if we actually see the sun.

The ridiculous thing is I swim several times a week and wander around totally confidently chatting to people in a swimsuit. But the thought of shorts in public really scares me!

SweatyBettyHelp Fri 29-Jul-16 19:24:20

Size 12, 36

TheFairyCaravan Fri 29-Jul-16 19:26:57

I'm 45, size 8 with skinny legs. I wear shorts. Next chino shorts are great. These.

I like denim shorts,too. Not really short ones though!

calamityjam Fri 29-Jul-16 19:27:01

Age 39 size 12 and yes I do especially in this weather.

APotterWithAHappyAtmosphere Fri 29-Jul-16 19:27:47

Age 40, size 22, wear shorts on holiday or days out but wouldn't generally wear them to the shops.

I feel more crap and self conscious if I'm sweltering!

hollieberrie Fri 29-Jul-16 19:31:20

No, beacuse they just dont suit me. I'm a size 8-10 but short. I have tried shorts many times but they just don't work with my short legs. Dresses and skirts flatter me much more. Dont worry about size, i think its more about body shape, leg length etc.

user7755 Fri 29-Jul-16 19:31:39

I am 43 (next week) size 10 but biggish thighs and a bit of cellulite. Spent years trying to hide my legs and over the last couple of years have decided, fuck it. I wear denim shorts and linen shorts and I don't care if anyone thinks I'm too old or should keep them covered.

JemimaMuddledUp Fri 29-Jul-16 19:32:56

They are the exact shorts that I've just ordered Fairy - good old Next next day delivery is a godsend when you live in the sticks!

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