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Photos of engagement rings

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Blueberrymuffint0p Fri 11-Dec-15 14:59:57

I love looking at engagement rings. Does anyone want to share photos? It's not a boasting thread,my ring wasn't particularly expensive. Just for fun.

Mines a pink sapphire with little diamonds either side.

ginmakesitallok Fri 11-Dec-15 15:04:37

I've had mine over 20 years, was offered an upgrade a few years ago, but refused.

Blueberrymuffint0p Fri 11-Dec-15 15:07:09

I love trilogy rings,that's beautiful. I agree,I could never change mine.

lanbro Fri 11-Dec-15 15:09:54

Love mine but would like it reset in platinum instead of white gold!

Blueberrymuffint0p Fri 11-Dec-15 15:12:27

Mines white gold and it's starting to look like it needs dipping. Couldn't afford platinum though!

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 11-Dec-15 15:27:36

15 years old.
He left me when dd was 6 weeks old, she's 14 now but I still love the ring
It's platinum and diamond and it was made for me.

Blueberrymuffint0p Fri 11-Dec-15 15:30:20

Quite right too-it's yours,why shouldn't you still get pleasure from it. It's something that I'm sure your dd would treasure in the future too.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 11-Dec-15 15:31:16

I have my Mum's too, dd will inherit both

Francescal88 Fri 11-Dec-15 15:39:59

I loved mine, was relatively cheap and simple, but perfect for me. Unfortunately it turned out the man who gave it to me was not, and we broke up six months later. I still have the ring although I don't wear it anymore.

Hopefully Fri 11-Dec-15 15:58:09

I love mine, white and yellow gold with (inherited) diamonds and aquamarine. We had it made after DH proposed.

AdamsMissus Fri 11-Dec-15 16:22:24

Mine's art nouveau with a burmese sapphire. It isn't expensive but I'm fond of it.

annielostit Fri 11-Dec-15 16:24:54

I can't do the PIC.
Mines a welsh gold limited edition queen Elizabeth anniversary ring. 5 nice little diamonds .
I'm holding out for the am byth (forever)eternity ring. grin

elephantpig Fri 11-Dec-15 16:34:19

Here's mine.

LaurieFairyCake Fri 11-Dec-15 16:44:25

Mine is also a trilogy ring (in white gold, platinum wedding ring)

The ring next to it is my really chunky Tiffany silver and diamond ring.

Pheobe1 Fri 11-Dec-15 16:51:41

Some beautiful rings here.
Mines tanzanite and diamond.

SeasonalVag Fri 11-Dec-15 17:00:12

I want to reset my solitaire into a trilogy as we've got our two kids and I just fancy commemorating it....does anybody think I'm being grabby? (I do a bit)

GlitteringJasper Fri 11-Dec-15 17:14:25

I designed this last year.

Wedding and engagement and eternity all in one.

Yellow and white gold with diamonds and an amethyst.

MrsMarigold Fri 11-Dec-15 17:18:26

elephantpig I'm in love. Phoebe is tanzanite not very soft?

ThornyBird Fri 11-Dec-15 17:19:50

Engagement ring chosen by dh 17ish years ago - half white and half yellow gold, then wedding ring made to match but alternate colours 16ish years ago. Finally eternity ring with 4 small diamonds which was made to fit 6ish years ago.

The DC tell me the big diamond is daddy and they are the 4 little diamonds grin. I love my rings and wouldn't change anything about them.

Scoose Fri 11-Dec-15 17:21:51

Here's mine it's a 1ct diamond solitaire I like it it's simple and will go with whatever eternity ring I end up with (if I ever get one!)

ThornyBird Fri 11-Dec-15 17:22:41

Some beautiful rings on here - I adore rings as does my Mum and her Mum before! I have inherited my paternal Gran's engagement ring and her gypsey ring plus a stunning opal ring from a family friend!

Finallyonboard Fri 11-Dec-15 17:23:40

He proposed at Tiffany & Co. I don't tell people in RL so love being able to share on here.

Loveleopardprint Fri 11-Dec-15 17:26:37

I have a diamond solitaire engagement ring and a Welsh love knot wedding ring. The eternity ring was for my 30th.
Realised when my friend was choosing a wedding ring recently that yellow gold is quite old fashioned now. ( 19 yrs of marriage)

Also my hands are scarily wrinkly in photos!

PurpleHairAndPearls Fri 11-Dec-15 17:27:59

What a lovely thread. Great idea op.

I sold my original wedding and engagement rings and these are cheap stainless steel and fake diamond replacements. They cost about £30 and I absolutely LOVE them grin

Mrsboathook Fri 11-Dec-15 17:29:17

Mines a cushion cut solitaire, chosen to go with my grandmother's wedding ring (white on yellow gold). I lurves it even after some years...

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